This morning I received a disturbing news. A friend lost his father at 3am due a heart failure.  I befriended the father Lt Col (R) Affandi  formely the Director at Kuala Lumpur Golf and Country Club and my friend Razman Affandi way back in the mid 1990s where I was courting Nawal Aini Zulkifl.  My regret and deepest condolence to Razman Affandi @ Gmey and his family for the lost.

I was a fortunate subject whom was given the privilege to experience the worst emotional roller-coaster when I was diagnosed with terminal cancer during my mid-teens. That privilege had given me a different insight into life and especially to experience the love from my parent, from each and every family members and as well as from relatives and friends. To see the sacrifices made by my parent and siblings whom we sometimes (maybe always) took for granted was heartfelt.. a moment that is still fresh in mind although it was more than two decades ago.

The video below depicted the unequivocal love from a father, the same way I received and the same that I would do for my son.

We would only know the true meaning of love when we have been tested with great obstacles and especially during the most trying moment in our life but please do not wait until a downturn to appreciate those that have been there for us since birth.. our father.

I discovered the video from Ilyanna Aylin's blog here and had to share it with my reader. Thanks Nana. My prayer for always to Gmey and family.