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Its time to vote and say Good Bye to the last 2 sessions at the Bootcamp. Yes.. just two more sessions in March and it will be the end of our training. We have endured almost the whole month of discipline and consistent training and its time to say good bye.

Completing the twelve session in a month was not easy. There are times when our body simply refuse to wake up in the morning, they are time when we wanted to give up during training and there are time when we wanted to cry trying to catch up with other recruit whom were far better, stronger and fitter than us.......... but we never gave up because there is that someone whom continuously kept our motivation and inspiration burning!! Because of him/her, we continue to persevere the heart-quake and the muscle shocked ala tsunami... Let us say thank you to him/her for we appreciate all the gesture and inspirational whispers and show our gratitude to that One person that make a different in our training by voting for him or her as the true SOB... Spirit of Bootcamp, let us vote HERE.

Another member of our Bootcamp family too are competing for the CLEO's most eligible bachelor... FAIZAL ARIFF ABDULLAH.. or fondly known as Corporal Faizal or baptized by some as Mac Booty. Although unnecessarily strict and stern at times during our training but it is actually for our betterment. Those who knew him at the Bootcamp would know how loud he is when he scream and how passionate he is with... training!!!.. so passionate that he himself would ACE his attendance as an instructor. Those who knew him personally would know how quiet, soft spoken and accommodative this 29 year old man. Those whom were closer to him, would know how he would go the extra-miles for his friends. Those closest to him.... would know how romantic he can be.... (if you dont believe me.. ask Nyna Mohsen!). For that, I called on all platoons at KL Alpha, KL Bravo, KL Charlie, PJ Alpha, PJ Bravo, PJ PM.... to buy CLEO APRIL ISSUE and VOTE FOR FAIZAL ARIFF ABDULLAH as the CLEO Single Most Eligible Bachelor. In all the 50 competing candidates, there is no other better candidate than our Faizal Ariff!!! I am very confident that Faizal will win but please do not take it for granted... every single vote matters!!

We had Corporal Faizal Ariff Abdullah assisting Sarge Simran alongside with Corporal Elin Klemetsen Fossum and Lans Corporal Sarah Stone at today's 10th session. There were 3 AWOLs namely Consuela Yokomura, Marcos Salama and... Mr(s) X (can recall the name) whom our trimmed sexy legs were thankful for the kinky squat pulses burn.

We had the whole session on TABATA & SPRINT!! ... more like a Killer TABATA...

The Killer TABATA designed with 7 types of exercises and 8 types of recovery workout. Each exercise was done in 4 sets of 20 seconds workout and 10 seconds break inbetween the exercise and one set of recovery workout before a 10 meter sprint.

The 8 exercises on TABATA cycle are as follows:

1) Exercise: 4set of Flat-Drop or Drop Dead (from a standing position, drop dead unto a lying position, then stand up and drop dead again). Recovery set: Reverse Lunges then 10 meter sprint.

2)Exercise: 4 sets of HINDU PUSH-UP. Recovery: Deep Squat and half-up then 10 meter sprint.

3) Exercise: 4 sets of kinky DIRTY-DOG PUSH UP. (while pushing-up, alternate the right and left knee towards the elbow). Recovery set: Side-bridge on right hand (not elbow) and change to left hand before a 10 meter sprint.

4) Exercise: Jack Knife abs. Recovery set: Military sit-up then 10 meter sprint

5) Exercise: Flutter Kick. Recovery set: Scissor Kick then 10 meter Sprint

6) Exercise: 8-point Push-up. Recovery Set: Mountain Climbers and 10 meter Sprint

7) Exercise: Grunts. Recovery Set: Seal jack and 10 meter Sprint.

We did the grueling TABATA without any water break... and burn 580 calories!!! I do not know why it is so hard to exceed 600 calories burn. I had crossed 1000 calories burn once (6 months ago) and average out more than 800 calories burn during every session but this month in March, my average calories burn is only 500 ++. Maybe there is no more calory or fat to burn?

Today's workout was Gorgeous!!!  I love it... 

To echo my call for voting Faizal Ariff (No 45), I bought the latest CLEO... 

To vote, we need to answer 2 Questions....... 
1) I'd like to go out with CLEO BACHELOR number (45) for either an INTIMATE date or Personal Circuit Training Session?
2) When I meet my Bachelor date, I would say......... (fill in what you want to say)..........

and... Eeek......... I need to DATE Faizal to vote?? Err.. maybe its for the ladies ONLY to vote. So ladies, dont miss this opportunity.... please vote and get a date with FAIZAL!!! Suport & Join Faizal for Cleo's Most Eligible Bachelor (MEB) support group  HERE.


Other OBC References:
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  1. Thanks a Lot Armin for the support! All of you recruits in OBC are really a bunch of inspirational characters that light up my life every time we meet. You are too kind in describing me as i think i'm just an average person trying to help ppl.. I appreciate everyone's effort in making me the Winner of CLEO's MEB..You guys are brilliant!

  2. Faizal....
    You can rest assure the WHOLE PLATOON is with you!!!! and will be with you!!! too bad they dont do it via sms... otherwise, there will be more votes. some people are too lazy to buy magazine.

    Good Luck bro.. and make sure you win!! we accept nothing less! HOOYAAAH!!

  3. he is an amazing person. so, faiza ariff, just because i want u to win, pls go out on dates with the girls! =p

    abe yaz, suruh faizal belanjo bilo dio menae.

  4. Nyna,

    Seriously.. The winner get a 1 night stay with Faizal @ a 5 star hotel... You okay with that? :-p

    Mm.. If Faizal wins... He has to treat the whole platoon with roti canai & nescafe tarik... :-p or maybe telor penyu @ wai-penyu... :-D

  5. Faizal, good luck mate!! The OB recruits (esp the girls) are doing serious campaigning simply because YOU are the best candidate; you deserve to win!!
    ( now got to run and buy more copies of Cleo....)

  6. abe yaz: one night stay @ 5 star hotel? i think he'd love dat sooooo muchhhhhhhhhhh~!~~

    yeah, he better treat everyone!!! wau-penyu is the place!!! hahaha.


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