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Instructors must conformed and adhere to various factors to be and to maintain themselves as an instructor at the CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP.  Those factors are not only important for their career advancement but may lead to a demotion or stagnation in their career if is breached. Similarly, before anyone can wear the prestigious COBC Red Tee and be recognise as a COBC instructor, they will be grilled and cooked to perfection in command, policies, workout forms and technique as well as trainer's etiquette to be ready for the final assessment by the Founder and Global Master Trainer, world re-known bootcamp fitness specialist Chief Brabon. Having met COBC shortlisting and strict criterias, all instructors will be on probation until that final assessment and all instructors whom does not score sufficient point, will either be given a grace period to improve and/or are subjected to demotion. Such is the stringency to wear the Red Tee at the COBC.

As part of a routine training, we gathered all our Military Corps training, Grinders, Seal Pups and Platoon Dynamics for a refresher, re-training and BENCH-MARK assessment except for Lance Corporal (P) Letch whom was excused for the Diwali celebration. Yes, not only the recruits that needed to performed the Benchmark Assessment but all trainers too are assessed regularly. When Chief Brabon is here, he too does the benchmark assessment with all instructors and in the last 20 years, no one instructor or recruits can beat Chief's time for the circuit and 1 mile run.

Dr Malek and I took the first part of the training with COBC historical background, our policies, visions, missions, products, expectations and SOPs and shortly later, the grilling began with Sarge Dann's grueling forms and technique assessment and corrective measure.

 Instructors were even assessed at their Bear walk, crab crawl for both reverse and front.

Monkey jump too!!

Each and every instructors are assessed in their COMMAND too! 

The instructors were also reiterated the importance of benchmark assessment circuit preparation!!! Every location, every platoon every part of the world, the benchmark assessment is similar in everything!! Thus, you can also trust the objectivity and reliability of the assessment anywhere in the world under the banner CHIEF's ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP (In Malaysia or the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP in Australia and other parts of the globe) 

Of course, all INSTRUCTORS MUST performed the benchmark assessment!! after the routine warming up.

I am the time-keeper!! Sarge Dann being the leader, MUST NOT be below the time of all his downline ala Chief Brabon.

In position, on you mark......



Sarge (COBC) Dann still the no 1 fastest for both the circuit and 1 mile run!!! Sarge Dann is training hard to overtake our Chief Brabon's record timing. These regular training and re-training is of utmost important to ensure a homogenous quality in deliverables. Wherever you go that bears the COBC logo & sign, you can rest assure you will get similar standard services and quality!

We are pleased to welcome our platoon commander for Penang CHEAH BOON CHONG cscs. During his prime period when he represented Malaysia, Cheah Boon Chong was the no 2 BEST for ASIA KARATE CHAMPIONSHIP!!

Stay tuned to STAY TUNE for an Up Close and Personal write up of all our "New Kid Reds on the Block Blog".

Day 1 training closed with a good spirit and enthusiasm. Motivation and aspiration is building up higher and greater!!

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