First it was the recruits at the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP Malaysia that had a new look after completing their 8 WEEK CHALLENGE, then it was the ASIA BIGGEST LOSER whom completely rebranded themselves into a sexier, hotter and slimmer look after months of grueling training and food control. The ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP too had a new face with the new Chief's ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP logo after being in the market for almost 20 years and now....... YESSSIRE.. the PROTON SAGA too was given a new look.. sportier and sexier!!! with a leaner more masculine six inches  spoke sport rims.

The sportier looking Saga was unveiled yesterday by Dato Syed Zainal Abidin Syed Tahir, PROTON Managing Director at the PROTON Centre of Excellence in Shah Alam.

The launching of the New Saga FL was attended by all Banks, Insurance companies and media.

PROTON SAGA was launched in January 2008 and will be 3 years old in two weeks. Todate, there is exactly 204,150 Saga on Malaysia road and another 40,880 booking pending delivery.

Ati, Raj, Michelle, Hajjah Nor
Abdul Sidik Hamid PESB GM & Dato Syed Zainal Abidi
What is new in the new Saga FL is listed below:
Medium Line (ML Variance):
2) Side MIrror with LED signal light
3) CD & MP3 player with USB/AUX input
4) Rear Spoiler
5) Rear Power Window
6) Rear Combi with LED
7) Steering Audio Switches

All that for ONLY RM1,300 different or RM1,000 different for a base line variance (slightly lesser addition).

Saga Difference Saga Facelift
1.3 Standard M/T RM36,998 RM1,000 RM37,998
1.3 Standard A/T RM39,998 RM1,000 RM40,998
1.3 Executive M/T RM39,498 RM1,200 RM40,698
1.3 Executive A/T RM41,998 RM1,300 RM43,298

The function ended with delicious food being served. I met Danial Fernandes, the Chief Editor for Asian Auto whom I befriended at the 3rd Kuala Lumpur International Automotive Conference 2010. While clearing those food, we share some views on the Lotus F1 controversy with Faridah Idris, Zuraimi Abdullah, Senior Journalist from Business Time, Johardy Ibrahim from Utusan Malaysia, Berita Harian, Azli Ayob Specialist Write Economics from Berita Harian and Edy Sharif Starbiz journalist. Its interesting what the media think of most issues but that is not a topic to be discuss here.

Coming to the new year.. everybody had or is having a new 'look'. If you have not had yours... its time to either enroll yourself at the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP or get yourself a new car....  Either way, you know where to find me..... Wink..

To book the new saga.. contact your dedicated sales personnel at HERE.


  1. I love where Proton is going now. I love especially their concept cars. If we started producing those vehicles, it'll surely put Malaysian cars up with the giants like BMW, Merc, and such. I would safely say that the public will be lining up to buy it just to show how proud they are of their country. (means me too!)

  2. Danny,

    The Saga FL was showcased as Kasturi at the motorshow. Those showcased was only the tips of the iceberg bro.. trust me, you have not seen anything yet.. :-)


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