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NOTE: The ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP™ ranks held by our Instructors in no way reflect the ranks that those individuals may currently hold, or have previously held in any arm of the military, law enforcement or fire/rescue. They are purely ranks that they have earned in relation to the provision of the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP™ program.
Here is a brief write-up to further understand the instructors ranking at the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP...
LANCE CORPORAL - Lance Corporals are essentially apprentices, who are still learning the ropes and perfecting forms and techniques. It may be that they are still undertaking additional studies to become a fully qualified Instructor.
CORPORAL - A Corporal is an Instructor who has met all the physical and educational requirements to lead a Section (around 16 Recruits) on their own. They have been personally certified by Chief Brabon, Gunny Emily, or one of our elite Master Trainers, and now hold a Level 1 Military Fitness Specialist certification.
SERGEANT (Sarge) - A Sergeant is an Instructor who has proven their ability to lead a group of 30 or more Recruits, and has also demonstrated strong leadership skills in relation to their fellow Instructors. The Lead Instructor of each Platoon must have achieved a minimum of a Sergeant's rank. 
STAFF SERGEANT (Staff) - A Staff Sergeant is an OBC Instructor who has shown exceptional leadership skills, has demonstrated a strong ability to mentor and develop junior Instructors, and has proven their dedication to the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP™ brand as a whole. Staff Sergeants should be confident in Instructing all OBC programs, including:

- Corps Training™: General Fitness & Fat Loss
- SEAL Pups™: Kids Fitness
- Tactical Advantage™: Sports Specific Conditioning
- Platoon Dynamics™: Corporate Wellbeing & Team Building
- SpecOps™ - Special Forces & Special Operations based Adventure Training
- The Grinder™ - High Intensity 1/2 Hour programming

SENIOR SERGEANT (Senior) - Senior Sergeants are the OBC Network's Master Trainers. Senior Sergeants are responsible for the provision of upskilling workshops and Level 1 Certifications. There are currently only 4 Instructors within the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP™ network that hold this particular rank:

- Rob Coad: Master Trainer - Southern Region (Australia)
- Duncan Arkley: Master Trainer - Western Region (Australia)
- David Murray: Program Coordinator - Tactical Advantage™ (International)
- Katrina Murray: Program Coordinator - SEAL Pups™ (International)

SENIOR MASTER SERGEANT (Senior): An Instructor who achieves this rank is a National level Master Trainer within the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP™ network. Currently, no Instructors hold this rank.

MASTER GUNNERY SERGEANT (Gunny): A Master Gunnery Sergeant is responsible for Mentoring and Development of all Instructors up to the rank of Staff Sergeant. Their roll is that of International Master Trainer. There is currently only one Instructor who currently holds this rank; ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP's Director of Operations, Emily Brabon.

MASTER CHIEF of OBC (Chief): The Chief, Chief Brabon is personally responsible for the design, development and implementation of all ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP™ programming. As OBC's Global Master Trainer, Chief Brabon is also responsible for certifying all OBC Instructors all the way up to Master Gunnery Sergeant.

If you have any questions or feedback regarding the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP™ ranking system, please don't hesitate to ask Chief Brabon at
Stay Tune for ORIGINAL BOTCAMP @ BANDAR UTAMA the instructors CV...

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