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By this time next week, a new Champion for the Chief's Original Bootcamp annual Battle of Platoons would have been crowned. The annual battle will see platoons at 6 locations competing in 4 teams in a friendly but competitive manner to win as the strongest platoon. When we say strongest, we do not literally mean strongest. Strongest platoon to win the battle means the platoon with the best coordination and especially the best teamwork. During the first Battle of Platoons in 2011, the strongest team with the most number of Deltas had lost and the youngest team, the Highlander was crowned as the champion.

The Chief's Original Bootcamp utilizes discipline based motivational technique to achieve its result and naturally, the same element is instilled into the Battle of Platoons. Discipline is translated into a set of rules of engagement which must be adhered to at all time. The rules of engagement for the Battle of platoons is listed as below:

1) Punctuality. Everything at the Chief's Original Bootcamp is all about timing.

2) Listen, read and understand the instructions and the riddles. 

3) Never leave any comrade behind. The furthest distance between a comrade in your platoon is a maximum of 3 steps.

4) Group motivation is one of the most powerful tools to keep everyone aspired. Get to know your comrade by name and consistently motivate them throughout the session, off-session and even in your daily life.

5) Equipments must be kept off the ground at all times unless instructed by the instructor.

6) Running and movement must always be on tarmac and not on road shoulder. There are potholes on road shoulders which can lead to injury especially in morning darkness.

7) Workout forms and technique must be in perfect form. Instructors will either add repetitions or ask for a re-count if he is not satisfied with the form.

8) Learn and interpret the point and scoring system strategically and work smart instead of hard.

9) Safety first. Please prioritize safety and first aid above everything else. Be wary of any injury in your team but tiredness is not a medical restriction.

10) Have fun!! Yes, that is part of the rule. 

a. The whole platoon will be penalized for any breach of the above rule.
b. At all time, the instructors and COBC officials on duty is only to monitor and punish. Every other guidance is by the platoons' respective Captains and its team of committees.

There are other specific rules of engagement which will be make known during the session to avoid any speculation in the circuit and challenges prepared. Now its 6 days countdown before the battle...



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