Yes, we hear ya!!! You want to pay via credit card? You got it! There are now 3 ways to make payment. However, please be reminded that this is only the payment process. You will have to register online too on a monthly basis at!register. Online registration is important to ensure your name is admitted at your preferred location and session. That can only be done with once you have completed a simple medical questionnaires.


You can direct bank in or transfer online to CIMB ACCOUNT: 1258-000 261 5059 (Account name: ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP). if you are banking-direct or transfer online, you will need to email me the payment details together with your full name, email add, location and time to me at


First via Facebook!! Yes, you heard it right.. you can pay via facebook. To make a payment via Facebook, click HERE or follow the instructions below:

1) go to
2) then click "My Site" at the left column (see picture below).
3) Then click on "Store" at the menu bar.

You will then be directed to a page where you can select which course that you want to pay for... either (1) MC12- 12 sessions a month or (2) MC8- 8 sessions a month or (3) the 3 month Special.

Click the package that you want to buy.. whether its for the MC12 (Military Corps twelves sessions a month) or MC8 (Military Corps Eight Sessions a month) or the three (3) months special. If you buy the package now before the 17th December, you will get an Early Bird discount and only need to pay RM249 instead of RM299 or RM149 instead of the usual RM199.

Once you click the program that you desire, you will be prompted to type your preferred location and time, please type and complete it (Example: Bandar Utama 0545).

You will then be directed back to the main page. At that page, you can either click Cart at the menu bar or "go to My Cart at bottom page.

You will then be directed to the Checkout page, please check that the details stated is correct. If the detail is correct, click "Checkout at bottom page

You will then be directed to the Paypal checkout. Choose to either (1) pay by Paypal account or (2) credit/debit card if you do not have a paypal account.

Then follow the paypal simple instructions and your payment is done!!


i) go to and click on "Pick & Pay".

ii) Then you will be re-directed to this webpage. Then select by clicking which course that you are interested to buy.

Once you select by clicking on the training program that you desire, this page will appear,

Then you will be directed back to main page, once you are done shopping, click "CHECKOUT".

At the Checkout counter, choose your mode of payment either through the Paypal account or if you do not have a paypal account, you can opt to pay via debit card or credit card.

Simply follow the Paypal simple instructions and you payment is done.


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