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With a red infected right eye, styled in a Tag Heuer sports spectacles (for not being able use contact lense), I left home early at 5:20am to greet the 60 odd recruits registered for BU-Alpha platoon and to presonally wish Otaii Chan Meng Yam a happiest birthday but was greeted by a heavy downpour instead. Thanks to Kenny Lock Weng Heng who almost did the rain-dance yesterday calling and crying to have a session in the rain this morning. Your wish came true but my 'stoopeed' Tag Heuer spectacles does not come with any wipers so I had to re-routed to Ampang instead.

Barely 12 minutes later via the Duke, I arrived at Ampang Platoon in Taman Setiawangsa. Sarge (P)(COBC) Nawal, COBC's own version of Demi Moore in G.I. Jane was the Platoon Commander in charge and was assisted by Lance Corporal (P) (COBC) Riz. Sarge (P) (COBC) Tom became the platoon commander SA-Zulu & SA-Yankee and CJ-Alpha & CJ-Bravo and Staff Sarge (P) (COBC) Dann the platoon commander for BU-Alpha & BU-Bravo as well as USJ1-Alpha and USJ1-Bravo. In Penang, we have the former number 2 best, Karate Champion in Asia, Sarge (P)(COBC) Boon. To get up close and personal with all the platoon commanders, click HERE. Gender plays no role in military and being in a military-inspired bootcamp at COBC, ladies and gentlemen are treated the same. If the men can do 16 pushups for Delta, the ladies are expected to do the same. If the ladies can run faster which they do, the men are expected to be at par. Although by hormone and biological nature, men is supposedly stronger, you will be surprise to see those ladies running faster and are more agile than average men.

We began with a partner base workout and guess who I was paired with? Yes.. veteran-delta (VD) 59 years old Dr Malek Aziz. Beside gender, age too have no place at COBC. Old or Young.. everyone are treated with the same workout, same repetitions and the same punishment. As a result.... I felt Old!! We had to chase and tap our partner and to give him 10 grunts as punishment and so I chase after Doc Malek and keep chasing and he chased me and I continued to be chased.. In the end.. both of us failed to chase and tapp each other and just when we thought we can be comfortable without any punishments, Sarge (COBC) Nawal instructed for those that failed to tap the partner to do the 10-Grunts and when we still fail to tapped each other, Sarge (COBC) Nawal revised the rule for both to performed the 10 Grunts... alamak. The stationary workout that we did before the chasing were military pushups, military situps, Toe tap, Grunts and Thrusters among others.. Life was abit easier when my partner Dr Malek was swapped with Yit Chin Chan. I managed to tapped Chan and I was saved by 10 grunts.. Phewww.. but Dr Malek had marathoner Nicholas Chew. Nicholas does not seemed to mind the grunts. He easily performed the grunts with perfect form!!

Midway through the sessions, I think BU Platoons exported their rain and we had half the sessions in a heavy downpour.. heaven!!! but I was blinded. I could not see a thing when the spec became foggy and blurred, covered by the rain. Unless there is lighting, our session will continue in Rain, Hail or Shine!! Ocho Mac Cloud.. you missed a damn good session.

After the session, we err.. had a camwhoring session!! under the rain in wet t'shirt!! Life is just so wonderful. What better life can anyone ask than to wake up in the morning, train with a beautiful strong instructors, burn fat, became healthier and get wet together HOOYAH!!!

This was what some had to say...  (Click on picture to enlarge)


Abu Baker Sidiq

Please ignore my nerd look in spec below..

What did other recruits from other platoons had to say?

Ceh.. they got better pictures!!!! Grrr.. nevermind, we camwhore summore!!!!!!

Maybe we should have camwhoring competition??

For latest update on COBC.... Stay tuned to STAY TUNE!!


Gun s and roses - November Rain

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