ITS THE FINAL COUNTDOWN!!!!!!! In a few hours, 100 participants will try their luck to be Malaysia's first SASUKE WARRIOR!! As the last countdown, I am pleased to collate and display here some of the participant's training video clips!!

But before that, let us first view the legendary 'SASUKE All-Star' MAKOTO NAGANO's video. MAKOTO NAGANO 39 years old is also known as the World Strongest Fisherman is here in Malaysia to witness Malaysia's first SASUKE MALAYSIA 2011!!! For those who do not know who is MAKOTO NAGANO.. see the video for yourself or click HERE for more details!!

ADRIAN TAN.. a ballet dancer who train on TRX, Kettleball and WOMEN? like this i also want to train lar...

MOHD AMMAR ABDULLAH, 38 years old walked his talk as an officer from the Ministry of Youth & Sports. Being and office from the Ministry, he leads by example in living a healthy lifestyle.. May he win SASUKE and be an example to many others.....

STEPHANIE CHOK 30 years old is a triathlete, national athlete and charted Malaysia book of Record being one of the duo that cycled the longest distance duo cycling from Peninsular to East Malaysia and Brunei with more than 5,000 km. She is a friend I've known for already a few years.. Steph..... all the best!

EMMANUAL CHOK to gain new experience and to be FAMOUS!! He is sure being in SASUKE will make him famous... I think  he is siblings with Stephanie Chok... one look..... i thought I saw Bruce Lee?!!

MUMHAMMAD ARIFF... another Tarzan!! or maybe Tarzan actually wanna be him!!

No Name mention.. i think could be a Burglar.. he can jump from one condo to another condo without using the stairs.. he can also fly from one block to another... could be a professional burglar?? Definitely will give SASUKE a good show..

Advance Tan.....

MUHAMAD ALI BIN SHAHID from Klang..... walking on hands... is that Yoga.. or kamasutra??

ADE ISKANDAR ROSLAN Adeiska.... On first sight.. thought its a Tarzan.. on second sight.. climbed the wall like a monkey?... see for yourself..

Video without name??? but a boxer? maybe the champ Mohamad Ali... or Mike Tyson in disguised?

UZAINI??? .....Confirm a monkey disguised as human.... 'He know he can do!!' and he is very sure that he sang it!....

NIK SAIFUL NAZRI for SASUKE MALAYSIA... VERY CONFIDENT OF BEING THE FIRST MALAYSIA WARRIOR!!!!!! and he looks like it!! Entertaining video with good soundtrack!! Should get extra point for the effort to record 8 minutes of training video.

CRAZY MONKEY JOHAN YUSOF..  or thats what the logo in the video said.


MOHD QAYYIM BIN HAFIZI, 24 years old from Bangi and is a PARKOUR practitioner for the past 6 years!! He strongly believe he has the quality and what it takes to be the 1st Malaysia Warrior!!! HONESTLY.... he does have a chance..

HAFIZUL FAHMI & MOHD MUNZEER... the Nintendo boys again....... but this time... realy really exercise..

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  1. Thanks again for compiling the videos! Can't wait to finally see it! Initial photos on twitter show a beautifully built course! GO SASUKE MALAYSIA!

  2. Arsenette,

    Its a pleasure, thank you for your support.


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