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LUSH ICON: Because every individual is an icon in the making...

It all began when two shopoholic sisters had a cup of coffee, tired of general apathetic service and sterile environments of local retail outlets, decided  to take matters into their own hands.... The two sisters did whatever it takes and gave birth to the Lush Icon, an innovative fashion boutique that only display and retail only personally hand-picked couture.

One of the two sisters is non other than our fellow bootcamper at Bandar Utama, Pooi Ching Khiew.

In fact, Pooi Ching Khiew is our pioneer member at the CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP (COBC) MALAYSIA. Recruits at the COBC ranges from Accountants, lawyers, fashion designers and boutique owner to athlete and celebrities. The sweet petite and stylo mother of two is also a good chef and when forty of us from the COBC @ Bandar Utama participated in the recent 8 week challenge, she frequently cook from the Gladiator Diet recipe (for the 8 week challenger) for most recruits in Bravo platoon (Grrr.. I am in Alpha platoon).



The CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP MALAYSIA at BANDAR UTAMA welcomes 10 Sports Science Students from the University Malaya at BU Alpha platoon, to research and understand the mechanics of our 20 years old program. The students whom were in their second year degree course arrived early for the 5:45am alpha platoon session.

After the shortened warming up session by Corporal (OBC) Nawal, Sarge Dann separated the 10 students, Rangers, Seal and Delta and then partnered up the strongest with the weakest to give them the extra boost in mojo.

The partner-based workout named the ROCK & ROLL RELAY.. eh I mean the ROCKING RELAY entails a 4 sets of cardio workout relay with muscle endurance stationary exercise. There were four forms of cardio from a normal sprinting, run & drop-down, to bunny hop for those with knee restrictions and kangaroo jump to bear crawl. I was unfortunate to be training next to two Meks.. Mek Yam and Mek Ling. Mek is a nick commonly used in kelantan that carries a few meaning depending on the usage. Mek when used in Kelantan can means mummy, or Miss but for Mek Chan Meng Yam and Mek Shear Ling Toh, it means noisy... okay i made that up. No such meaning.

Health: And I thought I was fit...

Health: And I thought I was fit...

Do you have what it takes for a bootcamp session? Bootcamp virgin SYIDA LIZTA AMIRUL IHSAN only manages to endure 35 minutes of it. IT was the quiet hours of the morning — when the city was still blanketed in darkness and the only sound you heard was your own breathing.

But a group of early risers and fitness fanatics was already up, about and ready to be tortured, trained and toned.

It’s 5.30am and the lights were still out in the neighbourhood but at the Sports Complex in Bandar Utama 3, laughter and conversation could be heard. On that Monday morning, after a 12km run the day before and a good seven hours of sleep, I was there too, giving Original Bootcamp — a high-intensity, thrice-weekly, military-style, 60-minute training — a go.

In recent years, bootcamp has found a following in the city where public spaces have become battlegrounds for people cramming in massive workouts before they head for work.

The same company holds another session in Subang Jaya and amongst other spots in the city and its suburbs. There were about 30 people that day at the camp. Monday blues, I was told. But to those who had woken up at 4.30am, all geared up for a workout, bootcamp must mean a great deal.


MOHD AZHARI MD SALLEH or more officially known as Corporal (OBC) Tom at the CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP MALAYSIA graduated with a Bachelor in Sports Science (Honors) degree from the University Malaya in 2009 with a high 3 pointer CGPA. Corp (OBC) Tom had also passed the CHIEF's ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP military assessment training Level 1 in June 2010.

Since graduation, Corp (OBC) Tom has worked as a Fitness Instructor in health dynamic program and data survey for WHYFIT Adventure at Petronas Research Sdn Bhd, Corp (OBC) Tom too has worked as a program facilitator at NIKE Level Up for students under 18 in Kuala Lumpur. Corp (OBC) Tom is also a personal trainer at the Fitness First gym.

In 2007, Mohd Azhari Md Salleh was a participants and committee member that was recorded in Malaysian Book of Record for the "Longest Non-Stop Skipping Relay". In the same year, he also represent the University Malaya for Handball Team and competed in inter-university games. He was a winner for the 5th Resident College Handball Team in the University Malaya Sport Scholars.


RUN FOREST RUN.......................
run like hell!!!!! was probably the best caption for today's training. The intensity increases multi-fold as we enter the last week of the OBC monthly training session.

We should have guessed when the warming up session was suddenly extended!!  It was unprecedented to have a longer warming up session but then again, nothing at the Chief's ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP was with precedent.

Recruits were divided into their respective section, namely the Delta, Seal and Rangers.

I was absorbed into Seal with Yam Chan SiuCheh, Shearling Toh, Freda Liu, Rienna Choo, Diyana as well as other seals. I was the only man!!! Eeek... I mean Woww... I mean.. Ewww... I mean............. owh... wait....  there was another guy, Ju Kuang (juju) Tan... ceh.

We then went to the field and we, the Seals had the tall, macho red Tee Corporal (OBC) Chun!! The Rangers went to the sexy, marathoneress Corporal (OBC) Nawal and the DBK (damn bloody kiasu) Delta went with the most eligible bachelor, cutest (according to himself) Sergeant'est Sarge, Sarge (OBC) Dann. Again, most of the vocabulary used here are made up, so don't bother looking its existence or its meaning in the Dictionary.


It has been awhile since we last trained at the Chief's ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP @ Subang jaya USJ1 and since many people from OBC-BU wanted to replace their missed session to ACE in January, Nawal Aini Zulkifli and I decided to hooyah USJ1 as well. It was more to support JOHN CHUAH, SHEARLING TOH, James Fong, Lilian Lee, Ju Kuang Tan and Jeremy from OBC-BU and meet recruits at USJ1.

Although we sped almost at 200km per hour, we arrived at USJ1, 5 minutes late and joined others in the midst of the warming up session. We left Sungai Penchala at 5:38am for the 5:45am session... deep down.. very deep at the back of our mind, we had our fingers crossed that Sarge (OBC) Dann wont be punishing late-comers on Bring-A-Friend Day. A few minutes after our late-arrival, Nor and Joannita Zaleha Yusoff arrived and shortly even later, Lilian Lee arrived fashionably late. Maybe its the 'in-thing' to be late now or maybe everybody was confident there wont be any punishment on BAF day. 5 late-comers!!!

Sadly, late comers are still late comers even on BAF day.. should have known better!!! but since it was BAF,  Sarge (OBC) Dann only gave us 40 GRUNTS, a BAF discount of 25 grunts!! One late comers attract 15 grunts as punishment and we only had F. O. U. R. T. Y. grunts. (thank god??). I think the grunts was meant for JOHN CHUAH whom is lobbying hard to ban Grunts from OBC-BU.

John Chuah, Shear Ling Toh, Ju Kuang and Jeremy was not late, there went AWOL!!! JOHN CHUAH & SHER LING TOH probably should be crowned the new FFK-King & Queen... they conveniently disappear every time they say.. "See you on USJ1".


Its the monthly Bring-A-Friend day again...Bring a friend day is the day recruits bring along their spouse(s), friends, girlfriend(s), boyfriend(s), siblings, family and relatives to have a sneak preview of the 20 years old military inspired group outdoor personal training program. The success of the program lies in the effect derived from tapping via the program, into the body's three energy sources in particular through the ATP, Anaerobic and aerobic to burn fat and increase fitness as well as stamina. Those that had already registered for the Bring-A-Friend Day at HERE, had arrived very early to have a first hand experience and a sneak preview of the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP.

So lets take a peep into what the 'friends' had on Bring a Friend day. The session start with the customary roll call by Sarge (OBC) Dann. The ROLL CALL is important to mark the attendance for those aiming to ACE their session (ACE = 100% Attendance 100% Commitment 110% Effort). Those that ACE their monthly session is given a certificate to recognise their consistent achievement. Sarge Dann then explain the rules of engagement. The rules are important especially for safety during training and then we started our warming up session. After the warming up session, the platoon was divided into 4 teams, namely Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Echo with a good mixture of newbies, Ranger, Seal and Delta.

My team went with Corporal (OBC) Tom & Lans Corporal (OBC) (P) Letch.  Corporal (OBC) Tom, had us workout out with rifle for the 'Assault & Fire" movement circuit. This circuit utilizes the acceleration and deceleration momentum technique to run. We were asked to run 10 steps and dropped on one knees and sprint again. The whole rational is similar to driving a car, when we speed without stopping, it uses less fuel but when continuously drive and stop, then drive again and stop etc (similar to being stuck in traffic), we tend to use more fuel. While running, we had various other obstacles after the drop-on-one-knees on every 10 step.

After the circuit with Corporal (OBC) Tom, we went to Sarge (OBC) Dann for a killer core workout with the TRX.

Sarge (OBC) Dann demonstrated the TRX form and technique first before everybody took position to start using the TRX and strengthened the core muscle.


John Chuah.. Vote with me... Ban Grunts?
"Armin, how come my wish was never granted?", asked Banker John Chuah via a BBM message. "Huh... what was your wish list again John Chuah" I asked feeling abit confused. "My wish list is something that 99.9% of everybody at OBC-BU would agree!!!" said John Chuah confidently before adding, "Only Chief, Gunny and Sarge Dann would disagree!! I am voting for Grunts & Mountain Climbers to be banned from ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP!!" I laughed hysterically alone in my private office at home and replied on BBM in disbelief... "What??? You want Grunts & Mountain Climbers to be banned?". John Chuah quickly replied, "Eh you don't write this in your blog or FB ar!"

See.. How can I possibly not pick on John Chuah to blog when he kept cracking me up.. even at 10pm at night!!! I look so retarded, laughing alone in the middle of the night. Worst.. John Chuah then slept soundly and even missed the BOOTCAMP session this morning!!! and we were grunt'ed what he hated the most....... Grunts!!!


What is worst than not going to the gym at all? yesss. thats it!! It felt worst when you get yourself an expensive gym membership to be embarrassed and offended by the gym's amateur Personal trainer when you are in the midst of your training especially when he is under the instruction of the Manager on Duty!!

Being a Truefitness Blackcard VIP Lifetime membership, I have the liberty of inviting 5 guests for a One month free trial and having introduced 4 other VIP Blackcard members, I once had at my disposal twenty free 1x month VIP card membership which I have used up most of it.  Naturally.... of course I would bring all my friends of the closest circle to be a gym member at the same club. That way, we can continue to hound and motivate each other... or nag and nag and nag...


(Pictures from library file)

We are now into the 3rd week of January bootcamp session at Bandar Utama. The intensity at the field is increasing and having missed 2 sessions last week due to some oversea traveling for  durian  work, today's session was a killer!!!! Why... Because of two reasons. Reason 1... abit ambitious at the gym yesterday on Sunday doing chest and overall weight workout. The chest was still numb and overall muscle badly aches which was a bad start for today's bootcamp. Reason 2, missing a training session will always break the fitness momentum and reduce strength and fitness level. Reason 3.. these red  devils  trainers have eye at the back of their head and cheating or stalling is abit difficult. Reason 4, its CORP JASPER & CORP CHUN assisting Sarge Dann. These two corporals cant see anyone stalling without prescribing endless grunts... aiiiiyak.

When we arrived at the field, the big circle marked with green cones was so prominent that we thought it was a running merry go-around day. Actually it was John Chuah that thought so..  but I did not mind the running at all. A running or a cardio session is a good alternative to yesterday's muscle tearing workout at the gym but then we were so wrong. It was far from cardio workout, who can anticipate what the training will be at the original bootcamp. A workout here is like a box of chocolate as Forest Gump once said.. 'You dont know what you going to get'!!.  We had the "Long Course Superset" that was aimed to get the best effect from oxygen debt & deficit to boost metabolism rate... whatever that means.


We arrived at the airport and was shocked to see His Excellency Ponlork Ho waiting for our arrival smack infront of the aeroplane door. This hospitality always made us felt honored on our every visit to Phnom Pehn. H.E. Ponlork Ho escorted us out through the immigration without us having to even queue.

This trip back to Phnom Pehn was abit more relaxed compared to those previous trips. We were able to have a quiet lunch on arrival at the regular luncheon place.

Then we head straight to our Hotel.

Beside work.. We did 10 new things in Phnom Pehn? (ok not all are new things but at least recorded)


"Once a training momentum is broken, starting again is so dreadful" was why a bunch of us Me, Dr Malek Aziz & Shobha Bala started the ACE-PACT at the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP way back in October 2009. We knew being consistent and discipline was the key towards achieving the best result but it takes quite an effort and willpower to be consistent in training especially when juggling between work, rest and leisure.

To make sure we all achieve the ACE .. or 100% Attendance, Commitment and Effort, we mutually agree to add on a punishment for those that committed but failed (for whatever reason). and guys that failed, had to wear skirt while training or a fancy dress during grad day and gals that failed... err.. you dont wanna know. It was successful then when most of the recruits were so god damn 'kiasu' and that is the trait that those at OBC-BU possessed! So I wonder if we should throw another challenge to OBC-BU recruits.

Without the same pact, someone called Ady Zahrin had even lost his training shorts and is only planning to buy one to start bootcamping again. I heard rumours John Chuah had jet-lag (from too much break???) and could not get out of bed although is wide awake in the morning. Similarly.... I found it so bleh but forced myself to the training field and has not missed any session yet. All as a consequence from December's 2 weeks break.


The ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP MALAYSIA @ Bandar Utama that was established in June 2010 have had 7 graduation parties before the closing of the year. A total of more than 300 recruits excluding corporate and children at the Seal Pup have participated since establishment and there are more than 3,000 pictures taken at all graduation parties.

The summary of all the graduation parties are as follows:

The first graduation was organised at the ECOBAR, Damansara Perdana on 7 July 2010 . The theme was the World Cup in conjunction with the World Cup fever. (See: first Grad)

The July second graduation was held at the DUKE, Taman Tun Dr Ismail and the theme was the rugged white and denim in line with the 'younger' look having burn thousands of calories training at the bootcamp. (See: Second Grad)

The August or the third graduation was combined with September graduation due to the fasting month or the Ramadhan month and was held at the co-licensee's residence at Bustanu Pahamin. The theme was Hari Raya in conjunction with the Eid Mubarak celebration. (See: 3rd &4th Grad)

October graduation was held at the Library at the E-Curve Mutiara Damansara with a hilarious theme Nerd & Geek. The Nerd & Geek theme was to add some laughter to the monthly graduation. (See: 5th Grad)

November graduation was organised at the TGI Fridays with the theme Hats Off.. in line with the 'hats off'  & well done recruits for both completing the 8 weeks challenge as well as for being consistent with training. (See: 6th Grad)

The last graduation party was held at the Modestos, the Curve Mutiara Damansara and we invited His Excellency General Chan Kosal from Cambodia as our Guest of Honour. There is no better way to end the year than to invite a real military to give out the certificate to our millitary inspired recruits. (See: 7th Grad)

More than 3,000 pictures during all the graduation parties are available for viewing at HERE. Have fun viewing. Thank you for making every graduation party a huge success.

Until the next party..... Stay tune..


View the latest PROTON INSPIRA & the sportier face-lifted PROTON SAGA as well as other PROTON's latest variance at the ALAMANDA from 7 January 2010 to the 16 January 2010.

ALAMANDA is the only shopping mall in Putrajaya and is located 10 minutes away from our PROTON EDAR @ PUTRAJAYA SHOWROOM, No 1, Jalan Diplomatik 2/2, Presint 15, 62050 Putrajaya.

Amongst the many cars being displayed at the auto show are NAZA, TOYOTA, MAZDA CHERRY, HONDA etc........



The Seal Pups or the Chief Original Bootcamp for children that was originated from the 20-years old Australian military-inspired program at Bandar Utama is now officially open for those age from 5 to 12 years old. No Seal pups is not those military style yelling and screaming but its the military-inspired teamwork and discipline that is instilled unto the children.

The Seal Pup lead instructor Daing Daniel Fitri or known as Sarge (OBC) Dann at the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP fraternity has been training Taekwondo to children as young as 3 years old for more than 9 years since 2002 at the DDF Taekwondo Academy. Three of Sarge Dann students has been accepted into Malaysia Taekwondo team and had won various gold medals. Sarge Dann himself was a Malaysia gold medalist for Taekwondo.

Sarge Dann was assisted by Lans Corporal (OBC) (P) Rosey and Lans Corporal (OBC) (P) Ody. LC (OBC) (P) Rosey is a certified accountant and was previously the co-owner and operator for Party Pixies, a children party organisers which was a partnership amongst three siblings Rose Emini Pahamin, Melor Edina Pahamin and Chempaka Emalin Pahamin.

Party Pixies was K.I.V. when the lawyer siblings were too busy with legal work and I kidnapped Rose Emini Pahamin into family business as our accountant. Rose Emini Pahamin have had extensive experience interacting and handling kids during her tenure with Party Pixies. LC (OBC) (P) Ody on the other hand is a sports science graduate and took special interest in child psychology. LC (OBC) (P) Ody is a 7 months old recruits that had took extra effort to adopt and learn the culture and trade of the Chief Original Bootcamp program having been a recruit for more than 5 months prior to being mentored by Sarge Dann as an instructor. Alongside LC (OBC) (P) Ody and LC (OBC) (P) Rosey, there are 5 other recruits cum trainee-instructors that is being mentored by Sarge Dann to prepare them for assessment by Chief Brabon. Instructors at the Chief ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP is regularly assessed and re-assessed, trained and re-trained by Chief and its Master Global trainers to ensure the quality and result is homogeneous globally.


The History

20 years ago in 1991, at the tender age of 17, Jim Brabon joined the Royal Australian Army as an Infantry Soldier.He had just completed his final year of school, and with weeks was on a bus to Basic Training (the Australian name for boot camp).

Having competed at a national level in Athletics, Cross Country and Road Running, Brabon was soon identified as "An extremely fit individual amongst a very fit group of men." by his Commanding Officer.

Despite his already impressive level of fitness, Brabon soon found that the functional training methods, and discipline based motivational techniques utilised by his superiors, continued to improve his overall physical ability, more so than the methods taught to him while completing his fitness and athletics coaching certifications.

Base on his reputation within the ranks, Brabon was soon fielding requests for Personal Training from fellow soldiers looking to undertake the gruelling SAS Barrier Test, and if successful, the legendary SAS Cadre Course. It was at this time that Brabon discovered his passion for motivating others to push beyond their mental and emotional barriers. As a result Grunt Athletic was born.

Grunt Athletic Australiagrunt (grnt) n. Slang for an Infantry Soldier.

ath·let·ic (th-ltk)   adj Physically fit or strong

Have FUN, get FIT, feel FREE at the FIELD..

The Seals Pup or the kids bootcamp is now open for online-registration at HERE. The Seal Pup is available once or twice a week depending on your child's need. There are two option for the once a week session  either on Thursday 6:00pm to 7:00pm OR Saturday at 7:45am to 8:45am. Alternatively, for those parent who wants their children to be more active physically, they can opt for a twice a week session on both Thursday (6pm-7pm) and Saturday (7:45am to 8:45am).


Seal Pups BU KidZ Bootcamp (SINGLE-THURSDAY) : 6:00pm TO 7:00pm (RM100 per month)

Seal Pups BU KidZ Bootcamp (SINGLE-SATURDAY) : 7:45am to 8:45am (RM100 per month)

Seal Pups BU KidZ Bootcamp (DOUBLE- THU & SAT) Thursday @ 6-7pm & Saturday @ 7:45am to 8:45am) (RM180 per month)

For JANUARY, first week is a FREE-TRIAL, and the january promotional month fees for SINGLE is RM75 per month and DOUBLE is RM160 RM120 only.

**The fees charged includes a one-time free T'shirt & a camo-cap which is compulsory for every child to wear during all sessions.

The Seal Pups are for children age 5 years to 12 years old.

For more details.. CLICK HERE.

Register online now at



Life in Cambodia gets better on every trip... I mean the food. Upon arrival, we went to straight to a Malaysian & Singaporean restaurant that serves one of the best beef soup in town!!! Better than the Soup Tulang Daing Daniel Fitri had in Singapore on Christmas (Grrrrr..). The restaurant was H.E. General Ponlork Ho's regular luncheon spot. We enjoyed the soup and Mio Dino @Johari Haji Mahadi had the vegetable without any rice... some people are concern about their carbohydrate intake and me  someone, forgotten that he is on a diet.

After checking in at Blue River Hotel with a stupendous view of the Mekong river, we dressed up and were ready for our first schedule. A trip to the Senate house where we were suppose to meet with some officials.


There were so much planning when the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP @ Bandar Utama went for a two weeks Christmas & New Year break since the last December 2010 session on 17th December 2010. During the break, we planned to alternate a long distance running with gym weight workout and also a cycling adventure as well as other strenuous activities. It was a 16 days break to be exact and the break ended today with the first bootcamp session for the new year. What did we end up doing during the 16 days Christmas and New Year break........... Nothing! except for two visits to the Gym... *Slap my forehead.

The 16 days break was a blessing in disguised... Suddenly, workload and overseas appointment piled up last minute towards the end of the year. okay ok.. reasons reasons... but actually that was the truth. When the training momentum was broken, waking up this morning at 5am felt heavier than usual. I was even breathless from a routine warming up session this morning. This whole week is going to be dreadful.... Padan Muka.

This morning, Sarge (OBC) Dann, Corporal (OBC) Chun and Corporal (OBC) Nawal was the reds in charge for the 1st day Benchmark assessment. For the newbies, click HERE for the details of the benchmark assessment.



I was in Oversea when I first received a Blackberry Messenger message from a staff at one of my office that reads, ".... I want to call an Ustaz (religious preacher) on Saturday to our office, there were too many 'experiences', she said in the bbm message. She continued to type, "On Tuesday, I was at office alone during lunch time and as I walked out from the toilet, I heard a voice calling me... 'akak' (sister) but there were nobody around...".

Other staff too had heard various voices... sort of endless whispers, heavy breathing and even smell of carcass (bangkai) inside the office. After the 'akak' voice incident, that staff fell sick and has not been well. I reluctantly agree for her to call the Ustaz to have a look at the office though I am always skeptical with these ordeal.

In my absent, she (my staff) called my mother for advice who inturn called my cousin.... whom had inherited from my ancestor to be a spiritual healer, Yes.. somehow this bomoh thing is an inheritance but that is a story for another occasion..

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