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It is really funny, when you asked an adult of their new year resolutions and they will go Err... Aaah.. Hmm.. Eh... aiya... they find it hard to list them down. More often, adult give up having any new year resolutions but if you ask your children, they usually know exactly what they want. Aaraf Armin listed his on his new blog at HERE. Unfortunately, Aaraf's previous blog was removed by google for being underage (Aaraf didnt know the meaning of white lies or tipu sunat then). He wrote more than a hundred blogs in his old blog. After publishing his new year resolution, Aaraf asked me... where is yours Dad? Alamak... so here I am, my new year resolution.

Not in order of priority, the followings are my resolutions.

1. To learn another language. You will know why later part of this year. I am envious of friends, the likes of Abu Lais whom is able to speak 4 languages. 

2. To Khatam Al Quran with Aaraf. I've khatam twice in my lifetime but the last time I actually read the Quran was during high school. 

3. To get back strong as a Delta at the Chief's Original Bootcamp Malaysia (COBC). At the COBC, it does not matter if you are the owner but if you do not clock your sessions or fitness, you will be demoted. 

4. To take up dancing!! haaa??!! I know that expression but I fell in love with Less Mills Body Jam and the recent launch of Jam 67 was the best!!! Gone were the clubbing disco years, now its Jamming!!
5. To start a new life.. to get Married!! For those that still did not know, yes I am divorced as per my blog at here. I want at least 4 children (3 more to go).. Aaraf wants a big family. Having a big family is a true blessing.

6. To complete my book!! Uuurgh.. this has been my resolution for the past 16 years but this year it must be done.

7.  To be a better muslim!! I know this is too general but deep down, I hold strong to my religious faith but the practical part.. at times, still alot lacking and can be improved.

8. To be more productive!! How? Cut losses with non-profit making businesses. Spend more time with profitable businesses. There is only 24 hours in a day and there is only so much that can be done in a day. It is important to prioritise.

9. Spend less time on facebook and on whatsapp but more on blogs and absolutely spend more time with Aaraf!! Aiiks.. I think I spend more time on Facebook than I actually spend on blogs, at office or at home. My first home was the Cybersphere.

10. To peak at motivating, inspiring and most important... to be the best that I can be.

There you go Aaraf!! 10 New Year Resolutions and 1 day less this year to achieve that (first day of the year is almost gone). Others, if you have not done yours, please do so now!! Broadcast it and make it as public as possible so there is no turning back. Let us make the year 2014 the best year ever!!

On 31st December 2014, we will come back to this page to review.  You can write your resolutions here so we an also review them together and make sure we achieve whatever we want to achieve.



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