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7 May 2010, University Malaya. Its been a week since we received the approval for the Original Bootcamp franchise in Bandar Utama. To ensure Original Bootcamp @ Bandar Utama key personnel and team qualifies in stamina and fitness to be an instructor, we brought the whole team (including the admins) to the Department of Exercise Physiology, Sports Centre, University Malaya.

We arrived at the Physiology Lab after the Friday Bootcamp session.

Upon entering the lab, we were amazed at the computers and equipments the lab was equipped. Although we were excited with the assessment but we were also nervous. Except for the Original Bootcamp-Bandar Utama Sarge Daing Daniel Fitri, non of us was ever assessed by computers in a real sports laboratory.

When we arrived, we were asked to fill up an assessment form. Then our weight and height were measured by the measurer (its a self-created word- dont bother searching in dictionary- it means someone that measure)

Once the height and weight measurement was taken, the procedure for the Lactate transition and V02 test began. To measure the oxygen level while running, we had to wear a masked... ala Chemical war.

After wearing the mask, we had to run on 5 different levels of speed and gradients as follows:

Level 1: Speed 2.5, Gradient 10 (3 minutes)
Level 2: Speed 3.2, Gradient 12 (3 minutes)
Level 3: Speed 4.8, Gradient 14 (3 minutes)
Level 4: Speed 6.0, Gradient 16 (3 minutes)
Level 5: Speed 6.0, Gradient 18 (3 minutes)

The total time was only for 15 minutes. While we individually run, the computer measured the resting heart rate, oxygen, Body mass Index, LT Velocity, IAT Velocity, Max Heart Rate, the Lactate VO2 max and blood lactate response to exercise.

 "Aiiiaya Sap Sap Soi one lar", said Original Bootcamp-Bandar Utama Corporal Chun Chia Kai.... and he was the first to run. The mask used at the lab was not as sophisticated as the army mask. Sarge Dann had to tie the mask on Chun's head and cover it with selotape so that the air does not escape (also known as a 'Tie-yer').

When Chun is done, the multi-purpose Sarge Dann from a taekwando instructor, bootcamp sarge, 'measurer', 'Tie-yer' and now a 'cleanser', Dann cleanse and ensure the equipments are clean for the next person to use.

Then the next person was Dr Malek Aziz. A delta for many months at the Original Bootcamp, Dr Malek Aziz went under Sarge Dann's skill in masking face.

After Dr Malek Aziz, Lans Corporal Farhanah Bamadhaj took the assessment. She looked like an Iraqi women at war.

Then Lans Corporal Nawal Aini Zulkili whom fantasize wearing the mask akin of going diving. Chun was so kiasu in fear of Nawal beating his time. Chun was restless...... hoping that Nawal did not break his best....

I went after Nawal Aini Zukifli!! I sat and Sarge Dann fix the mask. Even before the mask was ready, breathing with the mask was already difficult.

In short, it was the most difficult run.... running with the mask was ridiculously difficult!! I thought i was going to die.. okay lar abit drama-king but seriously......... I was choking for air!!! but I did not want to scare baby sister Rosey mosey.....

But too late...... Rose Emini Pahamin was already freaking out!!! this feels like in those days when we are about to enter the examination hall!!!, Emi said.

This one won the Drama-queen award!!!

Rose Emini wasted thousands of ringgit going diving with Malek Aziz and Suriana Saiful learning to dive when she too (like me) freak out suffocated and choked while breathing and running with the MASK.

All of us passed the 80% maximum heart rate threshold and for the computer to measure and calculate the resting heart rate, oxygen, Body mass Index, LT Velocity, IAT Velocity, Max Heart Rate, the Lactate VO2 max and blood lactate response to exercise.

We had to wait for 1 weeks before the full detail reports are available. 1 week later............. Jeng jeng jeng.... a detailed 15 page reports were delivered to us!!!

Every detail in the report is very important to ensure all the trainers at the Original Bootcamp- Bandar Utama are physically qualified. All the information is a classified information but the most important part is Table 4 above which illustrate the Age related V02 max scores for the "Normal" male/female Population. Each of our scores are compare to the normal population and categorized as Ver Poor, Poor, Fair, Good, Excellent, Superior.


We are one STEP AHEAD towards the launching of our ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP- BANDAR UTAMA!!


After a whole day affair at the Sports Lab, we left for kari Kepala Ikan...


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