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Battle of Platoons part 2. For more pictures and reading, click Part 1.

The Chief's Original Bootcamp held our 3rd Battle of Platoons (BOP) on 18 January 2014. The latest battle saw a four corner fight between the Spartans whom was defending their title as the Champion at the 2nd BOP and the Highlander, whom was the 1st BOP Champion. The Legends for the third time, worked and trained hard to become the Champion and the newly born Barracuda was all highly spirited to have fun. The person behind the architect of the 3rd Battle of Platoons was Dr Malek Aziz whom together with Staff Sarge Nawal and the team of instructors at COBC, spend days preparing the carpentry for the barb wires, circuits and equipments etc etc... Yes, recruits had to leopard crawl under barb wires as part of the challenge. 

Part of the battle includes a set of 14 riddles to test recruit's thinking capacity under stress while undergoing the physical challenges. The 14 riddles and puzzles were:

1) What is Chief's Original Bootcamp founder's name?
Chief Brabon and Gunny Hames. Armin Baniaz Pahamin and Dr Malek Aziz are the licensees.

2) Chief was born in 1974. This year he will be 40 years old. How is that so?
Answer: 1974 is the hospital room no. Statement did not say 'year 1974'!

3) What is the codename of this event?
Answer: Metropolitan. Dr Malek actually posted this on facebook to see how many observants they are.

4) Scientists are trying to find out what's between Heaven and Earth. What is it?
Answer: the word "and"

5) What goes up when the rain goes down?
Answer: Umbrella

6) In what year did Thaipusam & Chinese New Year fall on the same year?
Answer: Every year

7) We are twelve in the family.
I am the second one as the youngest. Who am I?
Answer: February. Only 1 platoon got this right!

8) If there are 15 apples and you take away 7, how many do you have?
Answer : 7 (the amount that you take away)

9) I am the beginning of the end
The end of every place
I am the beginning of eternity
The end of time and space .
What am I?
Answer: the letter 'e'

10) You can start a fire if you have alcohol, petrol, kerosene, paper, candle and a full matchbox  and a piece of cotton wool.
What is the first thing you light?
Answer: the match

11) From which country does Feta cheese originate?
Answer: Greece

12) Which country does Parmesan  originate from?
Answer: Italy

13) Which food has fewer calories?
A. 1 cup of dry roasted peanuts
B. 1 cup of vanilla ice cream
Answer: vanilla ice cream

14. How many locations does COBC have?
Answer : 6

Its a shame ONLY 1 platoon got this right!!

15) Kitson drove all the way from Alor Star to Singapore only to discover at the end of the trip he had a flat tyre from the very start.Yet his car was completely unaffected by it.
How is this possible?
Answer: Spare tyre was flat 

(Barracudas got most answers right in this section and recruit from other platoon think Dr Malek leaked out the answers. Please don't think so low of Dr Malek. If only you all know of his integrity).

Below are more snapshot of the event... those including the barb wire leopard crawl!! As always.. click on picture to enlarged.

P/s - for the war cry compilation of all platoons, click HERE.

The tower torture!!

The Apple Hill!!!

The barb wire!!


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