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25 May 2010. The first Page of a new chapter. We were all nervous, excited and anxious to start our first trial week. We wanted it to be perfect. We have been practicing and rehearsing daily for the whole month digesting all that we learn at the Bootcamp Academy for today. We vetted through the whole registration and there were only 19 listed members whom had previously attended the Original Bootcamp session. From the total, 53 registered were all newbies to the Original Bootcamp. The initial circuit designed for today was too strenuous to those that had never exercise before. The circuit was mellowed  to make it slightly easier, fun and with an initial target calories burn of at least 300 during the session and continuously burning after session through the EPOC (Excessive Post-Ecercise Oxygen Consumption) effect.

Every circuit was scientifically designed for the best gain via the mentoring program that was made available to all franchisee based from over 20 years of experience... but, every session is 'like a box of chocolate'... said Forest Gump, we dont know what we going to get.

We woke up at 4:00am gathered with everybody at my house by 4:30am and left to prepare the field at 4:45am. I did not know what was in store for us... I refused to know.. I just love the unexpected circuit at the Bootcamp. Sarge Dann & team did all the preparation. I have never seen everybody so busy running around in Red Tshirt.

At 5:10am, recruits started to arrived. We had three admins to attend to their registration. Maybe they were as eager as us. I was more eager to workout and burn those stubborn fat that was hiding my sexy 6-pack.

Sam Shukor, an ex-bootcamper is back!! 

Farhanah bamadhaj attending to recruits registration 

Some new recruts filling up forms. 

Everybody gathered waiting for the session to start.

John... being next door to your house, I am sure you will think twice before any FFK!!

I was overwhelmed to see some old faces from KLA that came to support. Thank you Lizza Abdul Rahim, Amy Ho, Natassya Lee and Tammy. We cheerished your presence and support.. it really meant alot.

It is still fresh in thought, that moment when someONE splashed water on me.

Joyce Chuo, all the way from Subang Jaya, from PJ Bravo platoon too came to support. It is surprising that people that we least expected, are the one that stood strong by us.

Friends that seemed closer are the one that usually dissappear.......

KL Alpha Delta Ilyanna Aylin, Ranger Ili Liyana Baharon and Seal Suriana Saiful are always the most supportive.

Hashida Lee too, from PJ Bravo came to support although for a day before she leaves to New Zealand... tomorrow?

There were 6 instructors in the house, namely Sarge Dann, Corporal CK, Lans Corporal Nawal, Lans Corporal Hafiz Salleh, Lans Corporal Jasper Chai and Lans Corporal Erni Syazwani. Lans Corporal Jasper Chai was the former Sarawak State Body Builder, Lans Corporal Erni is a Malaysia Taekwando team member whilst, Lans Corporal Hafiz Salleh was the former national swimmer. Stay Tune for their complete detail write-up.

Sarge Dann greeted, addressed all recruits before the warm-up.

There was a total of 43 recruits today... 34 was counted during the head-count and 9 arrived while Sarge Dann was explaining the circuit today. THANK GOD... THERE WERE NO PUNISHMENT FOR THE 9 LATE-COMERS!!

The platoons were divided into 8 teams with an average of 5 pax per team. Each team was allocated a station. There were 8 stations in all. At station 1, the recruits performed military pushups. Station 2, military situps, station 3, lateral raise with Mock Rifle, then the cream of the day at station 4- BATTLING THE ROPES... Station 5, we did the squat with Mock Rifle on the back. Station 6, GRUNTS (I hate them). Station 7, lunges with mock rifle at chest level and the last station........ 4 sets of sprint and drop and sprint back to the first station. We changed station every 30 seconds and was given a 30 seconds water break after each complete cycle.

SomeONE dropped the equipment 3 times (I swear it was not me) and we got 30 Grunts!!! After 3 complete cycle, we stopped for the next circuit............. the killer Cardio Cadence!!!!

The first Killer Cardio Cadence was the Star Jump... Sarge Dann led the Star jump by counting 1, 2 and 3 for each movement and we counted out-loud 1 after every 3 movements. After counting up from 1 to 10, we count-down back to 1 to complete one full set of killer cardio.

After the Star Jump, we did the Seal Jump, cross cuntry and MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS on a similar count 1 to 10 and back to 1 after every three movement... eg, Sarge Dann counted outloud One, Two, Three on each movement, and our count began with One.

Whilst doing the 4 sets of Killer Cardio, I overheard someOne saying this is worst then Sarge Simran which I could not agree more...... We escaped the Taliban...... and now stuck with a COMMUNIST!!!

I love Sarge Dann's ending TAGLINE scream......... that says.....

If you had a good SESSIIIIIIIIIION, give me a big hooyaah 
on the count of





Although there were less than 15 old recruits from other platoons, it was amazing how all the NEWBIES motivating screams in support of their team-members... somehow, this motivational screams seemed natural.

Some of us gathered together after the session...... though it was mellowed down, but it was still tiring. In fact, we burned more than the targetted calories burn. Not bad for the first day.

Bringing the trait from KL Alpha camwhores........ after the session, there were lots of camwhoring.

Rose checking the attendance... 43 recruits but its not the number that matters the most.

What is more important, we achieved our ultimate objective..... to burn fat, have fun and stay fit and healthy!!!

Whilst the Admins were busy with paper work........ The instructors were busy packing. Me... I was busy taking photos...

Having burnt a few hundred calories...... as always, we spend it again on NASI LEMAK!!!!

At this restaurant called BINJAI that wsa located less than 3 minutes drive away from our training field. Somehow, this will be our LAYPARKING aka LEPAQ'ING spot.

The first page of a new Chapter ended well....... Meeting new people, making new friends and training with a whole new high-spirited group was the first orgasm reached after 8 months. A change in venue, change in training partner and a change in atmosphere was indescribable.

It was a good session having plateau in performances. Now.... Counting down for the next session.. with a Communist?? Oh god.....

Stay tune........

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  1. Dear Armin,

    Long time no see. How are you? No more posting on KLA?? OBC-BU look great and so lively.

    Still Anonymous

  2. Dear Anon,

    Cant be writing about KLA withut being there... :-)

    thank you BU will be better with more anons...

  3. Congrats to the great first session at BUA!!!
    Many sorries couldn't come to sibuk-sibuk...

    Hooyah! =)

  4. Angela YTF...
    thank you thank you...... it was a great day. Thank you for the wishes.. :-)

  5. Alaaaaaaaa... I would've come if I was in town! Stuck in the Lion City for the week! Iskh~!!!


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