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30 June 2010. The first session of every month is always the Benchmark Assessment. The second session is always the ranking of recruits into their respective fitness level which are the Delta, Seals and Ranger. The benchmark timing is not the only factor that influenced the ranking of recruits. The forms & techniques, medical & health condition as well as their competitiveness and aptitude too, determines the recruit's ranking. Although all the recruits have already been given their respective rank, Sarge Dann, or the lead instructor will raised the recruits a level up or down based on his observation on the recruits fitness level during training. So be wary, you may be demoted or promoted a level up.

The Deltas are the cream and the fittest in the platoon. We should be aspired to grow-up (in a few months) and be like them. The rangers are the best spirited people.. I always look at Ranger Lizza Abdul Rahim for inspiratoin. Her determination during every workout... no matter how hard or strenuous the workout is, she will always smile and pushed herself without ever 'stalling... cheating'... unlike somebody.

The best improved timing for the first Circuit assessment was Nurfuadi Ruzalli . Nurfuadi Ruzalli improved her timing for the first circuit by 1:17 minutes. The best improved timing for the 1 Mile run was Yam Chan Meng. Yam Chan Meng improved her 1 mile run timing by 2:56 minutes. Well Done and congratulation.

With that ranking.... we had a kick @ss muscle twitching workout that worked the shoulder, stomach, legs and 'vocal cords'.... These three important muscle group are important to make our posture and appearance..... sexier? The vocal chords were exercised with lots of encouragement & motivating voices being heard. With the advancement of technology, we seldom use our voice any longer.. most conversation or communication are done via facebook, emails, yahoo, msn, google and especially Blackberry Chat. Sometimes, even at home.. in the same bed, someone still uses the BB chat to say Hi... Eeek..

We had the superduper modified workout to introduce recruits to the various exercise forms and technique... with the Delta doing 30 seconds, Seals 20 Seconds and Rangers 10 seconds workout with only 10 seconds rest inbetween for 8 continuous sets. The first session was made 'easy' for the rangers.. there were many new recruits to exercising. It was very inspiring to see more and more new people taking the first step towards better health and it was heart-felt to see their determination in performing and completing the workout. This had re-energized the seniors (like me?).. whom after awhile, had professionally acquired the skill to cheat but was professionally picked by the Reds whom then, did the workout with them by their side... Ahaks. In other words, no one can 'tapau' their workout and 'GRUNTS-punishment' at home...  all workout and grunt must be finished and completed within the 1 hour session (hinting to somebody).

With only 10 seconds rest inbetween... the muscle did not just twitched but was happily smiling though struggling to swim pass through the levels of fat. Soon enough it will be the end of the fat-monsoon.


OBC-BU will be providing free fat-measurement from Fat Calipper at every Benchmark Assessment. It is time we gauge our improvement from fat loss too...... The fat callipper is not the most accurate but at least it should give us some idea....  Stay tune....

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