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29 May 2010. The finale.... Last session of the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP @ Bandar Utama (OBC-BU) first trial week.

There were three selected circuits prepared for the last session of the trial week. The first circuit introduces OBC-BU's very own jaw dropping sexy Sand-babe, I mean Sandbag.

Sarge Dann, Corporal Chun, LC Nawal, LC Hafiz Salleh, LC Jasper and LC Erni were the team of instructors supervising the 41 recruits. We had the Malaysian Actor whom once won the best actor award cum Architect Azhar Sulaiman and National Gymnast, Hairi Zaid Ahmad Saruji training with us. Hairi Zaid came to train with 41 recruits at the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP @ Bandar utama as part of his training for the Commonwealth Games.

Hairi Zaid is Malaysia national men gymnast artistic. He was selected into the National Gymnast Pelapis Team in 2003 and is competing in the next Commonwealth Games.

Last Year in 2009, Hairi Zaid won 3 GOLD medal and 3 Bronze during the Malaysia Open, 2 GOLD and 2 Bronze for the South Africa Cup and 3 Bronze Medal during the mini Olympic Games.

In 2008, Hairi Zaid participated and competed for Terengganu and won Silver Medal during the  Malaysia Games. Hairi Zaid was selected to represent Malaysia and competed in the Australian Olympic Festival and went to Finals all around.. In 2007, Hairi Zaid won 5 GOLD MEDALS for the MSSM and competed and went to all around finals at the Australian Olympic Festival.

In 2006, Hairi Zaid won 1 GOLD, 3 SILVER and 1 Bronze medals for Kedah during the Malaysia Games. In the same year, Hairi Zaid won Silver during the Asian School competition in Phillipines.

We are proud that Hairi Zaid is at the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP @ BANDAR UTAMA for training.

Azhar Sulaiman, is a Malaysian Actor, TV producer and Director, TV  Host and product ambassador as well as an architect and interior designer chose to workout at ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP @ BANDAR UTAMA (OBC-BU) to unwind from the hectic lifestyle and endless schedules. Azhar once a state cyclist had been off-training until we brought him to the Original Bootcamp.

Thank you for you support Azhar Sulaiman, OBC-BU will make sure your stamina is back.

At 5:40am the platoon were gathered by the field for the warm-up.

We then 'given' 10 grunts for late-comers.

The platoon was then divided into Eight teams of five recruits. The teams were line up in a rank and all the five recruits in each team were queuing behind each other.

When Sarge Dann gave commanded for the circuit to start, the first person in all the eight team sprinted to a cone located 20 meters away, dropped-down and sprint back to the starting point.

While waiting for the sprinting-recruits, the 2nd person in the row performed the squat with sandbag...

 Then third, situp with rifle,

The third row did the military pushups..

We should always start doing the pushups on the toe but if we cant, then the optoin is to do it on the knee 

and the last row, the planks.

The instructors are always encouraging, motivating and assisting the recruits to focus on a good form and techniques.

The time and duration of the exercises fix in each row depended on the speed of the sprinter. Once the runner completed the sprint, he will move to the last person and performed the planks while the those at the 4th exercise move to the 3rd and so forth. The fix exercises were change after a 60 seconds water break. The second set of exercises were the Lunges with sandbag for the second station,

Third was the touches the shoe with rifle crunches,

Fourth the kingkong pushups,

and the Fifth was the side bridges.

After more than 5 non-stop sets, its another 60 seconds water break. The second circuit was the TABATA or "20 seconds active and 10 second break" and so forth for 8 sets per workout. There were two workouts.

The first TABATA was the 8 sets of TABATA pushups..

The second TABATA was a non stop 8 sets of military sit-up.

 Lans Corporal Hafiz Salleh demonstrating the military sit-ups

Corporal Chun motivating Azhar Sulaiman...

Sarge Dann correcting the form and motivating Wan Danial WanAnuar

Lans Corporal (P) Jasper too performed the workout and motivates the recruits 

Lans Corporal (P) Erni and Lans Corporal Nawal.. TWO LADIES to one recruit.. motivating and correcting Syed Mahadhir's form

The third sets was more more like a PLEASURE PAIN CIRCUIT with Sand-babe. The platoons were divided into two ranks with each rank on a push-up position, side by side and shoulder to shoulder. Using only the left hand, the last recruits had to grab sand-babe and pass it to the next recruits on his left, while maintaining the push-up position. The left recruit will grab the sand-babe and pass it to the next and so forth. When all the Sand-babes were passed, the first recruit will passed it back to the next recruit but with the right hand. This circuit worked out the overall body in particular the arm, chest, back and core muscle.

Nothing is better than to have fun while burning and trimming those fat...... 

After a complete set, the Push-up position were changed to a sit up position with shoulder, head and leg raised 45 degrees, side by side closest from one recruit to the other. While maintaining the position, the last recruit had to passed Sand-babe one by one with both hand to the next recruit without dropping the shoulder and leg. This workout targeted the abdomen muscle to wake up the 6-packs.

The third Sand-babes workout, requires the two team to stand and line-up behind one another with only a walking step distance and pass the Sand-babes on the right from the first to the last and passed sand-babes on the left from the last back to the first recruits. This exercise worked out the obliques.

The instructors demonstrating the circuit... 

The session ended.... Some finds it enjoyable and fun.. it was made easier for the trial week.

But some found it really exhuasting...

The session ended with a long scream of routine OBC scream HOOOOYAAAH!!!

After the session, we approach the recrutis for feedback and comments. Every recruits positive or negative comments are important to us......

Some were checking out our national gymnast rock hard body........

Hairi Zaid Ahmad Saruji........ 

and some felt like an Incredible HULK just from the trial session...

Azhar Sulaiman..........

The trial week ended after our listening to the customer's feedback and comment session...

We did it!!!! Completed our first TRIAL WEEK and the start of our new ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP @ BANDAR UTAMA........

A special thank you to Azhar Sulaiman, Hairi Zaid, Bootcampers from KL and PJs and Welcome to the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP new comers...  it is the start of a new journey.

HAIRI ZAID, good luck & all the best for the Commonwealth Games. The ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP @ BANDAR UTAMA will support and is behind you all the way!!!


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  1. Dear, armin

    I have called to book for the grand final free trial but I could not make it ;( what's pity ...

  2. where was I on Saturday?!!! Oh yeah, was in Singapore already... Hot damn weii! :P

  3. Dear Anon,
    yes, you missed a good fun but high calories burning session.

    Dont despair, join us on Bring a Freind day on 18 June 2010.

    Ms Road Runner AKA nana...
    you FFK!!! we left for singapore after the sessoin.. :-)


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