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It was during the third semester break in 1988 when we first befriended her.  We were fourteen years old and was in Form 2 at Bukit Bintang (Boys) Secondary School. We tasted her together... Zarir Salleh, Syamreen Azam Shafei and me at Zarir's house in Taman Tun Dr Ismail 22 years ago. That was how it started... that was how we all became Smokers. The habit worsen with almost 3 packs a day now. Two years ago, I even blog about my inseparable relationship with Cigarette at HERE.

Exactly a year ago, my brother Mohammed Rhiza Ghazi too had divorced his Red Malborough. My driver, Sanwan had quit smoking. Cousin Noor Ervin Shahriz Noordin, friends Suanie T, Cynthia Gan, Shobha Bala to name a few had ended their relationship with Ciggie.

Last night, after a long 10 minutes deliberation mooted by Big BIL Azhar Sulaiman, we both decided to end our more than 20 years of relationship with Ms Ciggie. Though some hardcore people like Suanie T could stop smoking cold turkey, Azhar Sulaiman & me found an alternative to Ciggie (big grin).

Why are we ending the lifetime relationship with Cigarette? Who needs a reason.... wink

Although it has only been 12 hours since we had our last cigarette, this time is for real. With more than 20 years of smoking-life, 3 packs a day.... If I can do this.. so can you.

To all my blog followers.. lets do this together!! especially the 3Js James Fong, Joe Liew & John Chuah. 

UPDATE: A good friend, Kamsani Ahmad, PROTON EDAR General Manager too is joining the Band-wagon to divorced his relationship with Cik Ciggie. Excellent!! Who else.......??

Stay tune...........
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  1. this reminds me of my cold turkey method too ending the relationship with Mr Marlboro.. it has been 12 years since i quit... well it was hard but if you put your mind to it.. it would work out...

    one petua : whenever u feel like having a ciggie, drink green apple and celery juice.. it will ween off the "wanting" feeling to smoke.. try it and good luck guys! GAMBATEH!

  2. Amelia..

    You quit cold turkey too?!! Damn women are strong!! 12 years is a long time.. well done Amelia..

    Aaah.. good petua. will bear that in mind.. thank you.

  3. well done. you can do it. make sure you have the support around you.

    when it get tough, talk to a friend.

  4. SCKhoo..

    Thank you for the encouragement. so far 1st day seemed good.. this will be the first time in 10 years that i did not have a stick of ciggie for the whole day.. :-)


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