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3 May 2010. Its the fourth session today with 10 AWOLS...!! TEN AWOLS.. cool!! There were Amy Ho, Danial Ismail, Syed Mahadzir Syed Mashor and many many more.......

Thankful to the 10 AWOLs, we had 5 laps-around-carpark & 50 Trusters... FIFTY TRUSTERS!!!...

I completed the run but completed the 50 trusters in 2 instalments. First installment with 38 trusters during the session sort of 'hutang' the balance and did 12 trusters as second instalment back home. (Note: Err.. Instalment is not allowed, if you are caught, the whole platoon will be punished.. Again!!)

The placement of recruits were announced today.. Shoba Bala made it back to Delta alongside 10 others namely, Amy Ho, Nawal AIini Zulkifli, Machiko san, Tomi Soetjipto, Yin Biing Wen, Chun Chia Kai (but of course), Wai-Yee Chan, Ashima Thomas, Syed Mahadzir Syed Manshor and a new Delta Jessie.

The platoons we divided into two sections- Delta & some seals with Sarge Sim and Rangers with the balance Seals with Lans Corporal Elin Klemetsen Fossum.

I was with Sarge Sim's section that began with running.... in fact, today was all about running & sprinting. We first ran along Jalan Parliament and the Delta was commanded to sprint all the way to Bank Negara while the Seals did 'Jumping Squat'. Squatting after a run is already painful......... doing 'Jumping Squat' was excruciating!! having learn the perfect jumping squat from the Chief, I felt embarrassed to cheat... so i did not cheat but the burning pain was Oooooouch almost unbearable but I LOVE IT!! this is the kind of pain that I wanted.

When the Delta return, the Seals took turn to run towards Bank Negara and U-turned back to where the Deltas were waiting on Plank-position.... The slower we were, the longer the Delta will be on Plank position. As we arrived, I saw Nawal Aini, trembling and screaming pleeeeeeease hurry-up!!

When all the Seals arrived, the Deltas ala Relay, ran... and while they ran, we were insructed to do Grunts... Grunts was Gunny Brabon most favoured exercise!! Gunny Brabon, who is OBC global master trainer, performed the grunts on her knuckles (i cant believe it too until I saw with my own eye). I wish I can love the grunts too....

When we were struggling with the Grunts, Sarge Sim said... Seals.. You are in my book for Delta! To be a Delta, focus in your form & technique.. Jump as you raised! Suddenly, I saw every Seals Improving their technique!! Well Done Seals. When the Delta arrived, its our turn to run... again. and while we run, the Delta did the scary Maintain Climbers!!! I knew how painful the mountain climbers can be.. And I sprinted so fast screaming SULOSHINI... LEESA..... Suzi... Let's run... Come on... Let's race!!!!

When we arrive, the Delta was actually enjoying the Mountain Climbers.... And we were the bunch breathless but the SEALS escaped the Mountain Climbers (thank God!).

The section was then lined-up in a file and we ran back the the field. Sarge Sim hinted, we are not done and we are going up to the hills!!! Eeek.. Here I am thinking its time for warm-down.

We ran uphill... And bounced-back a few times to support the slower recruits!! At the BOOTCAMP, NOBODY is left behind... no matter how weak & slow they are. Slowly, everybody's speed & stamina will improve. As my mind was lost in the runner's-high, my slowed down an was awoken when Sarge Sim came beside me and asked me to sprint and overtake the Deltas. Like a Turbo-charge, I overtook everybody....

The section ended with a good warm-down and brief stretching. Thank god for the good workout today!! Otherwise yesterday's heavy meals would have been converted into FAT.


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