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While we expand our location farther away, the world deepens smaller!! Unbeknown who were the recruits at Ampang Alpha platoon, I arrived very early at 5am to check out the... err.. organic field. Even earlier than Dr Malek Aziz whom is always at least 30 minutes early at every session. The field was very organic! While at the field, I met and made friends with a lot of new people... Interesting people I must say. 

Today, I finally met a long time FACEBOOK friend Ocho Mc Cloud or his real name.. Ezaddin Mat Awan while covered in mud during session and two Damansara Heights Otaii (Old Timer) Haidar Akmal and Noora. While getting updates from FACEBOOK COBC page, I met Amnan Bazli Pahamin's former college mate, Patricia Lim Poh Kam whom is a recruit at Subang Jaya USJ1 alpha platoon. Most of those 30 plus recruits at Ampang are newbies and to see those determination in them, reminded me of my first session almost three years ago... the first taste of Organic Mud. The newbies seemed somewhat accustomed to the 'greens' or should I say brown.

With current weather, not surprising everyone had a good taste of nature but only in BU-Bravo platoon that they went topless!!! TOPLESS!!

err.. i mean.. him..... and him! not her!

The nature somehow prepared the field especially for the circuit today. With Sarge (COBC) Nawal and Corporal (COBC) Riz in the house, everyone had a good chase around. After countless of military pushups, we had to sprint and drop dead down chest and gut on the ground, then on the following sets, situps with back buried in brown.. then bear walk. Barely 10 minutes after we started, we were all wet covered in mud.

While others had three in a team relay with some space to rest while waiting to be tapped, there were only me and Diana in the team-relay. With only two in a team instead of three, we did not have any room to breath nor rest... or no chance to be A stallion stall! In the six sets of 7 minute minutes circuit this morning, we did about 150 military pushups, 200 military situps, alot of sprinting and alot of grunts as punishments!! Not bad for second session of the month. Ampang people have lots of energy and mojo!!!

But lets hear it from what recruits have to say so far.... (Click on picture to enlarge)

What could be better than to be surrounded by people that share the same goal and interest? Cant wait for the next session..  Until then, stay 'clean'.



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