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No AWOL!! KLA legacy is back!!! Once, the max AWOL @ KLA was only 2 and mostly without any AWOLs...  but the last session it went up to as many as 10 AWOL. We all missed the Grunts, Squat pulses the run around the park etc... and no extra and additional calories burn today.

Without any punishments, the workout today was a kick @ss, all the energy was centred and focussed in forms and techniques. One sure thing @ the bootcamp, circuits were never repeated and today's workout was... the best!! always!!!!

We had the DENSITY TRAINING which was combi remix of abs, legs, shoulder, core muscles and cardio in 3 well-prepared circuit. The OBJECTIVE was to complete as MANY ROUNDS OF SUPERSETS WITHIN THE GIVEN TIME of 10 minutes for Delta, 9 Minutes for Seals and 8 minutes for the Ranger. The SUPERSET comprised of 2 exercise each for three circuits with each exercise bearing a 10 repetition for Delta, 9 repetition for Seals and 8 Repetition for the Ranger.

The three circuit prepared was led by the platoon commander, SARGE Sim whom took the abs circuit & Cardio sprint, Corporal Hafiz Omar the legs and LC Elin the shoulder.

The Seals started with Corp Hafiz Omar with the legs circuit. The legs circuit with sandbag comprised of (1) sandbag-squat and (2) sandbag-squat-press. The Seals did both workout for 10 repetition before running to LC Elin Klemetsen Fossum for the mock rifle workout.

LC Elin had us performed (1) the pushup on mock rilfe and (2) rifle squat. Rifle squat was performed with both arm stretched infront at shoulder level and deep squat.  After a similar 10 repetition for both workout, we ran for Sarge Sim's abs workout.

The two exercise prepared b Sarge Sim was the Monk Crunches & jack knife. After the same repetition, we sprinted 30 meter and repeated the whole cycle again  for a total of 9 minutes with Corporal Hafiz Omar & LC Elin Klemetsen Fossum. The Delta repeated for a total 10 minutes and the Ranger in 8 minutes. The we had a 60-Second water break. Everybody was screaming and shouting everybody's name to support and cheer each other. The spirit and the energy from everybody was felt. 

After the break, the whole workout was changed.

Et Ceteris paribus, Sarge Sim's workout was changed to the (1) Leg-pullback and (2) scissor abs. Corporal Hafiz Omar, the (1) Sandbag swing and (2) Sandbag Front raise while with Corporal Elin, we did (1) the Rifle-Bicep-Curl and (2) Shoulder press for a similar repetitions, and timing.

We had another 1 minute water break and the next round of exercises are as follows:

Sarge Sim, (1) Touches De Side Shoe crunch (i dont know what its called), Penguin Crunches (got it!! Thanks Wai-yee) Sarge Sim joked (he can be funny at times) about the Penguin crunches and perfected demonstrate it... Wai-yee wished, she had a camera to capture the Sarge ala Penguin... and (2) Military Situp. Corporal Hafiz Omar (1) Sandbag lunges; and (2) Sandbag shoulder press. LC Elin, (1) Leg 9 degree while lying down, with arm stretch straight- push the rilfe (contracting the abs) towards the shoe; (2).Rilfe front-push; performed with the mock rilfe at shoulder level, stretch the rifle away from the chest and bring it back.

We were all knacked and was given another 1 minute break before ending the session with the pushup cadence and the Cross country. I luuurve both the  PUSHUP CADENCE and the CROSS COUNTRY although the chest was burning and the heart was screaming alongside the real outloud scream from every recruit counting the repetition One.. Two... Three... etc etc.....

We had a blast... the best workout ever!!! Without the AWOL punishments, I only burn a total 610 calories. Now counting down for Friday session..... Stay tune.


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