We had the pleasure having H.E. Okhna Dr Mong Reththy at our house for breakfast this morning. We befriended H.E. Okhna Dr Mong in Phnom Pehn, Cambodia which I blogged in March 2011 at HERE. I have nothing but admiration for the self made man whom first visited Malaysia by driving a truck from Phnom Pehn to Kuala Lumpur in more than 2 weeksjourney. Dr Mong wrote a book of his life journey but unfortunately, its written in Khmer. However, his brief history is available at HERE, achievement at HERE and his company background at HERE.

I brought Dr Mong Reththy whom was in Malaysia for a 4 days working trip to meet and introduced to our Group Chairman cum my father at our residence.

Dr Mong Reththy came with his second son Mong Chantan whom is expected to be a father in less than a month. His son Mong Chantan is incharge of his father's port and rubber plantation. Dr Mong Reththy has 3 sons and 2 daughter. All of them except for the youngest son are all married. Dr Mong children has given him 8 grandchildren. Dr Mong Reththy is not only successful as a businessman but also as a father.

We hosted H.E. Okhna Dr Mong Reththy with a Malaysia most popular breakfast hot Nasi Lemak home-cook fresh by Nawal Aini Zulkifli and various other Malaysian and western desserts.

Left picture: Dr Mong Brother-in-Law, Mong Chanthan and H.E.Dr Mong.

Pahamin A Rajab

H.E. Okhna Dr Mong Reththy
Mong Chanthan
Armin Baniaz Pahamin

Before we departed, my father extended a souvenir to H.E. Okhna Dr Mong Reththy. The souvenir was a miniature Airasia airbus actual plane with my father's face and name imprinted on it as per the real plane.

Thank you for your time to visit our humble home.