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Armin Baniaz at the back taking pics with HP for this blog
The final touch has finally enshrined PROTON cars with a touch of CLASS (CENTER FOR LOGISTIC, ALLOCATION, STORAGE AND SERVICE) that was launched on 10 May 2011 by YABhg Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

1.    5 years ago, when Dato Seri Syed Zainal Abidin Syed Tahir first took office as the Managing Director of PROTON, Malaysian were screaming at PROTON's inferior quality. Cars were delivered to customer with sub-standard quality, there were millions of backlog in warranty claims for defected parts and dealers working time were pre-occupied with customers complain.

Mohamad Syukor Ibrahim, PROTON Edar Chief Executive
CHE AZIZUDDIN Konsortium Logistic Berhad CEO
2.    Since 1 April 2010 last year, PESB had outsourced the task of managing its deliveries to Kumpulan Logistic Berhad (KLB) in an effort to address those issues, dealer's mis-matching of allocation problem and rising-cost of operation predicament as well as to improve its supply chain. With both hubs in operation in Sijangkang & Tanjung Malim, cars from PROTON Shah Alam manufacturing plant are now sent to the Sijangkang hub for staging, storage, pre-delivery inspection and pre-shipment inspection before being sent via trucks to sales outlets to be subsequently delivered to customers.

Cars from PROTON Tanjung Malim manufacturing plant go through the same processes at CLASS hub located within the plant. Other services provided at the hubs are logistics planning, vehicle storage, stock storage maintenance, washing and fuelling.

3. When the CLASS was first implemented, PROTON EDAR dealers were spitted and spatted at and accused of being incompetent when deliveries of Proton cars took an average 2 weeks and some more than a month from the previous CLASS implementation that only take 24-hours to deliver (Click on TECHNICAL GLITCH). However, the initial critical delivery hick-up did not deter us dealers from giving the best service to our customers. Click  PEDA's apology, MEDIA backlash.

4. After 2 months of round-table trouble-shooting meeting between PESB, PEDA& KLB, the system was perfected. PEDA together with KLB team refined the whole process flow and adressed any and all anticipated problem form the implementation. Click on CLASS-SOP.

Dato Sri Syed Zainal Abidin Syed Tahir, PROTON MD
5. Now PROTON CLASS is the biggest hub in south east asia and manages almost 15,000 cars in April 2011. The hub that was launched by PROTON Advisor YABhg Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad at Sijangkang, Kuala Langat was also attended by about 400 guests. Also present at the launch were PROTON Chairman Dato’ Sri Mohd Nadzmi Mohd Salleh, PROTON Group Managing Director Dato’ Sri Haji Syed Zainal Abidin Syed Mohamed Tahir and PESB Chief Executive Officer Encik Mohamad Shukor Ibrahim. Joining them at the event were Konsortium Chairman Haji Ismett Azyze Hamad Abbdul Azyze and its Chief Executive Officer Encik Che Azizuddin Che Ismail. Konsortium, which is majority owned by Ekuiti Nasional Berhad and Lembaga Tabing Haji, is the appointed service provider for the hubs.

6. Dato’ Sri Mohd Nadzmi said with the hubs, PROTON would now be well positioned to become a prominent and relevant global automotive player. “With this, we have the competitive advantage of a fast delivery system and centralized supply chain center. We can proudly say that the centralized hubs give us the cost savings benefits in terms of operations and service charges compared to previously".

“The hubs enable us to strengthen our position in the domestic and global markets by centralizing our operations and services to improve efficiencies of delivery of cars in the best possible condition to customers in the highly competitive marketplace,” he said. (See PROTON News)

YABhg Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, PROTON Advisor
7. Tun Dr Mahathir said the government has been imposing high tax for imported cars even from before so that the country does not lose out substantially in the outflow of the ringgit to foreign countries. PROTON car buyers are not only contributing to the country's economy but are also providing various employment.

8. PROTON DEALERS ASSOCIATION MALAYSIA (PEDA) are grateful to all dealers & PROTON buyer for the patience and support extended while we perfected our deliverable.