Inculcating the Malaysian culture especially in celebrating the festivities of all religion and races, the Chief's Original Bootcamp began the day with Diwali Special at the BU Alpha & Bravo session this morning. In an unprecedented gatherings of all Chief's instructors including the Seal Pups instructors to be in grey (except for those instructors on duty), the atmosphere became more heated and hyped with majority being a former and existing national and state athlete. Sarge (COBC) Dann was assisted by Corporal (COBC) Chun and Corporal (COBC) Tom for circuit specialy designed for Diwali.

(Click on Pictures to enlarged. Pictures taken at BU-Bravo & DH-Zulu on Diwali)

During the warming up and throughout the session, Otaiis can easily be spotted, because when they see camera.. they... err.. camwhore!!

For the Diwali special, we brought the mega-heavy bag pack, red rifles and battling ropes for three sections for the Ranger, Seal and Delta commanded by each instructors in Red. The Delta began with the Battling Rope and we battled against the instructors super stamina and strength with a TABATA Grinders. Instructors being instructors... the circuit today was very aspiring and motivating although our body said otherwise but that is expected from world oldest, 20 years old program. No matter how fit and strong you are, you can never get an easy session. There is no such thing as one feet in or working out halfheartedly because the instructors are trained to get the best out of you.

The Super-set Ropes were alternated with cardio..

The ropes burned and toned the upper body whilst strengthening the core muscle. The cardio with the Grunts, Cross Country and mountain climbers that was alternated with the rope burned the overall body fat.

Then Cardio..

Back to Ropes


Then Ropes,.. then cardio, ropes yada yada...

When Otaiis see the camera..

From Sarge Dann's Super set Ropes, we went to Corporal (COBC) Tom's Cardio Rifle and bag pack. Corporal Tom's run with sandbag and rifles challenges our overeall fitness and stamina.

Spot the Otaii?

When Otaii met camera!! they pose like this..

and some pose like that...

Finally, we went to the next station for the abs and oblique workout... My favourite!!

After the DH Zulu Session, Bobbee & June Chung welcomed all the new Reds and recruits from other platoons to a basketfull of 8WC Cheese Cake!! Having only seen the two sisters during the photo-shoot before the 8WC began, i have to salute at their major transformation within merely 4 weeks!! They both looks really good and look half their size.

While everyone are celebrating the Diwali, all COBC team member will be in a whole day briefing, discussion and meeting from before BU-alpha at 5am to after BD Zulu until 10pm.

The session ended with a big huge HOOYAH..

On behalf of the team and recruits from COBC, 
we wish all Malaysian



Stay tuned and get Up Close and Personal with the New Reds on the block....