On behalf of all bootcampers and all outdoor sports enthusiasts, we extend our deepest condolence and our prayer to Rafizi Hamdan, a 37 years old cyclist that was killed in a hit and run accident in Taman Melawati. What happen to Rafizi was tragic and could have happen to any one of us whom are very much into outdoor activities and sports. Infact, a few years ago before we start bootcamping, we were an avid cyclists too and had participated in various dualthon and triathlon series. Our Chief's Original Bootcamp community had just planned to began our training for the Port Dickson triathlon and we are disturbed with Rafizi Hamdan's misfortune.

The accident was recorded by a cctv from a nearby petrol station.

Fatalities in Cyclist has been increasing over the years and during the Ops Sikap on Chinese New Year 2011 period alone, there were 5 deaths involving cyclists (see HERE). 

Last year, a national women cyclist Mariana Mohamed together with three other elite cyclist Masziyaton Mohd Radzi and two national back up squad riders Ahmad Azri Ahmad and Abdul Azizi Zahid were rammed into by passerby vehicle while cycling at Putrajaya Presint 2 (more report at HERE and HERE) Mariana Mohamed was badly injured with multiple fractured to her ribs and forearms as well as torn tendons and lacerations on various parts of her body.

There were news that Selangor will introduce a bicycle lane starting with Kuala Kubu Baru as early as December (Source: Selangor Times at HERE) and Penang by 2020 (Source: The Sun at HERE). We hope the government will expedite the bicycle lane before there are more fatalities.

In Lima, Peru last year, some 300 demonstrators, undressed, took off their cloth and rode their bicycle  through the streets to demand from the authorities for better safety for cyclists when the country recorded 2,830 death from traffic accident. For more information, click HERE.

I am not suggesting that we should do the same but we really cannot wait for our casualty to be as high as in Peru before we start taking action. Even when our national cyclist Mariana Mohamed was escorted by petrol car, she was still rammed by a car. Highway is simply not safe for cyclist. We need to have a proper bicycle lane.