COBC: OCT 2/12 - PB!

Personal Best PB @ 55 minutes !! Excellent achievement!! It was first 1 hour 35 minutes, then 1 hour 15 minutes and so forth and today beat my own record in High Intensity Interval Cleaning (HIIC)!! Aye aye.. yes... 4000 sq ft (ground floor only) vacuum & mop, throw all rubbish from all rooms, wash the dishes, 2 loads of  laundry wash & dry-up, make up beds, wash the toilet, make fresh vegetable juice and shower!! So wonderful is life without maid.. Raja Affandi dont laugh! Such is Morning routine on non-bootcamp days!! Morning HIIC .. early cardio! 515 calories burn without any 30 seconds break at all.

This could not rival but suffice as a recovery workout from the CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP training program. Yesterday's 1st session after Monday's benchmark assessment was exhilarating!! Too good but the cost of being absent from a few sessions of bootcamping (due to travelling) is the overall aching especially the chest, legs, shoulder and abs from yesterday TABATA!! TERBAKAR!!! and GRINDERS!!

Coincidentally, while blogging on this whole body aching pain, an email came in from bootcamp comrade Tricia Ling whom is enjoying the same aches that was probably due to the lack of past exercising. What did we do? We had the leaner and more toned (Waaaa lawan tokey!!) Sarge Dann and Corporal Tom as our instructors!! After a heart-exploding (yes thats how it felt like after missing bootcamp for a week) warm up, our platoon was divided into team Alpha and team Bravo. I was sandwich by Super Seal Uncle John Chuah and Alice, and was facing Shear Ling Toh whom was on the opposite rank with Taj Mahal, Adibah Mohamad. Mohamad Fazli whom has lost 6kg from the 8WC was in my team too and was beside Farhanah Bamadhaj.

There is no other better inspiring team mate to be with than this damn super loud team members!!! Everyone competed for a perfect form!!! and Speed!!! ALICE.... good form!! Cry out Sarge Dann...... Grrrr jealous, I went and performed better (infront of Sarge la, behind sikit sikit stalling.. eh stallion) and ..... ARMIN.. Good Form.. hehhehee.. quickly I yelled, YOU HEAR THAT JOHN CHUAH?!! and shortly later, a voice yelled, FAZLI..... WHERE ARE YOU?

The best part of Wednesday workout was the third session the Grinder's Speedwork... The first session was all about Core Foundation!! Second session we had the Upper Body and Lower body attack to ignite those sleeping muscles and the third, my favourite for the day was the Grinder's Speedwork meant for Cardio and endurance. The Deltas and Seals aka Kunta Kinte  Super Kiasu and Kiasi rushed in speed to hit the 100 repetitions of workout and once the first recruit hit the max reps, everyone stops... pure test of stalling Stallion!!!

I think I hit my PB at home today from the super good workout yesterday!! HOOYAH~~

p/s- those were pictures from library... Now I feel like camwhoring!!! Rosey....?