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It never crossed my mind to even view Malindo Air for traveling but when my brother Amnan Bazli Pahamin prompted me to try out the latest low cost airline in the region for a weekend in Bangkok, the adventurous side took the good of me. We booked online at here. When Airasia and Malaysia Airlines cost more than RM500 for a return trip, Malindo Air charges only approximately RM300 for a return trip. So Amnan Bazli Pahamin, Anny Chunraem, Aaraf Armin and I booked and paid.

My first thought and impression of the Malindo Air was flying a propeller 80 seater plane or an old squeaky plane. Anny whom live with a plane phobia all her life was freaking out and almost refused to get on the Malindo Air. She nagged at me on safety and reminded me on the many planes that had crashed.  

When we checked in, the queuing and waiting list was bearable. The counter crew was courteous and fast.

We waited, queued and boarded the plane and as we walked into flight SL 8201, I then discovered it was a new Boeng 737-900ER with 215 seater. The airline too was punctual which is important. The seats were all in blue and the ambiance was really cooling. Aaraf quickly fell in love with the Malindo.

The flight Captain was experience that the entire journey was a smooth sailing. Both the take off and the landing was smooth. The cabin crew was polite, friendly and accommodative. The aircond was just nice and was neither too cold or too warm. Our return flight, flight SL8200 was even smoother despite a turbulence.

It was so smooth that Amnan Bazli Pahamin quickly dozed off the moment he was seated.

The food variety that we bought was delicious and a good value for money supplied by Original Penang Kayu Nasi Kandar restaurant chain.

I give a good thumbs up to Malindo Air and will definitely have Malindo Air in our future travels.


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