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Hello Orang-Orang Yang Awesomely Hyper... or H.O.O.Y.A.H. as described by Desiree Jamie from BU-Bravo platoon!! H.O.O.Y.A.H. CHIEF's ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP (COBC) at SUBANG JAYA USJ1 is synonym with the increasing hyper-ness of COBC-USJ1 recruits with one recruit breaking COBC's best benchmark record that was earlier held by thrice-SOB at BU, Delta James Fong and another COBC-USJ1 recruit losing more than 13kg in weight!!!!

Sunny Hussain broke James Fong's record when he recorded 7:43 minutes for his circuit assessment (while James held the best record in 7:53mins). Lamsa Hussain first join CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP Subang Jaya USJ1 in February 2011 and now Lamsa weigh 13kg lighter. Lamsa is one of our most committed and disciplined recruit at COBC Subang Jaya USJ1.

Amongst the characters that made USJ1 a hyper place to workout are Sophie Israa Mokhtar, Jasmine Lily Ho, Dofu Shin, Mohd Badrul Ezan, Andrew Pang, Yasmin, Jake Wong, Mathew, Mohd Amri and Eda Yaacob amongst many others. If the picture below is blur and not so clear, it must be the CANON EOSD50 camera.. I was told the 'paparazzi' was already the best of the best!!!! (bluwek). The morning darkness made it quite impossible to capture a good photos but the best that was available was as follows.

Purrfect table tops!!

Yo wassup Doc....

Not wearing uniform will cost the platoon another 10 grunts....


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