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Corporal Azmir
Its the 3rd day into the new year and if you have not listed any resolution for the year, let me do that for you!! Pick a better health and fitness as your new year resolution!! How? Start exercising!! Where? Of course, at the Chief's Original Bootcamp. Why? Because the program was put together from 25 years of military-inspired, outdoor, group personal training experience by the founders of the COBCs, Chief Brabon and Gunny Hames. The keyword, is the 'program' and if you find yourself always falling off the bandwagon, COBC has the best and the most aspiring community to keep you on track and motivated!! The community and the program is the key to your success!! With great health and fitness, your bonus will be a sexier and a head turning physique!

COBC also have the most passionate team of instructors and admin. What binds these team together is Sickness... among others!! Almost every team member has either faced death or was terminally ill or has a close family member or their loved one suffered from cancer. Me and my partner Dr Malek Aziz for example was previously diagnosed with terminal cancer. I had Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia and Dr Malek had Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma of the intestines. Our most senior instructor Staff Sarge (COBC) Nawal had her thyroid removed when it was tested positive for cancer and she is also thalassemic. Corporal (COBC) Amir had Pleural Effusion and had to removed half his right lung while Corporal (COBC) Azmir's wife underwent major operation twice for Salivary Gland Cancer, a rare cancer. Not to mention our admin Farhanah bamadhaj with her spouse successfully battled cancer and Rose Emini Pahamin having a brother whom survived the leukaemia.

Please do not wait until you or your loved one is diagnosed with a terminal cancer before you take the first step to a better and healthier life. Take charge of your health now.

Coincidentally, COBC January intake is next Monday, 6 January 2014. Register and surrender yourself three times a week for four consecutive weeks and your results are guaranteed! To register, read the step by step procedure at HERE. For the latest promotion, click HERE.

Dr Malek Aziz


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