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Stephanie, Mas, Rose, Evonne, Baba
25 March 2012. Inspired by last week's runner's heaven with two drinking stations serving freezing Glucozade while doing LSD, today I conveniently and happily assumed the Pacesetters drink station will also be there for our 25km run at Bukit Aman and left all monies, and drink bottles at home. Although today, we had similar number of crowd with more than thirty pax but today was extra special because Ali Rahimi Ferdosinezhad was five-fingered!!! Eww.. that sounds wrong, lets rephrased that, Ali Rahimi Ferdosinezhad was Vibram-atised!! Red Vibram Five Finger!!!  We started out abut delayed with Stephanie Choong, Maslina Ahmad Ismail, Rose Emini Pahamin, Evonne, Bahariah Bahadom, Wennice Chai, Tan Wee Liam, Sarah Tan, Ali Rahimi Ferdosinezhad, Ilyanna Aylin Ayob, Abdul Adzim Zaharudin and Taj Mahal but along the way, other late-comers appeared.

Our 25km route is as per the map below (note the mileage in the map is in Mile and not kilometer).

Typically, before we ran.... we camwhore!!

Stephanie Choong, Maslina Ahmad Ismail, Armin Baniaz Pahamin, Evonne, Wennice Chai, Taj Mahal, Tan Wee Liam, Sarah Tan, Ali Rahimi Ferdosinezhad, Bahariah Bahadom

Of all the down-stinking thing that can happen to anyone in a day, mine started with a run without any water and no money to buy water and after the 20th kilometer... somehow.. I dont know how, I was lost alone in bukit tunku... Sesat!!!!  and appeared at Wisma Tani (*slap my forehead)!! Getting lost on foot, without any car, water or money was not funny but err... I managed to run and find my way back to Bukit Aman car park and ran a longer distance than planned.

Ali Rahimi in his brand new Red Vibram!!!

While I was lost, searching for my way back on, others went for MAKAN!! (Grrrr..)

A blessing in disguised.. while I burn a few thousand calories getting lost out of track, other bootcamper gained a few thousand calories makansutra!!! the weekend was simply funtabulous!! Another productive weekend that ended with a big huge HOOYAH!!



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