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The first session of every month at the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP is always the BENCHMARK ASSESSMENT. This BENCHMARK ASSESSMENT is important for the instructor to gauge the recruits physical ability in strength, muscular endurance, stamina, agility and speed. With the Benchmark Assessment too, the instructors will also have a better insight in the recruits ability to go beyond the physical fatigue.

This is important for the instructors to categories the recruits unto their respective rank, eg, Delta, Seals and Rangers according to their benchmark timing. The benchmark timing is not the only factor used in categorising recruits but the characteristics of competitiveness or KIASU-ness of the recruits too will determine their category. Recrutis whom are less Kiasu.. requires more team-work effort and motivation. These factors are important to ensure the gains of every recruits are at the optimal.

There are 2 parts of the Benchmark assessment.

1) THE CIRCUIT TIMING: There are FOUR EXERCISES involved in the Benchmark Assessment.

i) Running 2 laps of 200 meter track.
ii) Pushups (10 repetition on toes & 15 on knees)
iii) Grunts (10 repetitions)
iv) Situps (15 repetition without assistance, 20 rep with feet assisted)

There will be no resting inbetween workout and once the 3 sets of the circuit above is completed, the timing will recorded.

2) 1 MILE RUN (or 1.6km)

Recruits are required to run 8 laps of 200 meter track for the 1 mile run.

BENCHMARK ASSESSMENT is important and should not be missed. Recruits whom are not continuing their session in the following months must still perform the Benchmark Assessment upon completing their 12 session. This will show their level of fitness improvement.

Please approach Sarge Dann if you, for some reason had missed your Benchmark Assessment. Without the Benchmark assessment recorded, the instructors would not be able to 'prescribed' to you the necessary level of workout.


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