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Kuala Lumpur. Preparation for the 3rd Battle of Platoons began as early as 3am on Saturday 18 January 2014 with Dr Malek Aziz, Staff Sarge Nawal and the team at the basecamp ferrying equipments and setting up the circuit at 5 stations. One of the station, codenamed the Mad Dash, was prepared the day before the battle on Friday, 17 January 2014.

Score board was designed, banner was ordered and officials tee were distributed by Admin Rose Emini Pahamin. Food for breakfast was freshly made and special ordered by Admin Farhanah whom is in charge of the food station.

There were 6 stations prepared for today's 3 hours challenge and the team that recorded the fastest timing throughout the trail will receive a point.The team that complied to the minimum 40 pax participants will also receive a point. The team with the highest number of participants will receive a weightage for the outstanding team award. Other factors for the outstanding team award will be further elaborated later. Points will also be given for the most accurate answer to the riddles. A point for the winner at the mad dash and points for the last man standing.

This blog is a picturesque blog with more than a thousand pictures to be posted. The will be a write-up at the end of the picturesque blog. Click on picture to enlarge.

At the beginning of the event, the score board was empty without any sticker points.

Owners, admins and instructors on duty were in white instead of the fearsome reds. 

Praying area was prepared and Corporal Amir was the Imam leading the subuh prayer for the muslims. Prayer is compulsory and should not be missed.

Recruits were ushered to the meeting point.

The Barracudas arrived in style with a bus. Speaking of being organised.

The Barracudas too was the only team that had their team members on a chart.

The legends too gathered in style.

The Spartans as always havoc, hip and hype. Spartans in yellow colour theme and was the only team with a team sticker pasted on the shoulder or chest of each Spartan.

Barracuda in Blue colout theme.

Highlanders in Green theme.

The Legends in Black and red.

The battle began. Each team was given a set of circuit which they must complete in the best timing before they can move on.

Each team was recorded with its own start and finishing time. Time is the essence and everyone competes for timing.

Stay Tuned for the torture in the Tower and the Barb wire !!!

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