There is only one word for Bangkok.... FOOD!! Food heaven! We touched down in Bangkok on Friday testing out for the first time the youngest low cost airline in Malaysia, the Malindo Air. Malindo Air was the cheapest airline to Bangkok at the point of booking. Airasia and Malaysian Airlines are both equally expensive. We parked our car at KLIA for a RM46 fee per 24 hours parking which is cheaper than taking a return KL Express train or even a taxi. For more information on KLIA short term and long term parking, click HERE.  

Our first restaurant upon arrival was Kruaphruksa Thai cuisine.

Then we head for Anny's house located in Ramintra, Bangkok at the Tuscana. The Tuscana is a gated residential area.

When we arrived, Anny's sister P' Oh greeted us from her room on the first floor of the beautifully styled bungalow.

Her mom serves us with a delicious home cook food.


After meeting and catching up with Anny's sister and mother, we planned a list of places for Aaraf which includes the Suam Siam Bangkok theme park.

We saw a Christmas tree made of coca cola and Aaraf quickly said, "Dad, we need to take a picture of this for Nanan (Amnan). My brother, Amnan drinks at least 6-8 can of cokes a day.

Another wonders of Thailand is its Durian. Thailand Durian is huge with a seed the size our pinky finger. The fruit is so creamy and is with a lot less smell than Malaysia durian. Aaraf whom hated Durian had his first real taste. 

Seafood in Bangkok is a real see and must eat food.

Anny's sister, P' Oh and her mother was so kind to prepare and made seafood barbeque. I had a good 4 big huge crabs all for myself. 

In Bangkok, Aaraf went on a motorcycle Vespa, took the taxi, BTS (city train), went on an MPV and was even on a pickup truck. If Aaraf would have been on a bus, then he would have traveled in all means of transportation. Amongst all of that, Aaraf loves Vespa the most.

The BTS is the best form of traveling. It escapes all Bangkok legendary impossible traffic jam.

We took the BTS to the unique TERMINAL 21 shopping mall. Terminal 21 is located right at the Asoke BTS sky-train station. This mall is loaded with 7 floors of shopping, a cinema, an arcade on the top floor with lots of food. The theme of the mall is "world travel" and it mimics an airport. Each floor is represented with a country theme and is named after its capital city such a Istanbul, Paris, London, Caribbean etc.  As you enter the mall you will pass by a fake security checkpoint akin of passing through an airport. At each level, the whole floor was designed according to the country theme (scroll down and you will see below).

Most of the shopping at Terminal 21 is high-end and expensive, but a few discount boutiques are peppered in. It is nice to see so many independent family owned retail stores in Thailand as oppose to the mega chain retails.

At this mall, the Restaurants outnumber the shops - this is a great place to meet friends for dinner. Food is a prime theme at Terminal 21, there are more eclectic selection here than most other shopping plazas.

The London floor was all British.


In all the attraction, we especially like the toilets!! In all honesty, every toilets in every mall (big and small) is so well kept, hygiene and clean! I kinda feel abit embarrass at the thought of our public toilets back home. With the most well kept toilet in Bangkok, this Terminal 21 toilets take the prize!

Every toilets at every floor was designed according to the country theme and its like a 5 star hotel lobby. We enjoyed going on a Toilet-Hopping at each floor but missed camwhoring at a few toilets.

The toilet at Paris floor..

Japanese floor..

Oiiiitt... not now!! Nasib tak nampak! 

Toilets at the London floor.

This toilet was err... the Caribbean floor ?

Can recall the restroom for which floor was this..

This was the toilet at another floor..

and another floor which I could not recall.

The Hollywood toilet at the top level...

The toilets were our best attraction. After the toilet-hopping we left early for the airport to avoid being stuck in the expected biggest street protest. Having visited the Theme park, went toilet hopping at the Terminal 21, had the legendary beef soup, seafood barbeque, ate Thailand tomyam, had 3 x Durian feast, Amnan had additional serving of Durian Sticky rice and also the manggo sticky rice, our trip was perfected.

The weekend in Bangkok was too short but now that we are half Thailand, we will be visiting Bangkok and will blog again on places to visit in Bangkok soon. Until then, Stay Tuned.