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17 May 2010. Its the last week of my Eight Month training at the Original Bootcamp KL Alpha. This will also be my last month at KL Alpha. After 8 good months of consistent training, it feels so hard to leave my fellow KL Alpha comrades especially after all the sweats, screaming and struggles.... we saw how everyone had improved.

We saw how Vivien Luyen Ow rise from her own demotion to Seal back to Delta and now leaving to GREECE to participate in a full marathon... 'international marathonas' representing MALAYSIA!!  The quiet Ima Mohamed on her first month became the most talk-in-pain recruit. Shobha Bala from an FFK princess to anti-FFK cum ACER and now back to her FFK-Queen. The most SSJ comedian Chun Chia kai whom lost 8kg at the bootcamp and now a serious Red-Tshirt instructor. Aisan Lim from a Seal to a Delta and broke her running-virgin into now a running-addict. Wai-yee Chan a quiet Seal Pilates instructor and now one of the strongest Delta. Lizza Abdul Rahim whom could not finished her benchmark and now a stronger Ranger. The shy BFF Kenix Lim & Leesa Tan whom always shy away and now an fitness-idol to many ladies. Super Delta Tomi Soetjipto whom quietly ACE his present at Bootcamp and the most 'picked' at by Shobha Bala. Natassya Lee whom improved her circuit benchmark timing by more than 5 minutes since her first assessment. One minute improvement was great.. FIVE minutes is excellent!! but now she went back AWOL for a mont!! Rienna Choo & Amy Ho whom had improved their stamina and were confident enough to participate in running events!! Suloshini Jahanath speaks more on facebook but was very quiet on the field unless provoked!! The determination of Eva Wong whom after 4 months, manage to complete her benchmark timing on time!! That is a huge achievement. John Chuah whom almost freak out on his first day but now insist on a super-abs after every session!! There are Wong Siew Peng, Yushiza Yusof, Bruce, Yin Biing Wen, Jessie, Suzy, Elona, Miki Ming Chee Ong, Azima Pandian, Syuhada Adnan, Syazana Amran, Arnaud Marolleau, Ee-Lyn Tan, Layar Lara, Farrah Vivien Raguet, Kay Hassan, Masita, Lilian Lim, Racheal Orleans, Nikki Harris, Roopi Rampal @ Saroop, Rozaida Affendi, Shaliza Suhaimi, Suriana Saiful, Syed Mahadzir Syed Manshor, Tricia Especkerman,  There are so much to speak and so much to write about so many inspiring and passionate people at KLA and one day......... I will blog just that!!! MY PASSIONATE AND INSPIRING FRIENDS.

The mood this morning was quite sombre. The field was flooded from last night storm and everybody seemed to be with themselves. Okaay.. the picture on the right is abit exaggerating but thats how it felt when we had to lie down on a muddy field.

There were only 7 Rangers and the rest were all absent including John Chuah (quite frequent nowadays ha). Others that were absent include Rose Emini Pahamin, Nyna Mohsen and Suloshini Jahanath from Seals, Nawal Aini Zulkifli and Vivien Luyen Ow from Delta. Many were probably injured from the New Balance 15km race yesterday.

Sarge Sim, Corporal Hafiz Omar, Corporal Elin Klemetsen Fossum were todays instructors. After our routine warm up, we went to the flooded field and formed 3 ranks with Delta, Seal and Rangers in each rank. On the count of 3... everybody had to do 40 grunts for those AWOLS. Standing beside Dr Malek Aziz, I did the full 40 grunts. What a way to start the week.

Then the Platoon was divided into their respective ranks, the Seal with Corporal Hafiz Omar, the Rangers with Corporal Elin Klemetsum Fossum and Deltas stayed with Sarge Sim. The Rangers took a bag-pack each, the Seals had Sandra Baglock (Sandbag) and the Deltas.. of course had the best toy.. stinking black huge lorry tyres!!

We ran up to jalan parliament whilst bear-hugging Sandra and proceed half way to Bank Negara before 'bouncing back' 20 metres and and ran again on the same route but this time, while lifting Sandra with both arm stretch straight up above the head. Running while bear-hugging or lifting Sandra was strenuous. After bouncing back for 4 laps, Corporal Hafiz Omar commanded STEADY... which means stopped!He then instructed us to form a straight line, side by side (aka Rank formation) with one arm distance, we performed 4 sets of 20 seconds squat while bear hugging Sandra and another 4 sets of 20 seconds of squat while lifting Sandra up with both arm stretch straight.

Without any break, we continued the run uphill towards the national monument (tugu negara). Although Sandy added the level of difficulty, it was a good run until the ran downhill on an uneven tarmac road, I sprained my ankle with a loud snapped. I could not walked and was limping. I felt a sharp pain above my feet and slowly walk back.

Err.. okay abit dramatic but thats not my leg.. I took that picture while googling for a sprained ankle picture. My feet does not look that bad but the pain is excruciating!!!!

Fortunately, the accident was towards the end of the session and I had burn at least 500 calories... unfortunately, I did not wear my polar. I came home and did the RICE... Rest, Ice, Compress and Elevate.... dip my leg in a basket-full of ICE... the pain disappeared almost instantly, replaced by a painful frozen cold and numb leg. I could only kept my leg for 5 minutes in the ice...... although Daniel recommended dipping in and out for 30 minutes!!

I immediately went for physiotherapy.. Cant afford to missed any session at KL Alpha especially since its my last week with KLA and next week is the Original Bootcamp @ Bandar Utama FREE TRIAL WEEK... Although I will missed friends at KLA, I look forward to make new friends at Bandar Utama!!!



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  1. hi Armin

    i've some experience with sprained ankles.
    if determined not to be broken, have a trained person to carefully and swiftly re-align the injured ankle but using a traction method.

    doing this within 10-15mins before the major muscle spasm sets in would be best. Once muscle spasm sets in, the only thing you can do is a steroid shot that will relax the muscle.


  2. can't believe you're leaving us! you and the whole gang!

  3. Sorry.. Just saw all the comments..

    BU is nearer to me... :-)

    Stanley Tai
    OMG steriod shot stanley? Sounds scary.. my ankle is ok now. I didnt think its broken or fracture..
    Since then, I sprained again twice!! grrr... now, it is not as painful.. meaning i can still workout. HOOYAAH!

    Dont say that.. we are going to a place that is nearer to us... :-)


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