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16 July 2010 Its the second Bring-A-Friend day at the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP @ Bandar Utama. The first Bring-A-Friend Day was instructed by our special guest Chief Brabon, the founder and Managing Director of ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP Worldwide. Today, we had special guests too but not to instruct. Our special guest today was a bunch of HARLEY DAVIDSON bikers led by Raja Affandi, an existing recruit at BU-Bravo.

Just as the warm up started, the bikers arrived fashionably late backed by a thunder-storm noise BROOOM BROOOOM VROOOOM BOM BOM BOM....

Then the platoon was prescribed with a 'fashionable-squat-pulses'.

Before the session began, the ladies were waiting for the 'macho' bikers.... there was a rumour that the HARLEY DAVIDSON bikers were coming to ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP @ Bandar Utama. When there were no sign of them and they saw RJ Rahman... they make do with RJ Rahman.

RJ Rahman has been off-training for the past 4 months. He came in his usual friendly, cheerful mood and his trade mark red bandanna tied on his neck. RJ Rahman screamed as he saw me... "i am BACK!!!" but quickly say he hope the session wont end with a similar tune of "oh my BACK!!!"

As the session began, more Harley Davidson Bikers arrived... Maybe the Harley is good only for display but speed?

BU Bravo almost overtook the number of Alpha recruits with more than 40 pax. The atmosphere was exhilarating...  positive spirit especially with RJ Rahman and the bikers.. The bikers that came was Jay, Sling, Pete, Pauline, Ted Nam, Eugene, Pat, Claire, Kazman, Zaila and Aniza.

Thanks Raja Affandi & Liza for the Harley Davidson group.

Far right, Sarge Dann demonstrating and explaining the circuit.

Ilyanna Aylin Ayob & Syed Mahadzir Syed Manshor.... 

After 4 months, RJ Rahman struggles to perform the Battling Ropes (but off the record, he was actually acting for the camera). 

Some of the bikers performing the Bear Crawl.. 

Corporal Erny performing the Bear Crawl with Azman to motivate him  

Far behind, a team performing the 'Wood Chop' with Sandbag. The wood chop is an important workout to work the Obliques hence, better trim waistline...

Sarge Dann (the red tshirt) checking the form of recruits at another team.

And this lady friend standing up... maybe new to bootcamp stood being 'lost'?

As the Alpha session ended, I saw John Chuah standing alone by himself puzzled.... I approached him thinking he was injured... and ask, "Are you okay bro?".. John Chuah looking very blur replied in a whisper... "bloody hell, how can I only burn 3 calories.. " and pointed at his brand new Polar watch. Needless to say, I just laughed.. and could not stop laughing..... it is impossible to burn 3 calories John Chuah, I said. But John still looking very puzzled, just kept quiet. Sorry to laugh at you John.. but you always crack us up with your spontaneous remark. Maybe you should at least open the manual book.

The session ended with a loudest scream of HOOYAH!!!

Next week is the start of ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP @ Bandar Utama ZULU TRIAL SESSION that began at 6:15PM to 7:15PM on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. For more information see

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  1. Love the sound of the machine, man.
    Welcome Harley's hardcore! Hope to see more of you guys and gals.

  2. Yes..

    We look forward to more Harleys.. They do make an impression at arrival...


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