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18 July 2010, Ipoh. Which hotel did we book again? I asked Nawal Aini Zulkifli as we searched the GPS to find our way to the Hotel in Ipoh. It was almost 9pm and we drove in heavy rain from KL to Ipoh. Its the Ritz Carlton, said Rose Emini Pahamin via the Blackberry Chat. Rose Emini Pahamin, Ilyanna Aylin Ayob, Bahariah Bahadom, Suriana Saiful, Nyna Mohsen hadarrived earlier in the morning.

To cut the story short, we were rescued by Aunty Umi, Mum's best friend whom is an Ipoh'ian. We reached the hotel and saw a big signboard that reads... "Ritz Kowloon". No, we didnt stay there but the next block the Ritz Garden.

Bahariah Bahadom booked our hotel rooms via the internet bearing the distance to the Stadium where we will be running but without any knowledge of the hotel except for the pictures posted on the internet that look pretty awesome. To cut the story short again... the soonest we enter the hotel and into our room, Nawal Aini Zulkifli said... this hotel smells Sex but the hotel, lobby and the rooms were clean, tidy, neat and nice.

To cut the story short again, we went to a Thai restaurant for 'Carbo loading' (yes, again.. our fourth load for the day) and return to the hotel at 10:30pm to see many voluptuous ladies and ladyboys on sale..? I asked Nawal Aini Zulkifli if we should take one to the room and share but Oouch... I had my ear pulled instead...  maybe next time i wont share lah... (joking lar!).  For RM125, the hotel was cheap but very clean and tidy. It was just recently renovated.

The next morning, we arrived at Stadium by 6am and followed the huge signboard to register & check-in for the run. For some weird reason, all runners were locked inside the stadium after checking in and were only allowed to leave the Stadium to the Flag-off area 5 minutes before the flag-off. While waiting, we.. errr.. naturally camwhore abit....

Nyna Mohsen, Nawal Aini Zulkifli, Rose Emini Pahamin & Ilyanna Aylin Ayob  

 Rose Emini Pahamin

Ilyanna Aylin Ayob 

Bahariah Bahadom 

Suriana Saiful 

Ilyanna Aylin Ayob, Selly, Nyna Mohsen, Rose Emini Pahamin

Our race was flag-off at 6:45am. There were not as many people. When we first ran the Ipoh International Half Marathon two years ago in 2008, the stadium was packed.

While walking around, we met Faizal Ariff Abdullah whom just arrived from KL and is running his third illegal races (without registering).

The IPOH 21KM HALF MARATHON is an excellent race. The weather, the route, the green trees and especially the water stations. Only IPOH International half marathon that offers only ICE-COLD water at EVERY WATER STATION. Thumbs up to the organiser.

The race too was a good way to discover Ipoh town. A few kilometer after the race started, I ran passed by my friend, Chandra's Proton Edar dealership, CST AUTO.

Chandra would be furious if he knew I was in Ipoh without calling him.. Infact, I am suppose to call Sidik and Shahirah but I did not want to bother their quiet weekend.

I ran slowly listening to the playlist that I had saved in my Blackberry Handphone but the sound quality from the handphone was lousy. If there is anythig to blame for not completing the race within the targeted time, it must be that lousy sound quality from BB phone.

A few meters away... I was disturbed by the smell of Roti Canai as we passed by Restauran Majeedia.. The mamaks were waving at me as I took the picture. I akmost stopped by for a Roti Canai banjir and nescafe tarik.... but Control.. control!!

then a few kilometers away... MC BREAKFAST...!!! Ooooh.. very irresistable... but..... NO.. conrol control.....

A few kilometers further...... Old Town Kopitiam... huh... Roti Bakar & milo dinasour??? This is becoming a very challenging run...

Eeek.. spotted PAPARICH.. maybe four, 3/4 boiled eggs!! and the noodle soup....  or nasi lemak!!! milo dinasour??? huh..... CONTROL!!!

Maybe the Ipoh marathon organiser tried to sabotage my diet by placing the route along all the delicious food centerS.. After I passed the 10km mark... I stopped observing the shops.

and just ran and was lost in thought....

Before I realize, I completed the 21km race in 2hours & 38 minutes... 30 minutes improvement compared to the STANDARD CHARTERED KL International Marathon last 3 weeks. However, it is still far from my best 21km race-time.

After collecting the finisher medal and gulping a few pint of 100+, we cool down with Faizal Ariff Abdullah.

Its been awhile since we had any session with Faizal Ariff Abdullah..

Faizal Airff Abdullah completed his 21km race with a bad blister.

Having resisted the food temptation while running, we went straight to the Kopitiam for half boiled egg, coffee and roti bakar at some Mall recommended by Aunt Umi.

Aunt Umi quietly went to the Cashier... and paid for our breakfast. She also paid for last night dinner at the Thai Restaurant and still insisted on buying us breakfast.

After a big breakfast... we went back to the hotel to shower, pack and check out. I had checked out earlier and when the ladies went for a hair wash. I went for a supposedly 40 minutes reflexology.... but 20 minutes later, everybody had gathered at the lobby. I had to cut-short and only manage to massage One-leg. Now... abit 'senget.

Before checking out.. we went to the Restaurant M Salim for briyani... Also recommended by Aunt Umi.

Okay.. the menu for lunch was abit sinful but having burn more than 1,800 calories during the run...... we ate!

I quietly went to the Cashier and paid for the lunch to avoid Aunt Umi taking the bill again... but Aunt Umi insisted and had the Mamak refunded the RM160.

She paid the bill again for the third time....

On behalf of all my friends, THANK YOU AUNT UMI... for the food and the kind hospitality. She even waited for us at the finishing line earlier..

We left back to KL after a final stop at the Hentian Limau Tambun.

The IPOH HALF MARATHON was one of the best race we had participated this year. Everybody beats their personal best time. Nawal Aini Zulkifli completed the race in 2hour 15 minutes. Rose Emini Pahamin completed her personal best 21km race time in 2 hours 26 minutes, Nyna Mohsen too, completed in 2 hours 26 minutes. Ilyanna Aylin Ayob broke her personal best record when she completed her 21km in 2 hours 19 minutes. Both new runners Bahariah Bahadom & Suriana Saiful completed their 10km race and beat their best time record in 1hr 15 minutes and 1 hour 20 minutes accordingly.

Me..? I completed the 21km in 2 hours 38 minutes.. 30 minutes improvement from the recent 21km Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur International Marathon and 1 minutes later than the Ipoh International half marathon 2008 time-record (see: Ipoh 2008). Although that was not my overall best time but it was the best time since I injured my knee in January this year.

Everybody did well and broke their personal best time from the training they received at the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP @ Bandar Utama.

Dr Malek Aziz, Farhanah Bamadhaj, Sandy Roberts & Chun Chia Kai..... next year, we must all run the IPOH but for now, lets conquer the Penang bridge....

We reached Kuala Lumpur at 4pm. What a food-full weekend.

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  1. Congrats bro...keep it up. Hope your knees get better!

  2. Hey congrats on compelting the HM:)

    The race sound like fun, might do Ipoh run next year. It clash with Siemens run this year..

  3. Hi Rayzeef,

    The Ipoh run was great. That was the second time we ran IIR.

    Yes, we are definitely in for next year. See ya..

  4. Hello,

    Can anyone help about this result held in malaysia:

    Ipoh International Half-Marathon 18/07/10

    1. Lilian Kiprono (Ken) 1:02.47,
    2. Jesse Gichuhi (Ken) 1:03.27,
    3. Onesmus Muindi (Ken) 1:03.28.

    Are there any other results down to 1:04.00?


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