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I rushed through the early bad morning traffic and took the NKVE highway to Putrajaya to attend the Ministry of Finance 2011, Budget Consultative Council meeting when suddenly my driver prompted the car in smoke!!!!

I look back through the rear screen and saw a thick smoke and immediately asked my driver to stop the car... Who knows, the car may be blown to pieces and I wont be around for the first ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP graduation party tomorrow night.

The council meeting to be chaired by YAB Prime Minister is scheduled to start at 9am and the time then was 8:35am.

We stopped the car by the road side and saw a thick red-oil flowing under the car.... Gearbox problem, my driver claimed. Less than 3 years old MERCEDES  bought new from NZ Wheel have successfully gathered a long list of problems... but that is a story for another occasion.

I quickly called 1800 88 2323 and spoke to Eugene from ALLIANZ AUTO ASSIST having insured my car with ALLIANZ INSURANCE and was promised a tow-truck to ferry my car to the workshop of my choice.. Of course, I'll have it towed to Fasfik.

In the middle of nowhere, with endless lorries passes by, I called someone to the rescue.....

In less than 20minutes, I was rescued by a KNIGHT-TRESS (meaning lady knight) in shining white Sorento!!! Which was a privilege ...

Eugene was very polite and very helpful!!! Excellent SERVICE by ALLIANZ INSURANCE & their BREAKDOWN AUTO SERVICE TEAM.. if you need to renew your car insurance, renew from ALLIANZ by calling 0122030139.

Now at 7pm....... its time to go home and countdown for tomorrow's ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP session at 5am!!

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Stay Tuned~


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