30 July 2010.  I arrived this morning and had a shocked to see a women in BLACK-dress standing by the field at 5:30am.... The dress was so long that I could not even see the leg.. its like a women floating in darkness. A closer look....... It was Farhanah Bamadhaj.. our admin, in long black jubah. She is on MC and came without the grey or blue tshirt.. (10 Grunts)

3rd session today focussed on major muscle group with the three main circuit namely (1) Upper Body Race Circuit (2) Lower body Race Circuit and (3) Core Race Circuit. The three circuits targeted the Deltoids (shoulder), trapezius, sternocleidomastoid, back muscle, gluteus, rectus abdominis (abs), Pectoralis Major & minor (chest), rectus femoris, sartorius, Gluteus maximus and adductor magnus.... these were the muscle that was smiling with today's session.

Corporal Sandy was the platoon commander being observed & assisted by Sarge Dann under our mentoring the instructor program. LC Nawal was the platoon commander observed and assisted by Sarge Dann for BU-Bravo.

Both Alpha & Bravo had 10 Grunts each for one-late comer. Corporal Jasper Chai came in grey and arrived late during Alpha and HARLEY DAVIDSON BIKER Raja Affendi came fashionably Vrooooming late but managed to shout HOOYAH when his name was called. No it is not acceptable for an instructor to arrived late... rest assure Jasper Chai will do more than the 10 Grunts during the instructors training.

The platoon was divided into 5 recruits per team. My team comprised of Corporal Chun Chia Kai whom was in grey tshirt today as recruit, Shearling Toh, Michelle and Bahariah Bahadom

The first workout was the Sandbag Overhead Press with the overweight RED SANDBAG for Delta and White sandbag for Seal and Ranger... the Delta must performed 20 repetitions each at all workout, Seal 16 repetitions and the Rangers 12 reps. It is a team effort. Each team has a combination mix of Ranger, Seal and delta but all the timing movement must be synchronized. The shoulder press worked the deltoids for a cut shoulder to enable the ladies to wear spaghetti string and the guys to wear tight fit tshirt.. especially the white with denim for our Graduation night next week.

After the Sandbag Overhead press, we did the 'Sandbag Upright-Row'. This worked out the trapezius and the sternocleidomastoid for that neck-vampire-loved-to-suck.

Deep-Push-up on Mock Rifle was the next workout. Doing the push-up on mock rifle trimmed better the chest that borders the arm pit and deltoid as well as the pectoralis major (central to upper chest) & pectoralis minor (below the central chest). A conventional push-up will worked extra the tricep with slightly less focus on the chest. This is good for the pushup feel err for ladies and for men... a nice trimmed ape-man chest.

Then we had the Sandbag Bent-over Row for the upper back pushup and bicep as supporting muscle before the Standing Chest-press with sandbag is a good workout for the upper pectoralis major, anterior head and middle head Deltoid. It does also ignite the trapezius.

The Sixth station was the Reverse bear walk that strengthened the arm and core muscle. One day, if we walk more with our arm, the arm can be as strong as the leg.. but maybe will have problem finding new balance shoe to use on the hand?


The Lower Body Race Circuit as the name implies... means LEGS!!! and dont we all love sexy trimmed legs. When legs are mentioned.. it is also about lungs and heart-Quake to to me!! totally breathless.

The Lower Body Race..

It was a good start with the Sandbag Deep Squat. Every muscle group in the Legs was felt but the lung and heart beat was more prominent.

After doing the same repetitions with 20 rep for Delta, 15 rep for Seal and 12 rep for Rangers, it gets tougher with the Sandbag Stutter squat. I mean tougher for the lungs and heart!!  While doing it, my left ear starts ringing probably due to the heavy heart beat... This is the second time it happened..

Needless to say the next workout, Reverse Lunges with standing rifle was an arse-burning, lung-out-of-the-mouth workout. This workout and the workout after, the Alternating Courtsey worked the Gluteus maximus, Gluteus medius,  Quadricep and hamstring. These two workout alone should trim the butt for a sexier sportier rear.

With a burning legs, we race forward for the Sandbag Jump Squat. The jumping squat worked the  soleus and gastrocnemius (calves) muscles as well as then gluteus maximus and the hamstring.

Having exhausted all the leg muscle group, with HIGH KNEES (up to waist level) we ran to the end cone and back to repeat the first station.

CORE RACE CIRCUIT or the last circuit for the day was my favourite!!!

We started with the Sandbag Crunches to wake-up the 6-pack muscle that was shy-ing away behind those thin layer of fat. Then the Monk Crunches ignited the abdominal muscle and on the third ABS workout which was the Toe-tap with rifle, the 6-pack was really stretched and almost jumped out when we did the Inverted- T.

The last workout was the  Jack Knives, doing each of the abs workout for a repetition of 20 for Delta, 16 for Seal and 12 for Rangers was a good shocked to the abs..

With a washboard abs muscle feel (not look), we did the Monkey jump all the way to the end-cone and sprint back to station 1 and repeated the whole cycle again.

John Chuah recorded 648 calories burn.... Me..? I forgot to start the polar watch again ceh!! The session ended with an excellent workout in preparation for Mt Kinabalu climb this weekend.

John Ong and Pooi Ching from BU-Bravo dropped the equipments while training and the whole bravo platoon had an added-workout with GRUNTS.... I think they purposely dropped the equipment to burn extra calories. The Bravos even help out Sarge Dann with transporting the equipment into our vehicles after the session. The spirit of camaraderie was exemplary. Two thumbs up and a big HOOYAH to the Bravos.... Emm.. actually, the ALPHA are crazy to help out clearing and keeping the equipment, but we were considerate to the Bravo whom will then have no equipments to workout (stick tongue out).

Sarge Dann had us hugged her... lift her.. carry her.. had her between the legs... luckily Sarge Dann did not ask us to kiss the sandbag!!! Have a good weekend


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