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Equipped with 3 hours of sleep, a cup of coffee,  15 ounces  of HEMORAGE Black Ultra concentrated pre-workout drink and HALLS mint sweet, I arrived for the CHIEF ORIGINAL BOOTACMP 6th May 2011 session very early at 5:40am... okaay not so very early but still early.

I quickly noticed Adriano Abila was absent together with Aisham Amir Hisyam, Anuar, Arif Zikir Azizi, Audrey Fong, Azlin, Cindy Yeo, Danial Nassurudin, Danny (Vinod), Dhiya Hazwani Samsudin, Effie, Evonne Yap, Fazli, FREDA LIU, Gareth Yeoh, Hafiz, Hana, Jasjeet, Jazreen JOHN CHUAH, Mabel Cheong, Mohd Fazli Mohd Sarujee, Mohd Noor Al-Hafiz Mohd Nordin, Prabu Premilia Rajanatman, Rajen Dorairaj, Raven Siew Keong Fong, Suraya, TOH SHEAR LING, Tom and Vinothan Danny Ebinesan. ALmost a quarter of those registered for May went AWOL...

I think they think we do not noticed them but we spot every recruit that attended the session with us. Also spotted LIZZA ABDUL RAHIM enthusiastically came but forgotten to bring her training shoe and had to workout barefooted!!! ....and I finally met the much-talked-about (by the ladies) Nabil Jeffri... The person who broke JAMES FONG's best kept record in Benchmark Assessment and also the person whom girls ladies were drooling over the 8 pack abs?? Anyway, our session began with Corporal (COBC) Chun taking command of the platoon's warming up session and immediately after the warming up session, Sarge (COBC) Dann divided the platoon into their respective section namely Delta, Seal and Ranger.

There were 3 reds with Sarge (COBC) Dann as the platoon commander, Corporal (COBC) Chun and Lance Corporal (COBC) Wan being the section commander. The platoon was divided into their respective ranks with the Delta, Seal and Ranger. I was conveniently parked between kiasu, four time SOB (spirit of Bootcamp) Joe Liew and 8-pack Abs Nabil Jeffri which is definitely not the best place to be while training. On two-arm-distance between recruits, we were prescribed with 4 sets of various stationary exercise and at the end of each 4 sets, we had to SPRINT across the football field and run back to position.

Nabil Jeffri the icon for Belia Malaysia & Sukarelawan Rakan Muda, the youngest F1 test driver is not only a fast driver but also a Fast & Furious recruit at the Chief's Original Bootcamp. Joe Liew, Dr Malek Aziz and me (as well as others) were quick to chase Nabil while sprinting but Nabil was always the first to reach the end-field. I am convince, I should ask Nabil's permission to blog about him as a motivation to other recruit. Nabil is at the CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP to keep him fit for various races planned for the year.

When the session ended, I asked Nabil Jeffri if I could blog about him and share his passion with other recruits at the COBC and he consented. I sms Nabil Jeffri my email for his curriculum vitae and the last sentence in his sms reads....... "thank you Uncle". Eeeek... gotta get used to this but I started to look behind me to find JOHN CHUAH... The courteous young man is nothing but polished and polite. I dont mind giving away my daughter to this straight A's student Nabil Jeffri... but I dont even have a daughter?!! Actually I am good without the Uncle, Abang, Encik, Haji or the titles.. yada yada... Armin is just perfect!

Having done the session BU-Alpha in the morning.... I went to DH-Zulu platoon in the evening at Damansara Heights to support the new Platoon Commander Corp (COBC) Nawal & Sarge (COBC) Dann at our new location.

The following are picture blog of Damansara Heights ZULU session...

Spotted at Zulu, Lizza Abdul Rahim doing double session a day! Super Kiasu? Lizza had earlier attended BU-Alpha session this morning but forgotten to bring her shoe and work out with slipper instead (but actually this is not allowed to avoid unnecessary injury).

When the DH-Zulu session ended, the ladies hang out under the moon-light and did a Kuch Kuch Hut tah hae dance??

 and Corp (COBC) Nawal can only... smile?

Stay tuned for the CHIEF'S delta recruit Nabil Jeffri's past racing adventure at STAY TUNE..!!


.......UNCLE??? Aiseyman...... :-p


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