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"In conjunction with PROTON's 25 year anniversary this year, there could be no better time than to introduce the Chairman's Award" Mohd Shukor Ibrahim, Chief Executive Officer Proton Edar Sdn Bhd

14 May 2010, KUALA LUMPUR CONVENTION CENTRE, the Customer Management Centre (CMC), Proton Edar (PESB) organised the first Chairman's Award Night to celebrate PROTON dealers, branches and officers whom had dedicated themselves towards achieving the best Customers Satisfaction.

The Chairman's Award is an award for those that had satisfied a list of 'Satisfactory SOP'. The CMC has called and interviewed most PROTON Customers and points are given based based on feedback from the customers on a fix-questionnaires. The award was presented to the best Sales dealer, the best Service Centre dealer, best Proton Edar sales branch, the best PESB service branch and the best staff at the  PROTON iCare.

An invitation was sent out to the shortlisted dealers, branches and executives without anyone knowing who were the runners up and the Champion. Everybody gathered at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Level 3, Hall 2 at 7pm. I arrived at the function at 7:30pm and was ushered to the VIP holding room which I avoided to mingle with my other fellow dealers. All the VIPs, the Chief Executive Officers, members of Proton Edar management committee (all the General Managers), the Managing Director of Proton Parts Centre, EON Berhad were required to be at the holding room prior to start of the event. However, Mohd Shukor Ibrahim and PROTON socialite preferred to mingle with the dealers and PESB personnel instead; such was the pro-activeness and openness that began from the top management, from the CEO himself.

(Left: Abdul Sidik Hamid, Mohd Shukor Ibrahim, Armin Baniaz Pahamin, Aswan

We became the usherers instead and ushered everybody into the Hall, a Japanese sort of culture.. the Bosses close rank to celebrate those deservings.

After all guests were seated, we took our seat as the Masters of Ceremony announced the arrival of the VVIPs.

The Masters of Ceremony welcomed all guests and invited the recital of Doa.

Mohd Shukor Ibrahim was then called for his opening address. There were many important messages addressed by the Chief Executive Officer. The most important being PROTON's commitment for Proton Buyer's satisfaction via the adopted 5335 target. PROTON'S NETWORK must all stand united to achieve the target to be in TOP 5 in JD POWER ASSESSMENT, TOP 3 in Customer Satisfaction Index and TOP 3 in Service Satisfaction Index within 5 YEARS hence 5335.
(Mohd Shukor Ibrahim, Proton Edar Chief Executive Officer)

It has been a year since Proton embarked in this program and it is timely for Proton to award those in the network that had dedicated and commit themselves in ensuring the best service and experience for PROTON Buyer. Proton Edar is grateful to the Chairman that had agree to lend his designation and name the award as the Chairman's Award. 

In his speech, Mohd Shukor Ibrahim expressed his regret to discover many Proton cars left at the workshop for days waiting for warranty parts. Shukor requested Tuan Haji Ralei, the Managing Director of Proton Parts Centre, a joint venture company between Proton, EON BERHAD, DRB-HICOM, to ensure warranty and all parts are available for the network. People DO NOT buy PROTON CARS to be left at the WORKSHOP, said Shukor Ibrahim. 

Shukor Ibrahim then detailed out the importance of Kaizen which is being instilled in the whole network from PROTON factory, to the distributors and now the sales and service network.

Mohd Shukor Ibrahim ended his speech with a deep heartfelt thank you to the network for championing the cause and vision of PROTON.

After the speech, there was a food-presentation by KL Convention Centre and we ate... while being entertained by some veterans.. some called it ayam pencen.

There were so much food on the menu that began with an appetizer.. the Mahligai Platter.... (see pic right)

The Pigeon Soup....  served in a big bowl. Both the appetizer and the Soup were very tasty.

and before the main meal arrived, we left for fried-cigarette.... I mean smoking. 

I left with Kamsani Ahmad, the last few smokers at PESB... While walking to the other end of the hall to the smoking area, I discovered Kamsani's hobby in PHOTOGRAPHY.......... Photography as a hobby became the In-Thing nowadays, I am surrounded by Cameras. Not that I mind.....

The Smoking area had a fabulous view of the KL Twin Towers. The KL Tower was fantastic. I almost forgotten how beautiful that wonders of Malaysia.

Needless to say, we spend quite a bit, camwhoring...

Kamsani Ahmad had only re-adopted the new hobby  when he bought the NIKKON... err cant remember which model.  The camera was on sale for RM3,999 and his hobby was to shoot buildings with good architecture.

And so he said as he snapped endlessly my pictures...

Actually, I'd prefer a normal cheap camera rather than those boutique expensive camera.. the more high-tech the camera is, the CLEARER THE WRINKLE!!!

After an equivalent time of smoking 3 cigarettes, we left back to the event and was surprised to see DATO SYED ZAINAL ABIDIN, PROTON Managing Director.

I quickly approached and apologized. Dato Syed Zainal was once a heavier smoker than me but in his return from his first Haj (the same time with me), he completely stopped.

I wanted to stopped too, but since Dato Syed quit smoking, someone must take care of PROTON's smoking buyer.. and it has to be me (smart partnership?)

Although we regularly communicate on handphone, but we seldom met and there were so much to talk and share. Mohd Shukor Ibrahim gave his seat and invited me to seat together.. I am grateful.

Dato Syed Zainal expressed his regret for not being able to attend earlier. He had to attend the Thomas Cup finals as Proton was the main sponsor.

It is very inspiring to be amongst the MOST PASSIONATE PEOPLE. I am fortunate to always be surrounded by people of various passion. I was with YABhg Tun Dr Mahathir a few days ago, with the health & fitness passion, Original Bootcamp friends three times a week and today with Dato Syed Zainal. Dato Syed Zainal's passion in Proton was immeasurable.

The MC interrupted my conversation with Dato Syed Zainal for a few words of wisdom form the main driver of PROTON.

Dato Syed Zainal main message for the night was PROTON HAS NO OTHER DIRECTION BUT TO BE THE NO 1.

With the customer's satisfaction as the main AGENDA, quality and a new line-up of new models as well as a united network, PROTON's target to be the no 1 is the only way forward.

After Dato Syed Zainal's inspiring address, the Masters of Ceremony then invite all the VVIPs individually on-stage to present the award... ala Grammy Award.

Members of the management committee was asked to announced the winners.

Proton Edar General Manager, Abdul Sidik Hamid presenting the Award....

Armin Baniaz Pahamin, President for Proton Edar Dealers Association Malaysia Presenting the Award

The Managing Director, Proton Parst Centre presenting the Award

Kamsani Ahmad, Proton Edar General Malanger presenting the Award

Yang Berusaha, Mohamad Shukor Ibrahim, Proton Edar Chief Executive officer presenting the Award

Dato Syed Zainal Abidin & Mohd Shukor Ibrahim was then called on stage for the winner to present the prestige CHAIRMAN'S AWARD.......

 The CHAIRMAN TROPHY was brought into the hall, escorted by two bodyguards in white glove ala Micheal Jackson and ala Grammy Award....

and the Winner for the Chairman's Award was announced and the crowded went hysterical..

The winners were:

After the orgasmic award presentation, the event ended, Dato Syed Zainal left the hall and other guests hang around to camwhore... 


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