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Together with Proton Edar Dealers Association Malaysia (PEDA) Vice-President Lee Lick Sai and exco Fathul Rahman, PEDA paid an official and friendly visit the BSN Bank. It is a regular meeting to keep ourselves updated with the on-goings in the market but part of our primary agenda was for a better financing package to both our members and for Proton buyers.

Our meeting was attended to by two of the three deputy Chief Executives, the senior Vice-President and the Head (See: BSN organisation chart) namely, BSN Deputy Chief Executive Office for Credit Management & Business Support Winston E. Jeyaprakash, Deputy Chief Executive for Consumer banking & Business Development Yunos Abd Ghani, Senior Vice President Akhsan Zaini and Head of Credit Management Department Abdullah Aziz Buyong.

BSN is slowly embarking into the Hire-purchase loan for Proton vehicles. Winston E. Jeyaprakash was previously the Chief Executive Officer for Proton Commerce and Abdullah Aziz Buyong was formerly Proton Commerce General Manager. The detail of the meeting is only available for PEDA members via member's only website

We are pleased with the new packages soon to be launched for Proton buyers. When the meeting was concluded, we went for lunch at the Maya Hotel but of all the days, we forgot to take pictures during the meeting but we managed to pose with Akhsan Zaini and Abdullah Aziz Buyong.

Stay tune for BSN financing packages......

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