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HEART-QUAKE, Tsunami Richter scale 7.0 was the best description of today's workout... almost an apocalypse. It started out quite fair but the ending was a brutal... nothing like a hindustani movie.

We grievously counted 12 AWOL but Corporal Faizal Ariff announced only 7!! Ili Liyanna Baharon, Ilyanna Ailin Ayob, Ili Farhanah... all ILIs!!! the three was the only names that I remembered and we had 30 Grunts and 3 sets of 30 seconds squat pulses from the supposedly 4 sets.. Ssssh.. Corporal Faizal may have miscalculated.. or perhaps gave us a 30% discount.

Corporal Faizal was assisted by Lans Corporal Elin Klemetsen Fossum and Lans Corporal Stephanie Chok. Sarge Simran AWOL!!??? Haa... Maybe all Instructors should do 30x 30 seconds squat pulses and 60 Grunts...?

We had the freaky Cardio Grinder Frenzy... though a better name would just be Wild Grinders!!! we went wild being grind-ed.

There were four parts of the Cardio Grinder Frenzy, the first for the lower body, then the upper body, the abs and the last was the 'Heart' & stamina.

The platoons were divided into their respective rank Delta, Seal and Rangers with a 16, 14 and 12 fix repetitions accordingly for every exercises. In a row of three, the Delta took the first row, Seal at the middle and the Rangers in the last row.

One full-set comprised of Four Workout and a 30 meter run (distance calculated from starting point to the yellow cone and back to starting point) and recruits were required to complete as many sets within 6 minutes.

The lower-body circuit.
Military squat
Hindu Squat
Squat jump

Leg is probably my weakest body part. The workout was grueling. I can feel every muscle and vein from the waistline, from the ass to leg and the calves contracted and strained. Some recruits were speeding and on turbo-mode pushing their cardio strength to the limit but I was concentrating for a perfect movement enjoying the slowly excruciating muscle contraction.

After completing 14 repetitions each of all the above four workouts, we ran to the yellow cone and back to our row, for an approximate total distance of 30 meter. We repeated the exercises above non-stop for 6 minutes and managed to complete 3 full-sets within the time.

Upper Body
Military push-up
King Kong Push-up
close grip push up
Wide Grip Push up

An excellent choice of chest burning workout that targeted every chest and tricep muscle. Similar to the leg workout, I could feel the overworked muscle burn screaming. With 14 reps for each of the four workout above, we completed 56 rep total push-ups in a single set before the 30meter run and did 112 push-ups in the 2 full-sets within the time given.

Jack Knife
Military Sit-up
Scissor kick

I did 5 sets of 12 rep hanging leg raises yesterday when the last, 5th Bootcamp session was without any abs exercises. My abs muscle was still sore and todays abs circuit raped further the agonizing muscle... but I love it! We did 3 full sets of this circuit within the time given.


Of ALL the exercises at the Bootcamp, I hate the Mountain Climbers the most, then the Thrusters, the Grunts and then the frogs but we never had all this combination in one single circuit. In fact, we usually have either one or two of those in a circuit but today was the Armageddon!!!! Of all the hundreds of workout that are available, my four most hated workout was combined into one circuit!! All four of them... and this was when the Heart-Quake befall.

The Killer Kardio
Mountain Climbers

That was the last circuit... THANK GAWD!! I could feel and hear the heart-beat, the muscle scream and thought the sweat felt like blood flowing out from the sweat gland... my legs too felt numb... but it is still there! I have a weird love & hate relationship with the Killer-Kardio workout... Although I hate them but now am thinking of doing the Killer-Kardio at home as homework!!!! Thats the thing about love.. nobody understands it?


Other OBC References:
MARCH OBC 2010: MAC 1/12 (WIP), MAC 2/12, MAC 3/12, MAC 4/12, MAC 5/12

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  1. The instructors don't pay attention, do they? Have told Sarge on my absence but if he insists that you guys should be given extra punishment because of me, then let it be. Kehkehkeh!

    Will be away on Monday too, but you could get extra grunts for that although I've informed Sarge :)



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