SHAK ALAKA BOM BOM!!! Shocked, surprised, astonished, shy, embarrassed, happy, tearful, overwhelmed...  was all ME when suddenly Rose Emini & Nyna Mohsen jumped out of nowhere as we entered the Alexis Coffee house with Dr Malek Aziz and Farhanah Bamadhaj at 8:30pm.

CHAPTER 1: What happen during the day..
Today was a Shock-a-Rushing day from as early as 5am when I rushed to Padang Merbuk for the Bootcamp training and forgotten to wear the Polar Heart rate monitor strap. After the Bootcamp, I wanted to rushed straight for home for an early meeting but had the first SURPRISED and SHOCKED with an unexpected but pleasant birthday shower & splashing of water by recruits @ KL Alpha commanded by Natassya Lee (notice I remember who the Chief was!!). I then headed straight for Proton Edar Platinum showroom at Mutiara Damansara to chair PEDA's monthly committee meeting, before rushing again to the Allianz head office at KL Sentral to meet the Chief Operating Office, Horst Hobbit being one of the important stakeholder in Proton Dealers network. 80% of Proton dealers are with Allianz. Then to another meeting appointment.

After a long day of meeting after meeting, I left for a short nap back home with a massive headache and an irritating eye infection. Barely an hour of nap, I woke up shocked again by an SMS at 7pm from Rose Emini, to confirm tonight's dinner that state at the REDBOX karoeke lounge. I would have preferred a quiet seafood dinner instead but I am never a party spoiler. Half awake, I went to my private office at home to blog  today's Bootcamp journal and left for the Garden, Mid-valley just before 8pm..... ok abit late for the scheduled time 8pm (sorry..)

As I was driving, I had another SHOCK and SURPRISED to find a Blank screen on my Blackberry phone.. it went dead!! I mean the screen just went blank without anything but I was still able to make calls. I called maxis when we arrived at the Gardens as we walked to the Alexis. Half-way through, we met Dr Malek Aziz and Farhanah Bamadhaj whom were searching for us on the pre-text that we could not find the restaurant.

"I walked into the Alexis... still talking on the phone.........."

and that was when I had the ORGASMIC SHOCKED!!!.... again!! When I saw Rose Emini and Nyna Mohsen, I expect to see the usuals Suriana Saiful, Ili Liyana Baharon,  etc etc.. whom would never refused Food... but upon sighting almost the whole KL ALpha Platoon inside the Alexis.. I had another orgasmic shocked!! A MULTIPLE ORGASMIC SURPRISE!!!

Everybody was there, all 40 of them and there were no AWOLs... or it would be ironic to do 100 grunts during party. There were Abu Lais Walli Mohamed (Bootcamp October '09), Aisan Lim, Ana Aziz Kasim Anita Ahmad, Chun SSJ, Cynthia Gan SSJ, Danial Ismail, Daing Daniel Fitri, Danny Quest, Faizal Ariff Abdullah, Farhanah Bamadhaj, Farrah Vivien Raguet, Fazura Nur Jaafar, Hafiz Omar, Hamidi Hassan, Ili Liyana Baharon, Ilyanna Aylin Ayob, Irwan Anwar, Kenix Lim, Leesa Tan, Lizza Abdul Rahim, Dr Malek Aziz, Nyna Mohsen, Ody Lana, Reza Seth, Rose Emini Pahamin, Shammy Ooi, Shobha Bala, Suloshini Jahanath, Suriana Saiful, Syazana Amran, Syed Mahadzir Syed Manshor, Tomi Soetjipto, Tricia Especkerman, Vivien Luyen Ow, Wai-Yee Chan and Yash Qasim.


The surprise birthday party was themed "Black & White"... and everybody came in Black and White attire.... Now it is official in explicit Black and White that we are..........1Kiasu?, 1family?, 1bunch?.. whatever...

What happen before the Bom Shak alak...
CHAPTER 2: The Planning & Preparation 

The idea was originated from this two naughty angels Rose Emini Pahamin and Nyna Mohsen whom was planning the surprise party since last year... last year? Woww! Farhanah Bamadhaj, Ili Liyana Baharon and Faizal Ariff Abdullah then became the working committee and runner to make sure the party went smooth.

They had earlier secure the Alexis parameter and launched a Coup De' etat on Alexis for our function to ensure no trespassers and send in their intelligence (Dr Malek & Farhanah) to ensure Nawal and I had no suspicion... hence, why we met them half-way before the Alexis earlier.

Unbeknown to us, everybody was waiting to ambushed and screamed. I was still talking on the phone and was puzzled upon hearing all the SURPRISE screams as I entered the Alexis.

Ili Liyana Baharon was the first to arrived at 6pm, then Dr Malek Aziz, Farhanah Bamadhaj, Shobha Bala, Aisan and Reza Seth followed by other invited guests whom were all there by 7:30pm except for a few that arrived fashionably late.... Everybody was asked to signed the Giant Card....

Then everybody 'Gotong-Royong' to decorate the place..

Continue from the Bom Shak Alak... The arrival @ Alexis...
CHAPTER 3: The Arrivals...
After being ambushed and surprised and thrown us into multiple orgasmic Shocked and Surprises, we greeted all our Guests....

CHAPTER 4: The Guessing Games
We took our seat, ordered our food and was asked to guess the number of 'Cookies in Jar' and 'Jellies in Jar'.

Everybody was allowed only one guess but everybody must guess, the number of cookies and jelly in the jars. There will by Four Mystery gifts for the winner; 2nd runner up and champion for both cookies and Jelly. The party guessing games added some joy and hip up the atmosphere.... and somehow I picked number 33 and 48... for no absolute reason.

CHAPTER 5: The Birthday Song....
After a few moment, its Singing the Birthday Song time.......... the candles were lit which was not that many given our young age.... and then everybody sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME.... eh.. and also to Nawal!!

and after singing the birthday song........ this Chief-Chicken- Damn-Blardy-Kiasu Shobha Bala had to smacked one of the cup cake on me... but me being a Seal, my face was left unscratched. (Stick tongue out until the chin at Shobha).

Thank god its a cupcake........ would have been a different picture if it was an icing-cake...

Posing with the guys.....(from left: Faizal Ariff Abdullah, Yash Qasim, Reza Seth, Daing Daniel Fitri, Dr Malek Aziz, Nawal Aini Zulkifli, Irwan Anwar (with mouth open), Chun Chia Kai SSJ, Armin Baniaz Pahamin, Danny Quest, Abu Lais Walli Mohamed, Syed Mahadzir Syed Manshor, Tomi Soetjipto, Danial Ismail, Hamidi Hassan.

Posing with the ladies... From left: Cynthia Gan SSJ, Suloshini Jahanath, Syazanan Amran, Wai-yee Chan, Ody Lana, Anita Ahmad, Wan Rozana @ Ana Aziz-Kasim, Aisan Lim, Fazura Nur Jaafar, Rose Emini Pahamin, Tricia Especkerman, Ili Liyana Baharon, Armin Baniaz Pahamin, Shammy Ooi, Farrah Vivien Raguet, Ilyanna Ayob, Nyna Mohsen, Farhanah Bamadhaj, Lizza Abdul Rahim, Vivien Luyen Ow, Shobha Bala, Suriana Saiful Leesa Tan.


Armin pose with the Bootcamp DELTAS. There were Chun Chia Kai SSJ, Dr Malek Aziz, Shobha Bala, Kenix Lim, Wai-Yee Chan, Irwan Anuar, Nyna Mohsen, Ilyanna Ayob, Vivien Luyen Ow, Danial Ismail, Daing Danial Fitri.

Then Armin pose with the Bootcamp Seals.... Leesa tan, Ili Liyanna Baharon, Rose Emini Pahamin, Shammy Ooi, Farhanah Bamadhaj, Suloshini Jahanath, Suriana Saiful, Farrah Vivien Raguet.

We also camwhore with the Rangers.... There were Cynthia Gan SSJ from PJ, Wan Rozana @ Ana Aziz, Danny Quest, Syed Mahadzir Syed Manshor @ Det, Yash Qasim, Lizza Abdul Rahim.
Syed Mahadzir Syed Manshor @ Ded, should be in Delta with his timing below 9 minutes for both Circuit & 1 mile run... Well Ded, thats the price you pay for registering @ KL Alpha late.. KL Charlie may not have the Delta ranking..

CHAPTER 6: Opening the Birthday Gifts & Presents

Last year, I adopted the no-present-on-my-birthday-policy. Birthday is a very special day but the special sentiment associated with the brithday was forgotten. Infact, diminishes and superseded with the excitement and/or expectation of getting Gifts and presents. Birthday should be the day to appreciate our mother whom had given birth to us and our parent whom stood by us throughout our childhood tantrums, teenage rebels & notoriety and guide us through the challenges in life to make us who we are now. We should buy presents & Gifts to Mum & Dad instead. We should be thankful to God the Almighty for the best recipe mix that make us so handsome, macho, pretty, hilarious, hot, sexy.. err excluding those thunder thigh and huge waist line which was self-inflicted from food indulgence overdosed. On my birthday too.. I wanted to appreciate and be a better friend to all my friends whom stood by me with my endless flaw through thick and thin... I wanted to be a better person to Nawal whom accepted me for who I am...  All that I wanted from everybody and anybody... was a prayer for better health and happiness. BUT friends being friends........... they are as stubborn as me... they still lavish me with Gifts and Presents. I have no other words but to say thank you for the kindness.

ABU LAIS WALLI MOHAMED & ANITA AHMAD... 15 years old friendship!! The sort of friend that always spoils me every year... Thank you for the lovely present

My screaming partner @ the Bootcamp, sometimes I wonder if I screamed more or Tomi.Tomi, How did you manage to snap my picture, print, frame and wrapped it so nicely.....? Very creative..  Thank you Tomi. Thank you Tricia.


The Newly-Wed... whom is only punctual during Bootcamp Session and always 'fashionably late on every other occasion.

Thank you for the special late-appearance today and the lovely hand-crafted gift.

The Chief Chicken Damn Blardy Kiasu SHOBHA BALA..... The Bootcamp Aunty!!

If anyone ever wonder what does 'Kiasu' means... just look at Shobha.. The Chief!! We shall have another night of Taboo now that the board game is with me!!

Thank you for being here with us on our meaningful day and for being a 'nightmare' whenever there is no motivation to wake up early for training.

The two Iron Seals of Bootcamp...Now that we have TWO board games, the Taboo & Twister.... and a 'swimming pool'.... name me the day & time!!

Sulo & Syaza... Thank you for celebrating with us on our birthday and for the present... we will try not to twist you


That chocolate was so irresistable.. I ate them all!!! Yiiii.. You spoil my diet!!! *stick tongue out*

Ded, thank you for the chocolate and the extra calories.

IRWAN ANWAR.... my fellow Delta. Thank you for making me sweeter with another box of chocolate, calories and fat.

Irwan, thank you for celebrating our special day.

Dr Malek Aziz, Farhanah Bamadhaj, Ili Liyana Baharon, Ilyanna Ayob, Syed Mahadzir Syed Manshor @ Ded, Danial Ismail, SHammy Ooi, Suriana Saiful, Chun Chia Kai SSJ, Fazura Nur Jaafar, Lizza Abdul Rahim, Aisan Lim.....

I have been searching high and low for a good adjustable ear-phone for my ipod while running!! and finally found it the present-box from all of you... and the Phiten X50 chain!! Chun SSJ.. watch out, I may overtake you now with the Phiten!!

I am speechless and wordless. All that I can say is.... thank you.

And more present from Leesa Tan, Wai-Yee Chan, Vivien Luyen Ow, Farrah Vivien Raguet and Kenix Lim.. and Alex Nathan (Not in Picture). Thank you for MORE & MORE CHOCOLATES... This is almost a sabotage but rest assure Nawal will finish all the chocolates .

FIVE SESSION OF ACE PHYSIOTHERAPY.... Wonderful!!!!! I shall keep it for EMERGENCY.. such as the much awaited INTERNATIONAL PLATOON VS PLATOON.. AUSTRALIA VS MALAYSIA.. hopefully soon..... but inevitbaly may use it sooner than that!!

Thank you for your concern for my knee. My knee said thank you from the bottom of the bone. Only your knees would know how much my knee appreciate the thought.

Finally.... my angels. I love the Army cap, the Army.... Beret? and the army shorts!! Corporal Faizal, watchout... I may wear the army attire and give you 200 Grunts (evil joking grin). THANK YOU DARLING ANGELS...  what I wanted to say is said in the last paragraph of the blog...

CHAPTER 7: The Games Result

After much deliberation by Madam Judges... the results for the Party Games will soon to be announced........

Then suddenly this Chun Chia Kai SSJ came out of no-where and say thank you thank you thank you and shook my hand.
CHUN SSJ: I know.. I know.. I am the best.. I am the winner.. (shaking my hand)...
NYNA: Ey you.. get out of here... you so sot sot jor (SSJ)...
(clap hand clap hand clap hand)

CONGRATULATION DED.. birthday aku, hang dapat present... ceh (pretending to smile)


The Champion is ODY LANA. 

Lucky Guess!!! in fact lucky girl.... Please join the Bootcamp in April with your Darling Daing Daniel Fitri!!!


SYED MAHDZIR SYED MANSHOR @ Ded........ Showing off his winning... ALARM CLOCK..

You are lucky to win a present.. and lucky to have an Alarm Clock to wake you up at 4am to go Bootcamp'ing!!

DED: heheheee... balik modal aku beli coklat tadi.... kikikiii... eh... cilaka depa perli aku ni.. hehehhehe tak pa, depa tak bagi battery... still have a reason if I wake up late!!! 

Similar to 'Guessing the Jelly in Jar', GUESSING THE COOKIES IN JAR too have two winner... the 2nd runner up is..............................


huh....... you are also lucky... maybe 'balik-modal' already chip in to buy present today!!


Alamak.. Nyna Mohsen??
SHOBHA BALA: I protest, organiser can't win!!!
ROSE EMINI: Its okay.. Only Me knows the number of cookies and jelly. Nyna does not know...
NYNA: I menang ke? dah la I comel, pandai nyanyi.. menang pulak dah ke? (wide ear to ear smile)

CHAPTER 8: The Speeches

I volunteered to stand-up on the chair to deliver My speech.......

I woke up today at the wrong side of the bed... at 5:15am and was almost late for bootcamp training!!

After the Bootcamp training, Natassya Lee and Co SPLASH AND SHOWERED, completely drenched me in water !!!  and I thought that shall be the end of my birthday surpirses... and now... the mother of all surprises!!
I almost cancelled tonight when I am down with a bad headache and not in the best of mood after a long day in meeting after meeting.

But I will never be a party spoiler... especially since tonight was already pre-agreed a week ago with Dr Malek Aziz.  I expected to meet Suriana Saiful, Ili Liyana Baharon, Danial Ismail, Rose Emini and Nyna Mohsen for a quite dinner or a karoeke session... Nawal's favourite outing.
I was talking on the phone when we walked into the Alexis... and was so confused probably being blur from mental exhaustion when suddenly Rose Emini and Nyna Mohsen jumped out of no-where and screamed SURPRISE!!!

But this two girls always do this too.. I mean jumping out of no-where and scream for nothing.. so I just ignore them (still talking on the phone).. Then I saw Abu Lais... Chun Chia KaiSSJ...

and suddenly saw and notice everybody... my entire FELLOW BOOTCAMPERS FROM KL ALPHA!!!!!!

I least expected to see Kenix Lim, Leesa Tan, Tricia Especkerman, Tomi Soetjipto, Cynthia Gan SSJ, Syazana Amran, Suloshini Jahanath, Irwan Anwar... and in fact, I did not expected to see any other Bootcampers that had 'Ayam' this month...

but even the Chief Ayam.. Shobha Bala is also here now... Surprise is an understatement. The long stressful day, mental exhaustion, the waking up on the wrong side, the bad mood... all suddenly disappeared.

This is a wonderful surprise.. Yes, I did suspect some cake cutting with probably 6-8 people but I never expect to see the whole KL Alpha platoon...


I am so fortunate to be surrounded by passionate friends.. friends that share the same passion. Friends that are both inspiring and motivating.

I am very lucky to have you and I am so proud to have all of you as my friend.

Thank you
(As I finish my speech, Faizal led everybody to screamed our regular trade-mark... 3... 2.. 1... HOOOOYAAAH!!!

CHAPTER 9: Candids & Camwhoring

It was such a wonderful and great moment...

CHAPTER 10: Special Message

My Darling Sister, Rose Emini & Nyna Mohsen. You have never failed to amazed me with your cheekiness, joy, fun, loving and friendly spirit. The best gift anyone can give especially on a birthday is a Special Memory that will last a lifetime. Memories that can be cherished at any moment.  Moments that we can reminisce, smile and laughed at any given time. Moments that will be a nostalgia.

I can never repay this night that you gave me... the time sacrificed and spent to ensure the party went smooth and well. The mental exhaustion thinking of a concept, decoration and people to invite. The Opportunity Cost between planning our party and social time with friends, work, entertainment and other better things to do. The Energy used in searching and seeking for the best venue to hold the party. The coordinating stress from sending invitations, fetching party decorations and decorating the place to ordering and transporting the cakes etc but most importantly the love and thought to plan and organize the party for us.

This night is very meaningful to me. To be surrounded and celebrate my special day with people that share my passion. To know and to gather all the people that share my passion, is heartfelt.

Especially the sincere gesture and affection in making the night the most memorable night.... is more than I can ask from a sister. I am tearfully grateful. Thank you Emi and Nyna. 

I love you no matter how fat, small, big thin, thunder thigh, drummies, bangau leg, humpty dumpty or kayu papan... it doesnt matter, just make sure you walk a mile behind me... stick tongue out into the nose.

My passionate friends, Thank you for being there to share our birthday joy. I know the stress battling the horrendous after-office traffic, leaving early with horrifying office-work overload and the time away from your family to be at Alexis early to surprise us on our birthday. I did not know what I did to deserve a bunch of lovely people.. maybe it was the loud screaming at padang merbuk (scratching head).. or maybe it was the mud-bath after effect.... but i think it is just me.......... wink wink.

The venue Alexis was perfect, the surprises, the ambiance, the decorations, the balloons, the Nyna's Oven cookies as door gift, the stars on the table (which some ended on Tomi's face), the party games and especially the invited people were all PERFECT!!!! I LOVE EVERYTHING AS IT IS... it was well planned and heart touching moment. I can't say enough Thank you to everybody for making the night so memorable... thank you.. thank... you... thank you....

Nawal Aini Zulkifli............ HAPPY BIRTHDAY....... On your birthday... hehheheee.. shy to say here. I will whisper in your ear!


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  1. lol armin, you are one lucky person! god blessed you with a great family and a fantastic wife and the best part is, you do deserve everything you get! happy birthday to you & nawal again, god bless!

  2. Natassya,
    Thank you for the WATER-SPLASH.. :-p
    and thank you for the thought on my birthday.


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