4 May 2011. Chief's session at Damansara Heights was rocking high on its 5th session although the weather has recently been less friendly. 80% of more than 40 recruits that register for COBC-DH was present and a few from COBC-Bandar Utama was seen doing 'double' session a day!!! Kiasu..? You bet! It all started with the trainers themselves.

Some trainers did 3 sessions on labour day 1 May 2011.... Today, Sarge (COBC) Dann and Corporal (COBC) Nawal and Corporal (COBC) Chun did 3 sessions again. Mind you, instructors at COBC workout with recruit and do not just stood still bossing the recruits around. With instructors like them, no wonder there are so many Kunta Kinte Kiasus and kiasis at the Chief's Original Bootcamp.

Today, there is a reverse role...... Corp (COBC) Nawal became the Platoon Commander while Sarge (COBC) Dann turned Section Commander. This was purposely done in our effort to groom and mould more and more competent instructors. Since January, 3 of our trainers are being prepared for promotion from a Corporal to Sarge.

While preparing our Corporals to become Sergeants, our one and only Sarge is expected to be promoted to Staff Sarge. All promotions can only be done once they all pass their assessment and test by Chief Brabon, the founder and Managing Director of ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP International.

While the reverse role in Platoon Commander, the paparazzi too had a change in role.... Dr Malek Aziz turned paparazzi!!! All today's picture were the master-piece from the Otai Delta.

John Chuah mumbling: Ey you ar Shear Ling.. 
dont stall too much la, later armin jealous!

Corp (COBC) Nawal.. demonstrating the workout form

After the session, Farhanah Bamadhaj and the ladies had err... gossip session? 

If Corporal (COBC) Nawal was commanding the platoon, Sarge Dann was the Section Commander and Dr Malek Aziz was the paparazzi..... What was I.....?

I was.. err... aaa... hmm.... ..... aiiih.... stuck in traffic jam but joined them Malek Aziz, Farhanah Bamadhaj, Suriana Saiful Yazan, Noora, Lizza Abdul Rahim, Nawal Aini Zulkifli and Haidar Akma for makan at the soul'ed out, Desa Sri Hartamas...