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Friday, 19 March 2010. The Ninth Bootcamp Session is always a Bring A Friend aka "BAF" day and today there were so many friends that was given an insight into the training at the Bootcamp!!! some had lost those friends I think? ...and I met Halim Jantan, a friend that I have lost contact for many years.... since my temporary retirement from triathlon. Halim Jantan was brought in by Kay Hassan as a friend on BAF day. Halim Jantan was the person that aspire me to partake in the Ironman Triathlon many years back. I first met Halim during the cycling @ Putrajaya days. Halim & his 22 years old son will be going to Africa for his son's first Ironman in August this year. I reckon that will be Halim's at least, 6th Ironman competitions. Halim went for the Ironman, Australia when I did the Ironman in langkawi. I registered for Ironman Goto Island, Japan but FFK due to a really good valid reason. One day, I too will do the Ironman with Aaraf who is now 8 years old!!

We gathered  for a quick warm-up session before the recruits were divided into team Alpha and team Bravo for the BUNKER RAIDS. There were Sargent Simran, Corporal Faizal Ariff Abdullah, Lans Corporal Elin Klemetsen Fossum, Lans Corporal Hafiz Omar and Lans Corporal Sarah Stone.

The 'friend' had the pleasure to be introduced to almost all the 'toys' at the bootcamp... except Big Bertha. This is a rare occasion when the 'friends' get to play with all the toys in a session.

Team Alpha and Bravo must compete to collect the most points. There were two bunkers at the top-end (called Bunker-Bravo that belong to team Bravo) and the bottom-end (called Bunker-Alpha that belong to team Alpha). The distance from Bunker-Alpha to Bunker-Bravo was approximately 100 meter. At the starting point, team Alpha began the circuit at bunker-Alpha and team Bravo started at bunker-Bravo. There were three cones along the 100 meter circuit from bunker-Alpha to bunker-Bravo. Cone-1 was located 40 meter from bunker-Alpha. Cone-2 placed 10 meter away from Cone-1; Cone-3 situated 10 meter away from Cone-2; and Cone-2 was 40 meters to bunker-Bravo.

In each bunker there was an equal numbers of 'toys' that comprised of 2 huge tractor tyres, 12 Mock Rifles, 12 Sandbags and 2 white bazooka. The Tyre is given 3 points each, 2 points for each Sandbag & bazooka and 1 points for the mock rifle.

Every recruit must run to cone-1, then slowly bear walk from cone-1 to cone-2 and then secretly crawl on both knees from cone-2 to cone-3 ala quietly sneaking-up before running to the opponent's bunker to raid, steal items (from the opponent's bunker) and quickly sprint (without any bear-walk or crawl) with the stolen toys back to our bunker. Whilst we raid and steal items from the opponent's bunker back to our bunker, our bunker too are being raided and toys stolen by our rivals. The faster the team is able to refill the stolen items by the competitors, there will be more items in the bunker. The team with the most items will win the competition and the team that lost, must performed 30 Grunts.

It took five of us to carry the damn heavy tyre but we managed to carry them all and every time we steal their tyres, our tyres were stolen and we stole those tyres and other toys... again and again and again and those Bravos stole them back.. the sandbags, rifles, bazookas....... again and again but that was what it is all about. We clean-swept their bunkers until there were nothing for us to steal.. and we had to wait to ambush them when they arrived with our stolen toys. But somehow when Sarge Simran screamed 30 seconds to go...... suddenly most of the bravos were strategically.. or conveniently at our bunkers and they clean-swept everything!!

When the 30 second was up!!! The judges calculated the point... Our team, team Alpha lost to team Bravo when team Bravo collected more points than ours............ and so they think!!! While team Bravo went home with extra points, we went home with extra fat-burn, we are 30 Grunts richer!!!



P/s- Halim, glad you will be joining the Bootcamp in May with your son. Please register early at KL ALPHA!!

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