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A War-Cry was sent out to 80 soldiers for combat and yesterday 13 March 2010 the following 80 soldiers reported for duty at the Harmonis command centre!!

Kasih Leia Ixora, Andika Rees Pahamin, Kasih Iris Leona, Aaraf Eid PahaminRafel Zichry Onn, Raina Edlyn Jasmine, Raiqa Hanim Jasmine, Raisa Myrin Jasmine, Kenanga Elyzze, Nur Zahira Aisyah, Akif Norman, Nor Marissa Alia, Nor Marcella Ayesha, Nik Soraya, Nik Rayyan, Nik Reanna, Nik ZackryNik Ariana, Nik Irfan, Nazzrul AfiqAfiqahNikhita, Anishaa, Putri Ayesha Yasmeen, Brandon Ariff Putra, Putri Inaara Nadine, Iwan, Adam, Syed Aqil Harryth Putra, Sharifah Allyssa Hanis Putra, Tengku Adeira Hazirah, Tengku Aleana Haziyah, Fatin Amili, Fatin Amni, Ziad Azraff, Puteri Qistina, Puteri Zuleyka, Tengku Jihan, Tengku Ahmad, Tengku Afzan, Umar Hakim, Umar Harith, Diya Aisha, Ahmad Syafiq Shazwan, Ranya Diyani, Aidan, Amir, Ameer Hamzah, Daniel Shaqif, Megat Muhammad Akif, Muhammad Azrai, Muhammad Syazwa, Khushaal, Harisa Rohaya, Asiya, Amelia Diyanah, Syafiqah, Maryam Azureen, Nur Arifah, Imran Hakim, Ildina Murni, Ilmira Murni, Aqfar Naeem, Zainul Akhtar, Mohammad HarizAqilah Deenah, Afrina Diyanah, Al-Riyadh, Jon, Aqeel, Emman, Muhamad Aiman Izzat, Braandon, Brian, Hirzi Hashim, Muhammad Azraai Danial, Aqil Ainuddin Naufal, Salsabil, Annurlis and Elayna

The Soldiers gathered at the Army Base camp, far deep in the Harmonis jungle ...

A close-up view in the army base-camp, a women Chief -Commandant!!! Chempaka Emalin Pahamin..  securing the parameter for a secret mission... codename "Twin's Birthday"...

The secret mission was to celebrate General Rees & Colonel Leona aka the Twin birthday party.

The twin, Andika REES Pahamin and Kasih Iris LEONA turned 8 years old on 13 March 2010.

Both Rees & Leona are schooling at the SRK Bukit Damansara, Kuala Lumpur and are the youngest in a sibling of 3.. after KASIH Leia Ixora. 

The twin's mummy, is my one and only older sister Chempaka Emalin Pahamin whom is married to Azhar Sulaiman.

The parameter for the birthday bash was secured and the mission was expected to be completed in 4 hours from 2pm to 6pm.

Some guests arrived later and some were lost when the GPS coordinate was replaced with a traditional map that brought them to Zoo Negara instead?

We had sensed the map could be a sabotage against the war.. and followed our instinct and arrived at the command centre on-time.

Except for Shazrul Ashaari, Teratai Edithy Pahamin & Shazrai whom were on an intel mission in London seeking vaccination for laziness, other Council of siblings arrived shortly before the combat...

The soldiers were gathered and dressed for full battle combat...

The mission codenamed Twin is about to be executed...

Arms were loaded and helmets were prepared. 

Everybody was eager to defend their territory. The soldiers were divided into a few platoons... the girls, the boys and the mixture...

Every soldiers were geared up in full uniform that comprised of a helmet and a 'bullet-proof' jacket. 

Equipped with a fully loaded machine-gun and a protection mask, the soldiers were led to the battle-field...
The soldiers took position in a small hut, hiding from the enemies. Inside the hut, they strategized and discussed who to become the sniper and how to win the battle.

At the base-camp, the atmosphere was less stressful.

Whilst the soldiers were in combat, the reserve army were loading their stomach....

SomeOne was very busy..... 

and someOne was very comfortable.... 

Suddenly they spotted from far a very dangerous 'KOMINIS' ala lanun without any hair!!! he is approaching the base camp!!!

And everybody was scared!!! Especially this 'prebet' with a weird 'zebra' gun?

"DONT WORRY!!! I will get the KOMINIS!! I will shoot him!!" said Komando AAraf!!

Lets see who is stronger!! The Kominis took a weapon and start shooting!!!!
ATTACK!!!!!! The real COMBAT BEGAN.. between our soldiers and the KOMINIS!!! Our soldiers took position and bravely went to war!!!


The first casualty of war... Colonel LEONA was shot in the chest and had to be rescued by Commander Mummy!!!

Then General Aaraf was shot!!!

and General Rees.....

A helicopter had to be sent to the rescue.....
Commander Azhar Sulaiman is now furious.....

"Ko tembak anak aku.... Siap kau!!!"

Commander Azhar Sulaiman brought General Rees back into battle-field and the whole platoon to seek revenge!!!



AND THEY WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So its now time to celebrate the VICTORY

To celebrate the Victory... hundreds of cupcakes were prepared for the hungry soldiers..

After hours of un-coding the enemy's secret-code, the command  centre manage to translate the code that reads:

"Rees & Lenona's 8th Birthday"

Mission accomplished!!! the code is broken.. its "REES' & LEONA'S 8th BIRTHDAY"...

Every Soldier gathered to celebrate and yet another victory... 


After winning the battle, the soldiers returned to their home... as a gratitude to all the soldiers, every soldier was given a 'Bag of honor'.. aka military party bag @ pack.

The Chief-bag was Melor Edina Pahamin.......

Happy birthday 
My darling niece & nephew 
Rees & Leona..
We love you always!!

Mission was adjourned at 6pm & everybody bid farewell........ 

Whilst the Soldiers awarded with Bag-of-Honor, SomeOne was made the Machai with Honor...

Sad but all good things must come to an end......




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