There is no better way than to measure our own fitness improvement against how we perform each and every month and that was the principal behind the Chief's Original Bootcamp benchmark assessment. Every month for the past 21 years in Australia, the benchmark assessment circuit was never changed. The main and ultimate objective of the benchmark assessment was for us to gauge our own improvement and for the instructor to place us in a category according to our fitness level to enable them to get the best result out from what our body can give, whether our target is body conditioning, fat or weight lost, speed and/or agility. To assist us to monitor our past performances, Chief's Original Bootcamp online system recorded all our past benchmark timing. That is why, it is important for us to be registered online. Why? because if we are really serious about improvement, then we have to move forward from where we were.

A kopi chat with a few recruits at Pappa Rich yesterday, re-emphasized our belief in improvement. I was overwhelmed to hear the training-addiction felt by Dayang Suhana aka Jojo and May Chong Abdullah. It was akin of listening to my own story on how I fell in love at first sight with Chief's Original Bootcamp. Beside the training addiction, Jojo had to buy a new bootcamp Tee too... when she err felt that she shrunk smaller? Chief's Original Bootcamp tagline has always been "Serious Result, Seriously Fast" within as little as two weeks or your money back (For MC12 only). Coincidentally, another recruit Taj Mahal Aquino (pic below) posted her result on Chief Original Bootcamp Facebook wall.

and on my birthday, another comrade, Vimalendran Shanmunathan posted his pre and post picture with the following note left on my facebook wall: "on your birthday, would like to thank you and everyone at your office for eliminating most of the fatties off my ass for the past two months, I now fit into my 32inch waistline jeans, thats been hidden for the past 4 years. wishing you a blessed birthday! all the best! hooyah!!— with Armin Baniaz Pahamin at Hewlett Packard-HP Tower."

Heck, if you click HERE, you will see more people getting serious result seriously fast!! Remember at the CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP, WE GUARANTEE RESULT!!

So this is what we will do!! On the pre-text that we do not missed any of our session at our basecamp and we surrender ourselves to the instructor (for training only ya!!) for at least 1 hour on alternate days, 3 times a week, we challenge you to see result within 2 weeks! Yes including you FL, AAH and II (you know who you are).

Here's the deal..

1) You must attend all your session at your basecamp! Doing Buffet and replacement is good but really, if you want serious result, you have to watch your 'rest' period hence surrender yourself for full one maximum hour of commitment & 120% effort during your training (then rest the next day) and be consistent with the training time and day so your body can have sufficient recovery period.

2) If you have the extra mojo & energy, pls take advantage of the 'Bootcamp-buffet' but it should be over and above the fix period & time training at your basecamp. Be discipline, Rain, Hail or shine.. busy or sleepy, please do not miss your session because a discipline time in exercise is as important as resting. 

3) Eat well!! If you need dietary advice, please contact us. We will monitor your food for you! If you need supplements, we have that too at HERE.

4) Have a clear goal!!! What result do you want to see? Fat Lost? Weight Lost? toner leg? shoulder? speed? Tell us!! If you know what you want, it is easier for the instructor to pick on train you.

5) Join our off-bootcamp activities such as LSD runs etc.

We guarantee Serious Result, Seriously fast  in as little as two weeks!! 

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