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I received an email from an ex-colleague in Bangkok whom viewed a disturbing news in Thailand Channel 5 news and in various media including their local newspaper about the abuse of children in Malaysia which is damaging to our Country's good name. A copy of the video was widely circulated even in Thai cyber space such as HERE.  I felt embarrass and replied stating that it was not common in Malaysia but when he sent the link and I saw the Youtube video clip, I could not help but to totally feel disgraced and disturbed!!

Is this really happening in my country? I googled and discovered that it did and Harian Metro even published it at HERE but apparently when the authority visited the Nursery, everything was in order?! How stupid can it be.. surely those at the nursery would have rectified or hide their act having had the video widely circulated but can such an act be forgiven? especially to see helpless and innocent child being treated so inhuman?

My take, the authority should authenticate the video and if its true the incident did happen, stern action must and should be taken. Just a one-time visit to the nursery really is not sufficient. Is this the best that we can do?

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