I attended my first Original Bootcamp Malaysia (OBC) Graduation Party five months ago in October 2009 at the Borneo Rainforest Cafe (BRC), Sunway. I did not blog about that graduation party last year so I shall write a bit on my first experience attending the graduation party.

31 October 2009, we were doubtful if we should attend the OBC-OCTOBER 2009 Graduation party with the HALLOWEEN FANCY-DRESS theme. We felt we did not deserve to party, celebrate and Graduate having registered and joined the Bootcamp for only half a month in October 2009 (Click here) and attended only 4 sessions in the half month. However, after much convincing by Dr Malek Aziz & Farhanah Bamadhaj, we had all agree to attend. Abu Lais Walli Mohamed, Anita Ahmad, Nawal Aini and I arrived at the BRC and were lost in a crowded pool of strangers without any bearing which section at BRC was reserved for the Bootcampers. There were no banners or any poster of the OBC Graduation Party. The place was packed and there were no tables. We only knew a handful from KL Alpha and they were busy amongst themselves. The KL Alpha recruits then, were 'serious' and none came in any fancy-dress costume compared to the PJ recruits whom were the colour and life of the night dressed in fancy costume as per the night's theme. There were no proper host and nobody played host except for Dr Malek Aziz whom came to us and guided us to the un-marked 'Reserved for OBC' section. Dr Malek Aziz requested for a table from the waiter for us, waited for us to be seated, introduced us to a few other Bootcampers before leaving back to his table located at the opposite side. We then met Peggy Hoegh and a few other Bootcampers for the first time. Such were the hospitality for new-comers.

The food were lousy, we were still lost in probably 100s of strangers and did not know the scheduled agenda or what to expect, but we simply made the best out of it and hosted ourselves. I could not recall who were the instructors that attended then but a while later, Sarge Simran announced the Bootcamp monthly award for the Spirit of Bootcamp and the Best Improve recruit. The Spirit of Bootcamp is an award for the most inspiring recruits at the Bootcamp voted by every recruits via an online secret balloting whilst the Best Improved award is selected by the Instructors base on their judgement and discretion.

The October '09 Spirit of Bootcamp for KL Alpha was awarded to Dr Malek Aziz... a well-deserved candidate and the Best Improved Recruit was awarded to Shobha Bala. There was also an award given for the best 'fancy-dress costume' but I could not remember who won the award. Sadly, it was only an announcement without any 'real certificate' being issued. Until today the certificate remain a mystery and is still not issued.

The November '09 OBC Graduation Party was held on 13 December 2009 at the Mark's Place (See: November Graduation) without any theme but there was a big-bertha-size OBC Cake!! We were greeted by Corporal Jason Moriarty that awaits recruit arrivals at the restaurant entrance. Most of the instructors played host by attending to new and senior recruits. The party was attended by approximately 100 pax including the franchise holder Selva Kumar and most instructors, namely Faizal Ariff Abdullah, Jason Moriarty, Elin Klemetsen Fossum, Danial Chong, Dharmendra Mahalingam etc etc.... The Chief instructor Simran Latiff was absent. The November '09 Spirit of Bootcamp for KL Alpha award was announced during the last session in November to......... none other than Dr Malek Aziz (yes again and the most suitable candidate) and the Best Improved award went to Suriana Saiful.

There were no Graduation party organised specifically for December 2010 as it was combined with the November 2009 Graduation party on the 13 December 2009. I still wonder, how did we celebrate and graduate before even completing the month training. The December Spirit of Bootcamp too was announced during the the last session in December to................. Armin Baniaz Pahamin.. me and the best improved award was then permanently scrapped. Understandably, it is impossible to pick one of the many recruits that had best improved since everybody did improve.

The OBC-JANUARY 2010 Graduation Brunch was held at the Mark's Place again on 7 February 2010 (See: January Graduation). Instructors attended were Simran,  Faizal Ariff Abdullah, Jason Moriarty, Hafiz Omar and Stephanie Chok (whom only made a brief appearance) with approximately  50 recruits and newbies. The January Spirit of Bootcamp was awarded to Zaiem Razak.

The OBC-FEBRUARY 2010 Graduation Night was held again at the Borneo Rainforest Cafe (BRC), Persiaran Sunway on 6 February 2010 at 8:30am last weekend. We had a long day and contemplate if we should attend but after much deliberation, we went and arrived shortly before 9:00pm starving!!! There were barely 30 recruits having a quiet dinner. There were no instructors or any host. Infact, everybody was minding their own business. Faizal Ariff arrived at 9:40pm and informed us that he will be the only instructor around. 10 minutes upon arrival, Faizal Ariff announced the February 2010 Spirit of Bootcamp award for each of the FIVE Platoon but none of the recipients attended. However, there is no lost to them as there were no certificates (again) prepared for the award. KL Alpha Spirit of Bootcamp award went to Tomi Soetjipto.

When I first joined the Bootcamp and attended my first OBC-October 2009 Graduation Night, there were only 3 platoons, KL Alpha, PJ Alpha and PJ Bravo but the atmosphere, ambiance and attendance at the graduation party was very encouraging with more than 100 attendees. Simran played host alongside other instructors.

In December when we celebrate the combined November & December 2009 graduation, there were 5 platoons, KL Alpha, KL Bravo, PJ Alpha, PJ Bravo and PJ PM and Selva Kumar, the OBC Malaysia Franchise holder hosted the night alongside FIVE other instructors without Sarge Simran whom was absent but there were less than 80 people at the graduation night.

In February, when we celebrated the January 2010 graduation with similar 5 platoons, the number of attendance deteriorated further with only approximately 50 people hosted by Sarge Simran and FOUR other instructors.

In March as we celebrate the February 2010 graduation, there are 6 platoons, KL Alpha, KL Bravo, KL Charlie, PJ Alpha, PJ Bravo and PJ PM.... but the number of participants on Graduation Night was alarming and there was only ONE INSTRUCTOR cum Host.
A graduation night, as the name implies should be OBC-Driven event as a gratitude, customer appreciation and as a recognition of the hard work of both recruits and instructors and especially the recruits whom are also the customer & supporter to OBC. When business is good with an increase of platoons to now 6 platoons and an increasing number recruits, OBC should be appreciating the customers even more instead of neglecting them to one instructor cum host (for whatever reason).

Quoting Dr Malek Aziz whom is a pioneer member statement
"Last nite's Graduation nite @ Borneo Rainforest Cafe was a DISAPPOINTMENT!! Not only the recruits' turnout was bad but there was only one trainer present! Everything starts at source; if the enthusiasm and excitement at the 'top' of the rank is missing, it will translate down to the lower rank.Yes,one can blame the rain or have other excuses for not attending but the fact remains that the 'context' of having a good,memorable Grad nite was not set at all from the 'top'. 

I have been attending OBC Grad Nite since Day One and have always look forward to that evening to celebrate, mingle,especially with recruits from other platoons and with the trainers.If last nite's event was really an indication, then its not a good prognosis."

The February 2010 Graduation Day/Night is a major disappointment and a waste of time. Personally, I feel the Graduation day/night is a very important event and should be well planned, better organised and attended by all instructors as a gesture of unity, appreciation and motivation....!! As a business, the Graduation day/night is also a marketing platform. We had always look forward to meet, share experience and mingle with recruits from other platoons as well as interested parties.

But Kiasu being kiasu.... especially KL Alpha, we had dinner, the food at  BRC has improved since the first function in October 2009, camwhore and made the best out of the lousy night.

Those from KL Alpha that was at the grad night were Dr Malek Aziz, Farhanah Bamadhaj, Nawal Aini Zulkifli, Chun Chia Kai, Aisan Lim, Rezal Seth, Azeema, Yash Qasim, Ana Aziz-Kasim, Danny Quest, Lizza Abdul Rahim, Nyna Mohsen, Ili Liyana Baharon, Ilyanna Ailin Ayob, Kay Hassan and Elona.

Jamila, Adibah, Suhaha, Zoe, Ariff....

Maybe the title "Graduation Night" should be rephrase with "Recruits Night Out"....... 




  1. I believe some of the "veteran" recruits do get bored because almost every month there is a "Graduation Night" but they should be grateful/thankful the organiser put such a great effort to organise it and they cant force or make it compulsory for everyone to attend it. If they are not happy they should come out with some constructive suggestions/comments and not only voice out their dissapointment.
    My personal view that the graduation night should be done less often maybe once every two or three months or even once a year and make it a very GRAND one. Still Anonymous.

  2. Funny that you want to comment but sign as anonymous and it will be funnier too if you did not even attend the graduation and commented.

    I am not taking side on Armin or Malek or whoever because i did not go to the graduation too but i did go one time and felt alienated so i can relate to armin's first experience and i wish i am also i knew malek or someone similar to guide me through.

    to cut it short, what great effort did the organiser do? (please explain)

    to book the restaurant? that one my daughter also can do mar. Nothing else was organised? no certificate i hear? no decoration? no signboard or poster? nothing.

    not everyone join bootcamp every month ler. some people join one time only then stop. the graduation must be done monthly but more organised manner. maybe then i will start attending the grad night again.

    ANONYMOUS 2- same as you.

    p/s great effort? giler kot

  3. Dear Anon 1,

    Thank you for your comment. Actually, most veterans look forward to the monthly Graduation Night.. when I first joined the Bootcamp, it was the veterans that insisted for me to attend and now that I am also in the almost Vet-category, I encourage everybody to attend too. Hence, KL Alpha has the biggest number on the Grad night.

    I wrote the blog with an indirect hint of what can be further improve... line by line. Rather than listing down what should be done akin of telling people what to do.. :-) Dr Malek simply suggest the grad night should be attended by people at the Top as a show of support.

    Nobody has any malice and is a personal view. Trust me, if the Veterans are BORED, they will not even attend the function and i too will not waste my time to write.

    But we wanted improvement for the bettermen of every party... the newbies, veterans, instructors, OBC staff etc... because Bootcamp is a lifetime investment for health and fitness.

    Likewise, I too feel the Graduation Night should be a monthly affair (Smile) sort of re-fuelling those motivation.

  4. Great effort? there's no effort. enuf said. -also anon

  5. Since when a client can't/should not voice out their disappointment? OBC has a lot to learn in dealing with their clients. The least they could do is to be a little bit more humble and apologize!


    Hi, my name is Shobha and I do not feel the necessity to hide behind the veil of anonymity :)

    All of you know how much we utterly love bootcamp and have nothing but praises to sing about how the 'effect' of bootcamp has changed our lives! Heck, we are walking talking adverts man! But when things need to be said, it needs to be said. And when things are actually said, it becomes labelled as "disappointment".

    Come on la.. If an ocassion is a failure, why call it otherwise? Call a spade a spade. OBC will definitely take note of this grad nite and i'm sure they will do everything they can to make the next one memorable, and you know why?? BECAUSE SOMEONE HAD THE GUTS to tell them so. Hey, it sucked, mind taking it up a notch? Simple as that.

    And please, do not ever insinuate that we are an ungrateful lot. That is downright rude and soooooooooooooo inaccurate.

  7. ouch. Veteran? who are u referring to anon? didnt know there were categories among the bootcampers?

    i beg to differ on the great effort part. nothing really is done for the grad nite. only thing that the 'organiser' did was book the place. which i would like to point it out that even during some months.. it is with the help of other recruits.

    if the grad nite is something to look forward too.. it wouldnt have to be a compulsory thing. cause the recruits themselves would actually attend. when i first attended the grad nite.. (a few months back) .. the grad nite didnt feel welcoming nor was there any 'trainers' greeting us.. in other words.. didnt feel welcome. but it is with the warmth greeting of perhaps the ' veteran' or other bootcampers that i felt welcomed.

    hmm..perhaps some cant seem to see that even though we are recruits.... we are actually customers which we do have the rights to voice out our opinions or our customers dissatisfaction. and should take it as a mean of improvement and not get all defensive. i have organised more than i can remember events and any critics i receive.. is taken as a room for improvement..

    i suggest.. if not monthly.. have it alternate month or quarterly with advance notice. create an event page.. than am sure from that.. the word of mouth will come into picture.. but time needs to be put into it.

    but i AGREE STRONGLY. wat is a grad nite without the trainers. wat is a graduation without the top ppl. wat is a office get together without the top management to show their support and appreciation and not forgetting.. loyalties! recruits comes back shows loyal customers in some ways. they do give business to you so they have the right to say watever. so when the organizers set the date.. sync with the other trainers before fixing the date. enough said.

  8. Dear Anonnymous,
    I hope U guys understand from which side i come from. I never said Armin or Dr Malek is wrong. I will never do that. OK maybe u guys are right is have gone from bad to worst. That why i suggestted do it once every two months (or what) so more people will join or more new ideas.

    Ok let us look back at the history OBC Malaysia has only been in Malaysia last June/July 2009 i presumed by now they have at least 6 or 7 graduation nights. If me i will be excited for the first or two or third graduation nights and after that (as veteran) as Armin said it is just a Recruits Night Out cause people still need to gather and eat dinner.

    Yes i know not everyone join every month but if they organise once a year they can open for those join for January to December. I believe there will be more recruits.

    Pls read my first comment again I never said bad things or referring to anyone and i just give me my personal opinion but u guys get a bit excited.

    Still Anonymous

    p.s. If u want to know who am I pls ask Armin or Malek.

  9. Mocking the way some chinese ppl speak is NOT funny. Your post, the first and the last, seem to imply that you are intentionally trying to 'heighten' or 'exaggerate' your 'imaginary' accent, which i believe, is non existent. Look at the vast difference in the quality of language in the first post as opposed to the last post!!! Good Job! NOT!

    Grow up. Seriously. Doesn't take einstein to figure out what you're trying to do here... who's knickers got twisted first eh, and REMAINS twisted? yea, i said knickers.. go figure.

    Still UN-ANONYMOUS cos i CAN. Shobha.

  10. lol sorry bro tak tunjuk muka. had a date :P

  11. Hi everyone, I am Faizal, one of the Instructors of OBC.
    I apologize on behalf of Original Bootcamp Malaysia (OBC) for the disappointing Graduation Night recently.
    We at OBC had been organizing these Graduation Night with the intention of to bring all the recruits closer together and to get to know them better as we value each and every one of you recruits.
    However, we also know we are not perfect and since we do not have any experience in organizing events, there will be some shortcomings here and there and hopefully with feedback from all of you, we will get better in handling future events.
    We admit the recent one was not up to par and we will improve on future events organized by OBC.
    Please accept our sincerest apology and we appreciate all the feedback received.
    Thank you and HOOYAH!

    p/s: A big personal thank you to Dr. Malek ,Armin, Suanie, Gail, Shobha, Hana and all the other recruits for all the constructive comments and feedback whether here, on Facebook or in person.

  12. Hi All! This is Lizza of KLA
    hmmm...why do I feel I know the no.1 Anonymous, the way its written, the choice of words and might I add...a lil' 'off' on your 'england' vocab! U are so transparent to me!
    And I think...no.2 Anonymous I know you too, very² familiar! ROTFLMBAO!!!

  13. Dear Anon 1,
    1.Please read again my 'feedback'(OBC page) on this Grad Nite issue to fully appreciate and understand the depth of my comment that EVERYTHING STARTS AT SOURCE.
    2.Its wrong to assume we, so called 'veterans' get bored attending Grad Nites.Its not the frequency of Grad Nites thats an issue here; you can have it once a year for all I care,but,'be at source', do it WELL!
    3.It will be good if you spare Armin and I this "guessing game''; I know a lot of John Does, Awang bin Kulups but Anonymous? Nah, my "senior citizen" memory fails me this time!!

  14. I will not review myself because I don't want others to say I am taking side. I apologise if I have offended any of you. You can call me names like chicken or what but I still cant review.

    Dr Malek I totally agreed with u that EVERYTHING START AT SOURCE but trust me the "veteran" is not referring to you or Armin.

    Still Anonymous

  15. DEAR ANON 1,

    No I dont know you. I dont think I have such friend who DOES NOT want improvement... and that is what is being advocated here by all... merely improvement on the deteriorating quality and response on the Grad Night, to move forward.

    I am 110% with Shobha (Note the real name). We are a WALKING, TALKING AND BLOGGING ADVERT and a living evidence of OBC goodwill.

    We are also good paymasters & loyal customers.. and the DISSAPPOINTMENT is a sincere feedback as a loyal and non-hypocritical customer.

    WE are very passionate for health and fitness with the training program provided at the Bootcamp... and to be surrounded by these passionate people is a motivation in itself. That is why we are concern with the deteriorating number of participants @ the recent Grad night and the lack of effort injected in organising it as per the other Anon's comment.

    Trainers are our motivation too. Many idolise and wanted to be as fit as them. Trainers are not allowed to get personal with recruits and the Grad night is probably the only platform for recruits to converse and get-to-know the person that trained them.

    You should learn NOT to be a HIPOCRYTE and be sincere with feedback (esp with signing your own name). Enough said.

    me with you in all points.

    when we arrived, you were the first person we search for.. Grad night is never the same without the big names from PJ...

    How come i am not surprise to read your comment (big smile). You are always the key person to apologize. You are the best. No wonder the ladies idolise you like mad (stick tongue out) especially 'you know who'(Congrates). Thank you for the positive acceptance of feedbacks. We look forward to more and more graduation nights.. maybe DAILY hah!! (kidding) but Dr Malek has a good point.. it should be driven by the Top.

    Dr Malek,
    You spoke my mind... !! in every sense.

  16. Dear Armin,

    Actually I 150% agreed with all of you and i just merely suggesting that we should give some constructive suggestions/comments together with our diisappoinment (if any). Trust me, of course i want improvement, if not i wont be suggesting that we give positive and negative feedback and is up to them to take it or not. I am not speaking for any side but myself. Therefore, i refrain myself from reviewing my identity. Is just pointless cause i can just put whatever name i like just for the sake to make me more unchicken or what.

    Still anonymous

  17. Still Anon,

    Thank you for your comment,

    please read between the lines and understand Dr Malek's comment as well as my blog post. what needed to be improved is already well said. Enough said. :-)

    and please read the comments of those with names whom identified themselves, namely Shobha @ KLA, Lizza @ KLA, Armin @ KLA, Dr Malek @ KLA.. you? its not just a 'whatever' names.. :-)

  18. Dear Armin,

    Definitely I will read again the blog post and all the comments with my magnifying glasses and please keep us posted with all the great stories.

    Still anonymous


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