What Bagero? Was the first impression I had when Rose Emini Pahamin mentioned to me about the race. BAGERO or the actual word Bayakaro (which if pronounced fast enough will sound like Bagero) is a basic Japanese bad word but the Bareno is far from a bad word. Bareno is the main sponsor for yesterday's running race that was organised by the Bukit Jalil Pacesetter running club.

We were amongst the earliest to register for the race.. I mean.. My darling sister Rose Emini Pahamin registered the whole bunch of us runners (including Virgin runners) for the race.. They should give us a 'Bulk-Discount'... or a group discount! Rose Emini Pahamin & Ili Liyana Baharon collected our bib number, registration card and a damn good looking New Balance running vest on Friday 12 March 2010.

There were 50 known runners in our fraternity of friends that ran the Bareno. They were Dr Malek Aziz, Farhanah Bamadhaj, Abu Lais Walli Mohamed, Anita Ahmad, Nur Amy Shazwin Lais, Shobha Bala, Vinod Kumar, Farrah Vivien Raguet, Ili Liyana Baharon, Rose Emini Pahamin, Nicholas Chan Yee Son, Chun Chia Kai SSJ, Zaiem Razak, Mohammad Arif A Rahman, Faizal Ariff Abdullah, Erny Marlina Mohsen, Ilyanna Ailin Ayob, Nik Izyan Nik Ismail, Bahariah Baharon, Wan Izana Rozan Wan Ahmed, Daing Daniel Fitri, Mohd Danial Ismail, Ariff Latiffi Mat Ali, Mohamed Adni Mohamed Kassim, Natassya Lee, Rosliza Abdul Rahim, Suriana Saiful Yazan, Fazura Nur Jaafar, Rienna Choo Lye Har, Amy Ho Mae Mae, Cynthia Gan SSJ, Simran Latiff, Nur Liyana Razalee, kenix Lim, Leesa Tan, Joyce Chuo, Hong Sze...and many more ...

There are at least 10 Virgin-Runners namely Faizal Ariff Abdullah, Natassya lee, Rienna Choo, Amy Ho, Vinod Kumar, Kenix Lim, Leesa Tan, Rosliza Abdul Rahim and Aisan Lim. Cynthia ran her first 10km after completing the recent 7.7km Putrajaya Night race.

Farhanah Bamadhaj gave us a morning wake up call at 5:45am.... and at 5:50am, Vinod Kumar & Shobha Bala arrived at our house to car-pool to the Bukit Jalil Stadium. We left and arrived at the Stadium at 6:30am intime for the reporting. We bumped into some of our group members before flagging-off.

I brought along my camera knowing I wont be pushing myself hard due to the knee and I snapped a few pictures of runners @ the starting point and spotted Cynthia Gan SSJ impatiently waiting at the very front to start running.

Spotted!!! and Zoomed the small camera lense to capture Faizal Ariff Abdulah and Simran Latiff's pictures.... at a far distance.

The race was flagged off at 7am for the 15km runners and 7:20am for the 10km!! 

Then spotted ........ Errr.. forgot her name... (from OBC-KLB) Got it!! Its Hong Sze from PJB (sorry) and Aisan Lim & Leesa Tan (below)..
I was cruising at a very slow pace enjoying the run... it has been almost three months since the New Balance 30km race. 
I injured my knee during the New Balance race and have not run or train running at all since then except for the training at the Bootcamp.
Spotted....Syed Mahadzir Syed Manshor.. but only managed to snap his rear..

Took this picture from Tey's collections. Sh@@t.. I forgot to smile. I look horrible!!

Spotted Farhanah Bamadhaj. 
Whilst Cam- whoring & running was fun but pls excuse the not-so-clear picture, snapping photos while running requires extra-skills....

My knees were good until we entered a park with an uphill slope which hurts the knee again but it was bearable. The last few Kilometers to finishing line was a killer.

Spotted.. Rienna Choo, Natassya Lee & Amy Ho

Shobha Bala, 
Nicholas Chan & 
Abu lais....

Spotted Cynthia Gan SSJ... a 10km virgin runner, 
N. Mohanadas, Malaysian first Mt Everest Climber and 
Dr Rafidah  Abdullah.

Vinod Kumar, 
Kenny Smith & 
Chun Chia kai SSJ Pictures compliment to PM Tey.

Spotted too... Rose Emini Pahamin & Farrah Vivien Raguet..

We completed the race to qualify for finisher medal!!!

I do not know about others, but crossing the finishing line was my ultimate goal. I completed the 10km race in 1 hour 16 minutes.

To complete any race with a good timing is a bonus but the pleasure to run and crossing the finishing line was the orgasm.

Shobha Bala DBK and Nawal Aini finishes the race hand-in-hand... together-gether-mether.

It was a good run and we look forward to next years Bareno!!! Well Done organisers!!!



  1. everyone looks so professional and awesome when they were running!!! im the only one who looked like im about to drop dead in all my pictures taken!!!HAAHAHAHAHAHAH! well yeah, that's exactly how i felt anyway. thanks for the pics armin! and the one u forgot her name. it's hong sze from PJB. don't get confused with amelda from KLB. :D ur an awesome runner, armin! even with ur buggered knee! HOOYAH!

  2. Cynthia SSJ...
    a rule of thumb.. no matter how shit you feel.. whenever you see a cameraman.. SMILE!! :-D

    I didnt see the cameraman when they shoot my photo.. otherwise I would have posed too.. hehheee..

    you did well.. Keep up the momentum and in no time you will be running your first full marathon!! HOOYAAH!!

  3. Cynthia, The one that i thought from KLB is actually PJB Hong Sze?

  4. i look the $hittiest among the lot. aiyo....... why la mr. tey you take my PIA picture?

  5. Shobha......

    You think? look at me, Look at natassya.. Look at Cynthia.. hehehhee

  6. Thanks for the pictures.. I looked like I am about to burst into tears!! Next please give warning.. so can pose or at least smile a bit!
    Armin you actually very serious and pro looking.. ada gaya.


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