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Today is the 4th day of the new year and everyone should have settled and sobered down from either a long travelling, the new year's party or the hectic registration for our children to start school. Next week, on Monday 6th January or 7th depending on location, new and returning recruits will start their bootcamp training at the Chief's Original Bootcamp, Malaysia.

Whether you are a returning recruit or a virgin bootcamper; if you have not done so, you have until Sunday, 5th January 2014 to complete a simple online enrollment form. It is imperative that you register online at HERE. You must register online or your registration may not be valid and it will be very awkward for us to decline any recruit that is not registered. There is a simple online medical questionnaires, a disclaimer tick box as well as the terms & conditions tick box that you must complete. Without it being completed, you cannot start your training. If you are a first timer, you get to enroll at a special introductory fee of only RM90. For more information on all promotions, click HERE.

Now with the first session approaching, what are the preparation? You do not need to carbo load but you need to have sufficient sleep the eve of every session. Hydrate yourself well with an average two 1.5 ltr bottles throughout the day, a day before the session. Hydration will avoid your body from feeling fatique and lethargy after the session. Do not drink too much water before the session began or you may nauseate.

You must wear a shoe. Any form of sport shoe will suffice but you must be in sport shoe. The Chief's Original Bootcamp (COBC) grey tshirt uniform is a must being military inspired. Any sports short or track bottom is allowed. For those that have not receive your uniform grey tee, you can wear any sports t'shirt.

You must be punctual. Again, as in a military.. punctuality is part of the program. Failure to be on time before and during the session, the platoon will be subjected to various punishment. During the session, please listen to the instruction carefully. If you do not understand the instruction, be guided by what other recruit does. This is where the seniors (or returning recruit) has the bragging rights. They can show off.

When I first attended the bootcamp, the instructor said "Steady!!".. Proudly (want to show off), I continued the workout thinking my pace, form and style was 'steady'!! BUT actually steady means STOP! When the instructor command steady, everybody must stop doing whatever they are doing. I was embarrassed (besar kemaluan).

Whenever you can, please avoid missing any training session. Your fitness and your motivation grows with momentum. When you miss even just a session, you will notice the next forthcoming session became exponentially harder.

Now we are mentally ready. Being part of the Chief's Bootcamp is in itself a strong recognition. In Chief Brabon's, the founder of COBC own word, Bootcamp training is not for everyone. It takes a character to be part of this global network.

What can we expect on the first session? The first session is always the benchmark assessment. What is a benchmark assessment? Stay tuned for next blog.


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